Inside Facebook - Posts from April 2016

  • Miitomo Hit 1.58 Million Downloads in First Five Days of U.S. Launch

    Following its release March 31, Nintendo‘s first smartphone application, Miitomo, achieved quick success. According to data from app store optimization company SensorTower, the app hit the No. 1 spot on the U.S. iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPad within eight hours of its release. In Miitomo, users create a Mii character and answer questions about themselves that are shared with friends.

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  • Twitter Q1 2016 Revenue Falls Short of Analysts’ Projections

    Twitter reported revenue of $595 million in the first quarter of 2016, up 36 percent compared with the year-earlier period, but below analysts’ expectations. Ad revenue of $531 million was up 37 percent year-over-year, and mobile accounted for 88 percent of total ad revenue. Twitter reported a GAAP (generally accepted accounting principles) net loss of $80 million, or 12 cent ...

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  • Fallout Shelter Update Adds Item Scrapping, 3D Touch, More

    Bethesda launched update 1.5 for Fallout Shelter on iOS and Android. The Vault-building game is set in the popular Fallout video game universe, and it allows players to construct an underground Vault and protect its residents from the Wasteland at the surface. Update 1.5 allows users to scrap their unwanted outfits and weapons to earn Junk items that can be used in the game’s crafting system.

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  • 4 Ways Major League Baseball Hits a Home Run With Social Media

    With the arrival of spring, the sounds of Major League Baseball reverberate everywhere: the crack of the bat, the smack of the ball, the roar of crowds filling stadiums … and the constant hum emanating from MLB’s social spaces. America’s pastime is back in full swing. In addition to being a $9 billion business and the nation’s pastime, MLB is a powerhouse on social, earning mi ...

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  • 5 Social Media Influencers Brands Should Tap Into

    Social media influencers are a hot commodity and the storytellers of our culture. Whether it’s a catchy phrase such as this winter’s phenomenon of “Damn Daniel” or one of my personal favorites, the ultra-memed “Suh Dude,” these modern day celebs transcend the digital world and culturally seep into our day-to-day life.

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  • Disney’s The Jungle Book: Mowgli’s Run Dashes Onto Mobile

    Disney Interactive has announced the launch of The Jungle Book: Mowgli’s Run on mobile. The endless runner allows players to run through the jungle as Mowgli while avoiding obstacles and enemies including Shere Khan, King Louie and Kaa. In each game of The Jungle Book: Mowgli’s Run, Mowgli runs away from the screen automatically, and players swipe to switch between lanes to avoid obstacles.

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  • Mobile Game Roundup: Crazy Cake Swap, The Abandoned and More

    It may be April Fools Day, but this is no joke: there are plenty of new games for you to try on your smartphone or tablet. For instance, Disney Interactive released two games this week. The first, Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2, allows players to create a team of super heroes to take on villains in three-on-three turn-based battles.

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  • Job Hunting? Both Weak and Strong Social Ties Can Help (Study)

    What roles do close contacts on social networks and contacts that users have weaker ties to play during job searching? Facebook research scientist Moira Burke, Tufts University associate professor of economics Laura Gee and Stony Brook University assistant professor of sociology Jason Jones teamed up to answer that question, and they presented their results in a Research at Facebook blog post.

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  • Running a Social Contest in 2016: What’s Changed

    I did a search recently to find some good information about running a social contest. The latest post I found through Google search was an article from July 2014, and most of the articles I found were from 2011 or 2012. That’s about 30 years ago in internet years. But seriously, digital marketing has evolved a great deal in the past five years, with social media changing at an ...

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  • Facebook Surveys Users on Friends’ Reactions to Their Posts

    Facebook has used surveys to get users’ input on features including News Feed, Messenger, pages, advertising and groups, and it has now extended that to users’ opinion on reactions to their own posts. Some users (including this writer) were served the survey pictured below, in which they were shown one of their own posts and asked their opinions about their friends’ comments on those posts.

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  • Outfit7 Limited’s Talking Tom Cat Updated With Child Mode, More

    Outfit7 Limited has relaunched its Talking Tom Cat mobile app, updating Tom’s look and providing new safety features for child users. The Talking Tom Cat app allows users to speak into their device to hear Tom repeat their words in a funny voice. With this update, Tom has been given an updated 3-D look, as well as over a dozen new animations.

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  • SwiftKey’s ShakeSpeak Android Keyboard Lets You Text Like Shakespeare

    Keyboard app maker SwiftKey has announced the launch of ShakeSpeak on Android. The Shakespeare-inspired keyboard was created to mark the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death, and allows users to type phrases inspired by Shakespeare’s writing. The app lets users type words and phrases such as ‘thou,’ ‘thee’ and ‘What ho,’ and contains some of Shakespeare’s most p ...

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  • Mobile Game Roundup: EvilBane: Rise of Ravens, Tales of Link and More

    If you’re looking for a new mobile game to play this weekend, you have lots of new options to try, including two games featuring Disney characters. The first game, Disney Crossy Road, was released by Disney and Hipster Whale. The game allows users to play in nine Disney-themed worlds as they attempt to survive as long as possible while crossing lanes of traffic, rivers and more.

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  • Escape Los Angeles in Fear the Walking Dead: Dead Run on iOS

    AMC and Versus Evil announced the launch of Fear the Walking Dead: Dead Run on iOS. The official mobile game, based on AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead television series, challenges players to escape Los Angeles while running away from zombies. In each game of Fear the Walking Dead: Dead Run, the character runs automatically, leaving players to tap on zombies to shoot them.

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  • Use Emotional Connections to Increase Leads and Conversions

    There are certain core tactics in marketing that are studied and used regularly. Emotional targeting is one of the staples of this conversation, and with good reason. Marketers have understood for a long time that emotional messages resonate more, but techniques have become more advanced in recent years. An article from Kissmetrics provides insights into the modern landscape.

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  • Brands Must Adapt to Emerging Social Networks, Apps

    There is a collective myopia when it comes to social media online. We usually date its serious arrival to the increase in popularity of Facebook, around six years ago, and that single property has become for many the quintessential social media platform. But the real story is much more nuanced, and it has big implications for brands in the future. Socialization is, of course, a universal need.

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  • Ticketmaster to Begin Selling Tickets on Facebook

    Ticketmaster will begin selling tickets to a select group of general-admission events on Facebook by the end of the month, BuzzFeed News reported. According to BuzzFeed News, Facebook will collect a “standard affiliate fee” from Ticketmaster for every ticket sold via the social network, but a Ticketmaster spokesperson would not offer further details on those fees.

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  • Instagram Adds ‘Videos You Might Like’ to Explore Page

    Instagram revamped its Explore page adding a new, personalized channel for videos, Videos You Might Like. The Facebook-owned photo- and video-sharing network said in a blog post that Videos You Might Like is only available to U.S. users at launch, adding, “We’re working to bring this to the rest of the world soon.” The feature is included in version 7.

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  • Balancing App Monetization With the User Experience

    Application developers today enter the mobile arena with the hopes of creating the next Clash of Clans, Angry Birds, WhatsApp or even Yo!. But just because they have a great idea for the next game, messenger or fitness app doesn’t mean that success is guaranteed. Developers today need to understand that consumers are finicky, and they must delicately balance the user experience ...

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  • Ponder’s ‘Anti-Social Network’ Is Instagram Meets Reddit

    Ponder announced the official launch of its “anti-social network” on iOS. The application allows users to swipe up or down on photos and videos like one would upvote or downvote content on Reddit. With Ponder, users are presented with a feed of curated photos and videos. When users see a post they like, they can swipe up to “push” the content up, or swipe down to “pass” on it.

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  • Social Media, Then and Now

    Social media is a daily habit for most. We wake up in the morning and Facebook. Waiting for morning coffee leads to a scroll through Instagram. A funny scene on the way to work turns into a Snapchat to a friend. According to Activate, we spend more than 11 hours per day on tech and media, with social making up a significant portion of that time.

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  • Bandai Namco Brings Dark Souls II to Outcast Odyssey (Exclusive)

    Bandai Namco Entertainment America gave SocialTimes an exclusive first look at the content update coming this week to Outcast Odyssey on mobile. The collectible card game will be updated with content inspired by Dark Souls II, the console video game from FromSoftware. The update will include 17 new cards with artwork inspired by Dark Souls II, with each card having four evolved forms.

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  • Google Brings Podcasts to Google Play Music on Android

    Google announced the official launch of podcasts on Google Play Music. The company originally said it was bringing podcasts to the platform in October 2015. With this launch, users can browse the platform’s top podcasts by category, such as education or technology, or search for podcasts manually. Users can also discover podcasts based on their interests or current moods.

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  • The Simpsons: Tapped Out Receives Wild West Update

    EA Mobile launched the latest content update in The Simpsons: Tapped Out, allowing players to transform Springfield into the Wild West. This update includes a new quest line focused on a gold rush in Springfield, and it allows players to construct the free Town Plaza in their town. Players can assign certain characters to jobs at the Town Plaza to earn one of two resources: Pickaxes or Hats.

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  • Multiplayer Comes to Crossy Road on Android

    Hipster Whale and Yodo1 announced the addition of Wi-Fi-enabled multiplayer to Crossy Road on Android. The update allows up to four users to play together in real-time in a mix of competitive and cooperative gameplay. In each game, all four players earn separate scores, which contribute to an overall team score.

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  • Social Stats Mirror New York Primary Results (Infographic)

    Voters in Tuesday’s New York primary mirrored the candidates’ social media results, for the most part, according to Synthesio and Conversocial. The social intelligence platform and the social customer care platform, respectively, found that for the most part, New York winners Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton led in reach and engagement between April 7 and 19, other than Instag ...

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  • Upcoming Facebook for Business Webinars

    Facebook for Business has several webinars on tap covering topics including Instagram, lead ads, Messenger, dynamic product ads, Slideshow and local awareness ads. The social network offered details on the webinars in a Facebook for Business post: Getting the Most Out of Facebook and Instagram Together, April 26: Learn how and why to run campaigns across Facebook, Instagra ...

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  • The Olympic Flame Lights Up Twitter

    The 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janiero are fast approaching, and the Olympic flame is tweeting about it. Twitter U.K. head of sport Alex Trickett announced in a blog post that two Twitter accounts–@OlympicFlame and Portuguese-language @ChamaOlimpica—will enable fans to follow the Olympic torch on its journey from Greece to Brazil for the start of the games.

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  • Social Media Jobs: Glow, Reddit, Houston Chronicle

    This week, Glow is hiring a social media strategist, while Reddit needs a social media lead. Houston Chronicle is seeking a social media manager, and IMRE is looking for a social marketing director. Get the scoop on these openings below, and find additional social media jobs on Mediabistro. Social Media Strategist Glow (New York, NY) Social Media Lead Red ...

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  • Microsoft Launches Word Flow Keyboard App on iOS

    Microsoft launched its Word Flow keyboard application on iOS. The keyboard was designed to help users type faster with one hand thanks to the inclusion of an Arc mode, which gives the keyboard a circular shape. The Word Flow keyboard allows users to type by tapping or swiping on letters, and it offers word predictions that improve over time.

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  • Embracing the Power of Superfans and Social Media

    As marketers sharpen their focus on the importance of “superfans” and move urgently to develop more sophisticated consumer loyalty programs to reach them, they’re paying closer attention to increasing the effectiveness of their social media tools. Superfans, after all, are those heavy brand users who sign up for newsletters, follow the brand on social media, buy from their ...

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  • EasilyDo Email App Separates Emails Into Smart Folders

    EasilyDo launched its Email application on iOS, which aims to help users keep track of travel information, email attachments and more by automatically separating messages into smart folders. The EasilyDo Email app allows users to browse their email in an overall inbox view, or browse folders for emails with attachments, or those related to package shipments, travel information ...

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  • Report: Media Industry Attacked Most by Cybercriminals

    Cybercrime is one of the dark forces shaping the internet. Every year it seems that each side–security experts and cybercriminals–steps up its efforts. A report from ThreatMetrix examines the current landscape and details the expansion of cybercrime since this time last year. ThreatMetrix analyzed 5.5 billion transactions within its network from January through March.

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  • How Automation Is Making Influencer Marketing Easier

    Influencer marketing has come a long way since its inception. In the early days, it was still relatively unproven, and brands were mostly hesitant to invest in influencer-driven campaigns–partly because they weren’t convinced of the value, but also because it was hard. Setting up and managing influencer campaigns could be labor-intensive and time-consuming.

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  • Snapchat, NBC Ink Olympics Content Pact

    NBC reached its first-ever deal to share video from the Olympic Games, reaching a deal with Snapchat. Bloomberg reported that Snapchat will establish a dedicated channel for video from the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio De Janiero, and it will create daily Live Stories with content from NBC, athletes and fans.

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