Inside Facebook - Posts from July 2014

  • Top 25 Facebook pages: July 2014 — Cristiano Ronaldo passes Rihanna

    One of the most popular athletes in the World Cup has been Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo, despite his team’s elimination. That popularity is evident in Ronaldo’s Facebook page, which has passed singer Rihanna to become the fifth biggest page on the site, according to PageData. Since we last tracked the pages with the most likes on Facebook in June, Ronaldo’s page has grown by ...

    Justin Lafferty/ Inside Facebookin Social- 15 readers -
  • Facebook to announce Q2 results on July 23

    Facebook will announce and discuss how the company financially did in the second quarter on this year in a conference call at 2 p.m. PT on Wednesday, July 23. Facebook’s recent quarterly reports have been pretty positive, showing consistent growth in both users and ad revenue on mobile. It will be interesting to see if these numbers ...

    Justin Lafferty/ Inside Facebookin Social- 18 readers -
  • Top 25 Facebook apps: July 2014 — Samsung Galaxy skyrocketing

    As the Samsung Galaxy S5 becomes more popular (and the Galaxy S4 keeps going strong), the Facebook app for Galaxy devices is growing quickly in terms of Facebook users. According to AppData, the app for Samsung Galaxy devices is now the 9th-most popular app, in terms of Facebook daily active users (DAU) estimates. Here’s a look at the top 25 apps Facebook users can’t get enough of.

    Justin Lafferty/ Inside Facebookin Social- 9 readers -
  • Which remaining World Cup team reigns supreme on Facebook?

    For three weeks now, the eyes of the world have been fixated on Brazil to watch football — or soccer as it’s called in the United States. Yep, the World Cup is in full swing — and so far it has been the most talked about Facebook event ever. Here’s proof: There were 1 billion posts, likes and comments about the World Cup during the first half of the tournament alone More ...

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  • 4th of July: Top Facebook pages liked by Americans

    As today is 4th of July — the United States’ celebrated Independence Day, we figured it would be prudent to take a look at the top pages liked by Facebook users in America. Though by far the page on Facebook with the most likes is Facebook for Every Phone, it’s a major big-box retailer that captures the most likes from the U.S., according to PageData.

    Justin Lafferty/ Inside Facebookin Social- 19 readers -
  • Socialbakers June U.S. report: response rate slipping on Facebook

    Though T-Mobile is once again the most socially devoted Facebook brand in the U.S., overall response rate from brands dipped by 10 percent over the past month, according to a report by Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer Socialbakers. In May, the average response rate among top brands was 48 percent. When Socialbakers crunched the numbers for June, that figure dropped to 38 percent.

    Justin Lafferty/ Inside Facebookin Social- 9 readers -
  • Nanigans Q2 report: Facebook ad CTR, costs growing

    Facebook will announce its official Q2 numbers on July 23, but quarterly figures from Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer Nanigans show that it’s getting increasingly costly to advertise on the social network. According to Nanigans, though ad clickthrough rates have risen 47 percent from Q1 and 146 percent year over year, both the CPM and CPC are growing as well.

    Justin Lafferty/ Inside Facebookin Social- 15 readers -
  • Infographic: Is your Facebook profile hurting your job search?

    Looking for a job should be simple; you spend hours trawling career websites, tweaking your CV, writing cover letters, and brushing up on your interview skills. But, in an age where Facebook has become such an important part of our lives, could your profile be hindering your job search? It’s definitely a possibility: 69 percent of employers say they’ve rejected candidates bas ...

    Inside Facebookin Social- 9 readers -
  • Facebook launches Ads Manager for mobile

    Now Facebook advertisers have a more reliable way to monitor ad performance on mobile devices. Facebook announced today that it is introducing Ads Manager to mobile. Through the iOS or Android apps (or the mobile website), advertisers can use Ads Manager to: Pause or resume campaigns Edit budgets and schedules View insights ...

    Justin Lafferty/ Inside Facebookin Social- 30 readers -
  • The Buy button — Facebook’s next big thing?

    Facebook is testing a way for advertisers to make the direct sales pitch to people, and it could be a game-changer for advertisers and retailers. Through the Buy button, users can complete a transaction while staying in Facebook. Marketers are already excited about the possibilities. Among the call to action buttons, the one closest to the bottom of the funnel has been Shop N ...

    Justin Lafferty/ Inside Facebook- 11 readers -
  • Facebook testing rankings on page timelines

    While all place-based Facebook page admins can see how well their fans and customers have rated them, some page owners are now seeing how they stack up among the competition. Inside Facebook reader Giannis Andrikopoulos of Greece noticed on his page that there’s now a ranking showing t ...

    Justin Lafferty/ Inside Facebookin Social- 22 readers -
  • Facebook’s Q2 2014 in charts: best quarterly revenue, now at 1.3B users

    Facebook, after a momentary (and expected) dip in Q1 2014, is back to posting record numbers in Q2. The company had its most successful quarter to date, drawing more than $2.9 billion in revenue and growing to more than 1.3 billion users around the world. We’ve talked about the effect of the World Cup on Facebook advertising, and it shows: revenue grew in every area of ...

    Justin Lafferty/ Inside Facebook- 21 readers -
  • New Facebook ad: In-app virtual goods purchases via News Feed

    Facebook announced today a new way for app developers to prompt purchases of virtual goods right from the News Feed. Developers can create News Feed (or sidebar) ads that allow users to make a purchase of virtual goods from the desktop. In beta, Kixeye used this ad format to push virtual goods for its game battle Pirates, re-engaging active players who had made purchases befo ...

    Justin Lafferty/ Inside Facebookin Social- 12 readers -
  • SPMD Glow Digital Media secures $7M in funding round

    Glow Digital Media, a Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer, announced that it has raised $7 million in Series A funding to further expand internationally and to continue product development of its social ad platform. Notion Capital and White Star Capital, two of Europe’s leading venture capital firms, contributed to the funding round, along with existing investors ...

    Sonja Hegman Andras/ Inside Facebook- 16 readers -
  • World Cup on Facebook: 350M people talking, 3B interactions

    Facebook has a little more than 1 billion users around the world. More than 350 million of them posted something about the World Cup, according to statistics released today by the social network. The World Cup marked the highest level of conversation of any event in Facebook’s history. The most talked about event was Sunday’s final between Germany and Argentina, which generat ...

    Justin Lafferty/ Inside Facebookin Social- 18 readers -
  • How to refine your audience when boosting a Facebook post

    The Boost option on Facebook has come a long way since launch. With recent changes addressing concerns about targeting and low quality engagement, it’s now a viable option to quickly promote content. However, some effort is still required if you want performance, so careful with simply clicking and forgetting.

    Alex Houg/ Inside Facebookin Social- 49 readers -
  • Facebook officially closes $2B acquisition of Oculus VR

    Near the close of the market Monday, Facebook and Oculus VR announced that the roughly $2 billion acquisition deal is final. The acquisition was first announced in March, but has since been finalized by the Federal Trade Commission. The two companies put out a joint statement about the finalization: We’re looking forward to an exciting future together, building the next co ...

    Justin Lafferty/ Inside Facebookin Social- 2 readers -
  • How is Instagram evolving under Facebook’s umbrella?

    As Instagram slowly starts to mix in some advertising, the major question for the photo-sharing app is how it will become a source of monetization for Facebook. While Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg or COO Sheryl Sandberg might address the early effects of Instagram advertising in its Q2 earnings call on July 23, it’s worth noting that Instagram ads are still in their infancy.

    Justin Lafferty/ Inside Facebookin Social- 4 readers -
  • Kenshoo Q2 report: Facebook ad spend up 21 percent

    The amount of money spent on Facebook ads continues to grow, according to a Q2 report by Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer Kenshoo. The company monitored the evolution of money spent on search ads vs. Facebook advertising, finding that there was a 21 percent quarter-over-quarter rise in Facebook ad spend in Q2 (51 percent year over year).

    Justin Lafferty/ Inside Facebookin Social Paid Search- 8 readers -
  • Facebook launches Save — a way to save posts to view later

    Your friend posts a link to a story in the New Yorker that’s 7 pages long, but you’re just quickly skimming Facebook at work. Your favorite band just posted their newest music video, but you’re on the train without headphones. Now, Facebook has a way to save that content and check it out later. Through Save, users can indicate that they want to bookmark content to revisit later.

    Justin Lafferty/ Inside Facebookin Social- 24 readers -
  • Optimize your Facebook advertising performance with the right bidding

    Facebook is running one of the largest auctions on the Internet and it enables anyone to buy advertising space on Facebook through the online auction. However, the auction doesn’t work like a traditional one: the highest bid is not always enough to win it. A well-performing ad – e.g. high click-through rate and positive ad engagement – with a combination of high enough bid wil ...

    Inside Facebookin Affiliate Social- 10 readers -
  • Slingshot Users Eyed for Panel

    Facebook is looking for users of its new Slingshot photo- and video-sharing application to join a panel and take part in a three-month study. The social network announced in a post on the Slingshot blog: Calling all Slingshot fans! Join our hand-picked group working to make the app more awesome. If you’re chosen, you could get rewarded with some sweet Slingshot swag and cash ...

    David Cohen/ Inside Facebookin Social- 21 readers -
    Earlier about the same topic:
  • Facebook’s newest call to action test: Buy

    Facebook has been expanding its call to action options, but the one released today might be its most popular. Facebook is testing a way users can directly buy a product without leaving Facebook, clicking a “buy” button right on the ad. This will be available on both desktop and mobile, among the advertisers in the test group.

    Justin Lafferty/ Inside Facebook- 10 readers -
  • A look into Facebook’s ‘Big Like Theory’

    In the TV show “The Big Bang Theory,” the humor and fun of the show comes from the relationships between the main characters as expressed by their geekiness. Geekiness often evidenced by their special and superior understanding of complex mathematical algorithms and science problems. As viewers we don’t always understand all of it, but we get that geeky commonality is what bri ...

    Inside Facebook- 12 readers -
  • How to navigate the Facebook ad campaign maze: part I

    Now that summer is here, it’s a good time to reflect on the past six months of Facebook advertising. The year started with a mega deal — the company’s $19 billion cash-and-stock deal for social messaging app WhatsApp — and has evolved along with the way with the introduction of more advanced direct marketing-based ad targeting features and tools.

    Inside Facebookin Affiliate Social- 11 readers -
  • The Brave New World of Facebook mind control?

    Some folks are complaining Facebook could affect how you feel via manipulating your News Feed. Facebook released research on 689,003 users that had their levels of positive or negative News Feed content adjusted. Not surprisingly, their moods and words they used changed correspondingly with what they were exposed to.

    Alex Houg/ Inside Facebookin Social- 22 readers -
  • Facebook opens up PMD information groups

    Want to know more about what’s going on with Facebook’s Preferred Marketing Developer program? Now you can. Facebook opened up two groups previously only available to PMD members: PMD News and FB Marketing Technology Dev Community. The privacy has gone from closed to open, but with an application process. This is for those who work with or are somehow affiliated with Facebook PMD.

    Justin Lafferty/ Inside Facebookin Social- 14 readers -
  • Measuring Social ROI with tools already at your disposal

    Measuring social return on investment doesn’t require a degree in statistics or voodoo dolls. Just follow these nine steps to diagnose how your social and Web efforts come together. Basic techniques: Look at referral traffic from Facebook. Is it increasing and correlated with your social efforts? Consider how much of it is organic vs. paid.

    Alex Houg/ Inside Facebookin Social- 24 readers -
  • The ultimate guide to measuring earned media value on Facebook

    Brands ask this question all the time — how do you measure the value of earned media on Facebook? Some just multiply by $5 per thousand impressions (or whoever can provide the highest earned media value multiplier) to report the highest figure. Not the most sophisticated approach, but it might be good enough for companies that sell sugar water.

    Alex Houg/ Inside Facebookin Social- 16 readers -
  • How Royal Purple gets penny interactions on Facebook

    What if you could get 7,284 interactions for only $99.32? That’s one cent per interaction. Why is Royal Purple’s cost per engagement (CPE) so low? We interviewed Marlena Solomon, “Social Sensei” at Royal Purple (seriously – that’s what’s on her door tag), to understand how. Marlena knows that social marketing is a process; goals, content, targeting, and amplification are n ...

    Alex Houg/ Inside Facebookin Social- 26 readers -
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