• Twitter Launching Explore Tab for iOS, Android Apps

    Twitter introduced a new Explore tab Thursday, where users will be able to find trending topics, Moments, search and live videos. The social network confirmed last October that it was testing its new Explore tab in its iOS and Android applications. Product designer Angela Lam announced in a blog post Thursday that Explore will begin rolling out for iOS users Thursday, with An ...

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  • Twitter Launches Stickers, Hashtag-Triggered Emoji for Lunar New Year

    Twitter released new stickers and a hashtag-triggered emoji to celebrate the Lunar New Year. With this update, users can share the Year of the Rooster emoji by tweeting one of the supported hashtags associated with the occasion. From now until Feb. 12, when users tweet hashtags such as #HappyLunarNewYear and #ChineseNewYear, the Rooster emoji will automatically appear after the hashtag.

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  • How to Become a Social Media Marketing Superstar

    Social media seems like an easy and appealing career, right? You usually work from home, and all you have to do is be yourself. Not so fast, buckaroo. Before you go charging off on your quest for social media fame, there are a few things you need to know. Social media professionals are in demand, but getting the really plum jobs can be challenging.

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  • Snapchat New Layout, Search Bar Come to iOS

    The new layout and search bar that Snapchat introduced for Android earlier this month has now been extended to iOS, as well. The new search bar offers easier access to friends, groups, Discover and Our Story, and users can access their own profiles by tapping their bitmojis on the left-hand si ...

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  • Twitter Updates Progress on Diversity, Inclusion

    Twitter’s update on its diversity efforts followed the same theme as counterparts Facebook and Pinterest: modest progress, along with the acknowledgement that more work needs to be done. Vice president of inclusion and diversity Jeffrey Siminoff said in a blog post that the social network met or exceeded its goals for 2016, and it shared modest increases of those goals for 2017.

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  • LinkedIn Overhauls Desktop Site

    “Conversations and content” were the key elements of LinkedIn’s overhaul of its desktop experience. Director of engineering Chris Pruett introduced the redesign in a blog post, saying that it will roll out to all users worldwide “in the coming weeks.” Pruett stressed that navigation on LinkedIn’s desktop site has been simplified into seven core areas—Home (Your Feed), Messagi ...

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  • Millennial Lead: A New Breed of Video Marketing

    The world is transitioning at hyperspeed into a mobile-dominated era by digitally native millennials who hold the largest share of consumer voice and the largest buying power of any generation. The pace of technological innovation presents a mind-boggling set of qualitative and quantitative challenges for marketers. Technology has driven obvious physical changes in the ways we live and work.

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  • Snapchat: Still Growing Strong (Infographic)

    In its early days, Snapchat seemed to falter, with an unsuccessful attempt at original content creation and security problems. However, by 2015, the messaging application was dubbed the fastest-growing social network ever. Not only did growth remain steady throughout 2016, Snapchat seems to be generating substantial revenue.

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  • Google Launches Toontastic 3D on iOS, Android

    Google launched Toontastic 3D on iOS and Android. The application allows children to create their own stories to share with others. With Toontastic 3D, users can create short stories, longer “classic” stories and science reports. Each story or report is split into multiple “scenes,” and users can prepare each scene by choosing from a variety of background settings and characters.

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