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  • 3 Key Tips On How to Make Your Website User-Friendly

    Making your website user-friendly is extremely important to make sure your customers keep coming back. When UsabilityTools published the results of a case study that analyzed and tested the websites of 8 universities, it became clear that the people preferred websites with clear menu labels and transparent information.

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  • 7 Valentine’s Day Ideas That Will Win The Hearts Of Your Fans

    Couples in love are not the only ones looking forward to Valentine’s Day. Florists, restaurants, jewelers, e-shops and many other businesses are counting on this holiday to bring their business a significant boost in the first quarter. To see how significant this day really is, we checked statistics from the National Retail Federation and found out that this holiday brought ...

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  • 5 Growth Hacks to Help You Grow Your Blog Business

    “One of the most misleading perspectives of a dinosaur’s history is the one that effectively proves that this creature was unintelligible and inhumane and therefore faced a grave threat to its existence and continuance, ever since the pre-Jurassic period. This distinction demolishes the creature’s uniqueness and cognitive abilities and overlooks, in its entirety, all rescindin ...

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  • A Step By Step Guide To More Clickable Banner Ads

    Banner ads are one of the most common forms of advertising used in the online world. As an affordable, effective and measurable medium they enable companies to draw attention to their brand and attract traffic back to a web page. However, much like any other form of advertising, the success of a banner ad often depends on its design.

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  • Is Content Marketing a Waste of Time?

    She was summoned to the office. Questions rose in her mind. Am I being fired? What did I do wrong? But she had an idea of what the possible topic of conversation was about. It wasn’t good. It was 6 months into a 12 month digital marketing plan that had started well. They had created a content marketing strategy that had driven a lot of traffic to the website, there had been ...

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  • 4 Things World Class Content Marketers Do Every Time They Create Content

    Content is by far the most valuable asset businesses can use, to not only engage and inform customers, but to increase traffic to their website and dramatically improve search rankings. If you have ever wondered why world class content marketers place so much effort into content marketing, it is because they find it a critical part of the marketing mix to help a brand be foun ...

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  • 7 Inspiring Books You Must Read

    She told me to turn off the light. It was 8pm and it was time to sleep according to the adult’s house rules. These were non-negotiable. My desire and passion for reading that I had discovered after mastering “the cat sat on the mat” sentence at the age of five, made this arbitrary time way too early! And a seven year old’s passionate response… …”But I want to keep reading“.

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