• Optimizing Your Images for SEO and Speed

      The old way of creating content has changed and we have shifted into a time where the combination of text, images and videos receive the most engagement. Why? The answer is simple… The internet has connected people all over the world and many of them are from non-English places in the world. This means images and video’s provide a much needed aid to understanding content that ...

      Rizvan Ullah/ John Chow dot Comin Blogging- 30 readers -
  • Being a Professional Blogger Is Like Being a Fish Out of Water

    Ever since I started on this journey as a freelance writer and professional blogger, I’ve felt different than almost everyone else around me. When I look at the overwhelming majority of people that I know from high school and university, almost all of them have some sort of traditional job. They might be in communications, they might be in the sciences, they might be in a medic ...

    Michael Kwan/ John Chow dot Comin Blogging- 8 readers -
  • 3 Great Entrepreneur Podcasts to Add to Your Playlist

    Podcasts have quickly become one of the most exciting and anticipated ways to consume and deliver content in the world today. This is also in part to Apple now heavily pushing podcasts through their iPhone and iTunes stores. With everyone having a mobile device on them at all times, it’s never been easy to listen and learn while on the go.

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  • Zoom H1 with Giant Squid Audio Sound Test Comparison

    Zoom H1 with Giant Squid Audio Sound Test Comparison During my presentation at the MOBE Titanium Leverage Summit, I gave a presentation on creating video and what the most important factors are when it comes to creating great videos. As part of the presentation, I gave a demo on how to improve audio by using an external digital recorder instea ...

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  • What Is Your Time Worth to You?

    The Internet is a wonderful and glorious place where just about anyone in the world can make a very comfortable living for themselves and on their own terms. A big appeal of going online and launching your own online business, whatever that venture might be, is that you get to be your own boss. Striking Out on Your Own There’s no more reporting to the Bill Lumberghs of the world.

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  • SEO Reports You Have to Analyze to be an Authority

    Many bloggers are unaware of how analyzing basic reports can give you a better understanding of what’s working and what’s not. Next, analyzing some reports are essential in making sure you are following Google’s guidelines, making sure you rank higher within the SERP’s. For example, natural link building patterns, site speed, knowledge on algorithm updates, pages indexed, etc.

    Rizvan Ullah/ John Chow dot Comin SEO Blogging- 14 readers -
  • 3 Step Process for Running a Dropshipping Business from Home

    When it comes to starting a business on the internet, you have a lot of options. Blogging is a popular one, but it’s also one that will take a lot more time and effort to make money as SEO and ranking in the search results is a huge factor. Affiliate marketing is another great method, but you will need to understand how to build profitable ad campaigns and have a decent budget ...

    Zac Johnson/ John Chow dot Comin Affiliate Social- 18 readers -
  • Dot Com Lunch at Yoshiharu Ramen

    On this episode of the Dot Com Life Vlog, I check out Yoshiharu Ramen. This is an noodle shop that opened in January, and serves an ultra-creamy Tonkotsu pork-bone broth that is boiled for 10 hours. My favorit ...

    John Chow/ John Chow dot Com- 19 readers -
  • How Much Money Can You Make as an Amazon Affiliate?

    For anyone who is first starting out with making money online, particularly in the context of starting a new blog but easily applicable to many other ventures too, there are two big names that stand out as potential opportunities. There is Google AdSense for mostly CPC (cost per click) based advertising and then there is the Amazon Associates program for CPA (cost per action) o ...

    Michael Kwan/ John Chow dot Comin Affiliate How To's- 18 readers -
  • How 22 Year Old Steven Bransfield Made $196K In 1 Month

    At only 22 years of age, Steven Bransfield has build a multiple six-figure Internet business. He’s an international speaker training with thousands of entrepreneurs all over the world, and he’s traveled to 26 different countries. Oh, and he did all this in the past 24 months. How is that even possible and how did Steven do it? Steven’s success story can be boiled down to one thing.

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  • Long Tail Keyword Tools for Effective Research

    The user search pattern is changing rapidly and it’s important you stay ahead of the trend. Google has made it no secret they are tweaking their search algorithm to meet the demands of users. For example, you’ve probably noticed the following changes so far… The search pattern is becoming more long tail, meaning searches consisting of more than 2+ phrases.

    Rizvan Ullah/ John Chow dot Comin Blogging- 15 readers -

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