• What are the Best Times to Post on Facebook and Twitter?

      I’m a big fan of social media for business purposes and believe certain social networks are important for business growth. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ have millions of users each day and a simple post shared can generate thousands of visitors in a single day. They are great for brand awareness, user engagement, and increasing conversions.

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    • 3 Google Analytics Stats You Can’t Afford to Ignore

      If there is at least one key lesson that we can all learn from TV shows like Dragons’ Den and Shark Tank, it’s that you need to have a strong grasp on your numbers if you want to succeed in business. How much revenue did you pull in last year? How many customers do you have? What is your cost to produce each unit? The same philosophy applies to blogging and Internet marketing too.

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    • Optimizing Your Images for SEO and Speed

      The old way of creating content has changed and we have shifted into a time where the combination of text, images and videos receive the most engagement. Why? The answer is simple… The internet has connected people all over the world and many of them are from non-English places in the world. This means images and video’s provide a much needed aid to understanding content that ...

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  • AdCombo Offers a Fresh Take on CPA Marketing

    Affiliate marketing continues to be one of the most accessible and the most lucrative ways to make money on the Internet. You don’t need to maintain your own inventory and you can leverage a global audience no matter where you are in the world. But not all affiliate networks are made alike. Some don’t offer the support you need.

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  • I’m Giving Away The New Macbook Pro with The Magic Toolbar

    I’m Giving Away The New Macbook Pro with The Magic Toolbar On Thursday morning, Apple will unveil the new Macbook Pro and the rumor is it will be available in silver, gold, and rose gold. It will also have a “Magic toolbar” to replace the roll of F keys. Since I’ve made over $2.5 million in the last couple of years, I’ve decided I want to pay it forward by buying a brand ne ...

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  • The Supercharge Interviews – Dale Bundy

    I interviewed a bunch of attendees at the recent Supercharge Summit in Las Vegas. However, one of the most interesting interviews was with fellow Orange County resident, Dale Bundy. As 78 years young, Dale is proof that age does not matter when it comes to making money online. Since he started promoting MOBE back in April/May, he has made over $53K in commissions, and earn a ...

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  • Carolina Millan Interviews John Chow

    During the recent Supercharge Summit in Las Vegas, I had an opportunity to sit down for an interview with Internet marketing superstar, Carolina Millan. We talked about how I got into blogging, and how I took the blog from zero to $40K a month, and then from $40K to over $100K a month by adding top tier products that are offered by MOBE. And all on just two hours a day! E ...

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  • How to Not Get Burned Out Working 50 Hours a Week

    One of the biggest problems with blogging is that it takes time to gather ideas and write them out. With Google penalizing those websites that are producing low quality content, content writers have more pressure on them to produce the best quality content for people. It’s no longer simply to write out your thoughts on paper because you have to really out-shine your competition.

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  • Laying Down On The Job at Supercharge Summit Las Vegas

    At the Supercharge Summit, we work hard but we also play hard. After receiving a check for $2,588,419.09 during the top partners awards, it was time to kick back and celebrate with fellow summit attendees. One of the great attractions of being in this industry is the networking I can do with likeminded people. I truly believe that you are who you hang out with.

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  • Check Out My Check for $2,588,416.09

    Day two of the Supercharge Summit in Las Vegas was highlighted by the top partner check presentation ceremony. The ceremony is where MOBE recognizes their top affiliates for their performance by bring them up on stage and presenting them with a big check. I got a check for $2,588,416.09 The amount represents how much I made from MOBE since joining the network.

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  • The Easiest Way to Check for Broken Links on Your Blog

    As much as you may try to grow the traffic numbers on your blog organically, building up your following on social media or attracting repeat readers through your e-mail newsletter, getting your site ranked favorably in the search engines is always a good idea. You want to rank for your keywords, because that’s how you can attract new visitors and further establish yourself as t ...

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  • How to Make Money Online with Your Podcast

    Many opportunities are available to you when you want to monetize your blog. There are countless advertising networks that you can consider and they can take on different parts of your website’s real estate. You can have in-line text ads, pop-under ads, banner ads and more. That’s because someone visiting your blog is actually looking at your website.

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  • Rules to Follow When Accepting Guest Posts – Part 3

    No one underestimates the power of social media and content that took “2” years to get noticed is going viral within minutes. Platforms like Facebook.com and Twitter.com are cashing in on their success with growing numbers of users each year. However, it’s not only them who can cash in on the success because bloggers can do the very same.

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