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  • 4 AdWords Hacks That Could Dramatically Increase Your ROI Overnight

    By now, you should be well aware of Google AdWords’ capabilities of scaling your business. If you use it effectively, it can improve your brand awareness and considerably boost your leads and revenue. The problem with AdWords is that it can be a bit expensive. There are so many factors that you need to consider that it’s easy to end up spending more than you’ve planned.

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  • A Day In The Life Of A Digital Marketer

    Digital marketing is more than knowing how to run a Facebook ad campaign or conduct SEO research. It’s a set of skills and a way of thinking that, when taken holistically, can add incredible – even business-changing – insight to an organization, no matter how small. This excerpt of a guide to digital marketing runs through what digital marketing is, exactly, and what one San ...

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  • How To Fix User Experience (UX) Issues Before They Cost You Customers

    User experience (UX) is arguably the most important component of a website or app. Nielsen Norman Group explains that it impacts every single element, and factors in heavily to a user’s perception of a brand. This affects everything from engagement and purchasing decisions to conversions and your brand’s overall bottom line.

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  • 10 Browser Extensions For Bloggers That Can Make You a Superstar

    Blogging, though fun, can be a hell of a lot of work, can’t it? There are always blog posts to edit, screenshots to capture, keyword research to conduct and a million other little to-do’s. I could list them forever. While there is no magic bullet that will make you become a more efficient blogger overnight, there are some awesome tools you can leverage to supercharge your productivity.

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  • 4 Facebook Poll Tools for Your Social Media Strategy

    If you have a business and an audience on Facebook, you probably understand the importance of engaging your fan base. An effective social media strategy should include different ways to interact with your customers and prospects. But here’s a question for you – are you utilizing your social media presence to its fullest potential? Well, chances are you’re missing the mark by ...

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  • 5 Steps To A Successful Product Launch In A Highly Competitive Market

    A rock thrown into a quarry differs from other rocks only in shape and size. This logic can be applied to product launches. Launching a new product or service isn’t what it used to be. The market is oversaturated with products, promises and ‘innovations’, and customers have become more cynical. They’re used to companies claiming that they have reinvented the wheel, and wary ...

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  • 20 LinkedIn Profile Tips That Will Help You Stand Out From The Crowd

    Job seekers are known to stop at nothing in their efforts to secure a job. However, most of them tend to underestimate the value of social media. In contemporary times, recruiters are actively using social media to sieve through the many job seekers who are on the market. The most popular and preferred site is LinkedIn.

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  • A Marketer’s 5-Step Guide To Social Media Brand Protection

    Marketing your business via social media can be risky. Sharing poorly-researched posts that bring misinformation or spark controversies may cause your audience to lose trust in your brand. Plus competitors are always out there, ready to steal the attention or retaliate to posts. Nervous? Don’t be – social media marketing strategies aren’t exactly rocket science.

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  • Why I’m Attending the Largest Software Conference in the World

    It’s crazy to think that one of the world’s largest technology organizations and this year’s Forbes’ most innovative company in the world, Salesforce, started its life in a small San Francisco apartment in 1999. That’s where I’m headed in November. Not the small apartment, but the largest software conference in the world: Dreamforce.

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  • 5 Undeniable PR Tactics to Get Press for Your Business

    Virtually every single business can use a boost to its public profile. Generating Press is always a huge win. Press means brand awareness and credibility. Awareness means website traffic and social follows. Press means great backlink opportunities. To be blunt, press drives sales. So how do we get press? Is there a faucet that we can just turn on? @PowerfulOutreach.

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