• 9 Steps to Get Millions of Views on Your YouTube Channel

    YouTube is the second most powerful search engine on the planet, and holds the top spot as the largest video network in existence. The video site continues to grow more pervasive with the maturation of smartphone technology. Today, half of YouTube video views stem from mobile devices. For this reason, and many others, YouTube is the master of reaching across generational bou ...

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  • 5 Growth Hacking Case Studies From Amazing Startups

    Startup marketing can be a challenging journey, especially if you are starting from scratch. With so many digital channels to invest in and thousands of experts offering you multiple strategies, it is hard to make an informed decision. The difference between startups and established businesses is the fact that the former is highly concerned with customer acquisition and reten ...

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  • The 11 Best Social Media Automation Tools For Smart Content Marketers

    Social media takes time, and finding the head space to consistently do it well over and over again is challenging. That’s why social media automation is so important. The thing to remember with any type of social media automation is that you will still have to spend some time on social media. Whether you are replying to a customer or commenting on another person’s post, the ...

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  • 6 Ways to Significantly Boost Your Sales With Digital Influencers

    There comes a time in every savvy business owner’s life when they know they must step up their social media presence. It should already be a given that you are utilizing, at least one social media platform. However, even those who are actively engaged in social media may begin to feel that their current promotional efforts just aren’t producing the results that they would like.

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  • This One Habit Transformed My Life

    Financial security can be paid for two ways. Get a job or become an entrepreneur. Starting a business is often seen as a big bang approach. High risk and a big financial commitment. Find a bricks and mortar premises, commit to an expensive lease, hire staff and start marketing and selling your products and services. Today all you need is a laptop, an Internet connection and just one idea.

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  • 5 Tools to Increase Your Web Traffic Fast Using Pinterest

    An average Pinterest user follows nine brands and spends up to fifteen minutes using the social network a day. A pin doesn’t get easily lost in billions of pins. Its half-life average is three and a half months. Pinterest beats Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram on the highest referral traffic driving social media platform. Unlike other social networks, Pinterest still isn’t as crowded.

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  • The Visual Story of How Jeff Bullas Became a Digital Marketing Influencer

    Did you know that entrepreneurs average 3.8 failures before they actually reach success? That’s a whole lot of disappointment before getting it right. As a startup founder, I’m well acquainted with the looming fear of failure that plagues so many entrepreneurs. Yet, I’ve also learned to make it a lifestyle: Learn from past mistakes, push forward and embrace failure as a step ...

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  • 10 Types of Visual Content That Go Viral

    It’s easier than ever to create and share content. In fact, we all create and share content regularly for both personal or business reasons. This simply means that there is a vast amount of professional and amateur content out there for everyone’s consumption. It’s crowded. The result is that it can be quite difficult to catch the attention of an audience when you need to.

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  • 3 Ways You Can Use Video to Grow Your Email List Fast

    Here’s the deal: video is huge right now, and it’s only going to get bigger. But don’t just believe me on that, check out these facts: Snapchat (an app for making and consuming video) is only 5 years old and valued at $20B Facebook-owned Instagram recently copied Snapchat video features almost one-to-one Facebook VP Nicola Mendelsohn said that in 5 years, our Facebook ...

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  • The Viral Power of Storytelling in Content Marketing

    In the dark-dark city, on the dark-dark street, in the dark-dark office, there was one dark-dark company, but no one knew about it because the company couldn’t tell people about itself… Modern information consumers want more than just data. People of this generation are used to getting accessible news, ideas, information, and knowledge; they know the tricks and cannot stand i ...

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  • How to Use WeChat to Capture an Audience in China

    The social media platform WeChat is the natural first step for brands expanding into the Chinese market. I wrote this article for marketers interested in conducting WeChat campaigns, and starting their journey into this enormous market of potential customers. What is WeChat? The platform WeChat (Weixin 微信 in Chinese) was released in January 2011 by tech giants ”Tencent” in China.

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  • How to Set Up Multiple Blogs and Why It’s Worth It

    Blogging has seen a rollercoaster ride in the past few decades. From its rise in the 90’s to its legendary fall in the early 2000’s, we have seen it come and go as a trend and source of income. In this day and age, the digital world is taking over, and blogging has returned as a viable occupation.

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