• One Big Idea For Creating Potent Blog Content

    Ever heard of a “matryoshka” doll? If not, you’re probably not all that familiar with the Cyrillic script. No worries – in simpler terms, it’s a Russian doll. You might’ve played with one or two at your grandparents house while growing up – from what I’ve seen, the elderly tend to cling to these sorts of things.

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  • 8 Tips to Crafting Compelling Copywriting For Your Mobile Visitors

    Mobile marketing is a hot subject at the moment… Mobile is quickly becoming the most convenient and effective way to capture your target audience. With Google placing more emphasis on mobile site optimization in search results, and smart phone take up increasing all over the world, it’s no wonder that copywriters need to adapt as well.

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  • How to Turbocharge Your Content Marketing In 5 Simple Steps

    Are you looking to save time when finding and uploading relevant, high quality content to social media? Would you also like to improve the performance of your social media scheduling? In this step-by-step tutorial I’ll show you how you can use Buzzsumo, Buffer, Bulkbuffer and some clever strategies to save time and enhance your social media reach, engagement and website traffic generation.

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  • A Powerful Insight Into Why Long Form Content Will Boost Your Conversions

    With the ever-increasing content overload on the web, users have become desensitized to branded messages. That’s why most content marketers have turned to short helpful pieces of content. It’s easier to produce on a consistent basis, and builds credibility with your ideal customers. But is that helping you turn strangers who visit your site into paying customers? The answer ...

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  • 20+ Badass Blogging Tools to Avoid Writing Embarrassment

    Bloggers write a lot. The problem is, Oscar-worthy content doesn’t always equal Oscar-worthy literacy. As my favorite writing joke says, “I do my best proofreading after I hit send”. Yeah, we’ve all been there. No matter how experienced at content writing you are, you still trigger the same backlash once in a while.

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  • 21 Secrets Behind Viral Infographics

    It’s no secret that infographic marketing works… 90% of information that’s transmitted to our brains is visual. So it’s not surprising that publishers who use infographics generate more traffic, shares and backlinks than those who don’t. But just because you can whip together an infographic from a cookie-cutter template builder doesn’t mean it will go viral… So if you want ...

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  • How to Become a Podcasting Superhero With These Simple Tweaks

    A million things have been said about writing great content. In a world where there is so much information and noise on the internet, standing out with great content becomes harder and harder. Written content isn’t dead by any stretch (ironic that I’m writing this guest post, eh?). There are plenty of opportunities to create written content that is valuable for your audience ...

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  • 10 Content Marketing Tools To Supercharge Your Productivity

    Gleanster Research found that B2B companies spend more than a half of their annual budgets (55%) on content production and creation. The more concerning thing is that a large proportion of this spend is wasted on unproductive man hours, and competing priorities. How effectively are you using your budgeted content marketing hours? Could you be getting more for what you are pa ...

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  • 8 Tips to Amplify User-Generated Content for Impressive Instagram Marketing

    It might surprise you to hear that statistics say you’re just about the last person your audience wants to hear from. According to Crowdtap, millennials are 50 percent less likely to trust material from traditional sources (that’s us), than user-generated content. But don’t take it personally. It turns out that this unwillingness on the part of millennials to trust and enga ...

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  • 7 Eye-Catching Headlines That Will Get Your Emails Opened

    A close mate outside of the marketing world gave me a sharp reminder recently. He was a bit riled up, complaining about the number of companies that were “spamming” him. From his perspective, he thought people didn’t really use email anymore and he didn’t understand why companies were overloading his inbox.

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