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  • Blog Consistency and Frequency Are Not the Same Thing

    Several months back, I was invited out to an all-day workshop being put on by YouTube for YouTube partners interested in growing their channels. There were people there who did videos about fashion and makeup, people who had cooking channels, people who ran the social media for music companies, and more. It was quite the diverse group of content creators.

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  • Killer Email Campaign Rules You Have to Follow

    Email marketing is a tough business and it’s hard to find out what works compared to other strategies. I always encourage my clients to keep testing until they find what works and then tweak it until they achieve optimal results. However, sometimes, it’s NOT easy because there are a lot of hidden factors involved and some you’re NOT even aware of until you’re told about them.

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  • Is Distraction Good for Business?

    You’re going to face many challenges over the course of your blogging or Internet marketing career. You’ll want to keep up with the latest changes in Google’s algorithm, for example, if you want to ensure that your key webpages rank well in the search engine results page. You’ll want to explore new and innovative strategies for extending your reach on social media, because it’s ...

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  • How to Achieve Your Goals

    Everyone has a goal they dream of achieving, but many people never take the steps they need to ensure their dreams come true. For example, I procrastinated starting an internet business for years because I was sure I wasn't ready. However, I took no action to become ready, which meant that no amount of waiting would make my goal any closer to becoming a reality.

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  • Biggest Challenges For Start-Ups- Very Interesting…

    The Internet has allowed people to build companies quickly, however, success is measured by a completely different metric. Two years ago, I read something very interesting, that “Technology” has taken over “Investment Firms” for producing billionaires more quickly. What once took people 10-15 years to become billionaires has been decreased to 1-2 years and this can be seen by I ...

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  • No Cost Ways to Build and Grow Your Blog

    It’s hard for people without a stable income to start a blog, which is why many of them don’t take a step forward in getting their online business started. I’m here to tell you this was more difficult years back when very little tools were available and the value of the Internet was unknown. Now that people and businesses know they can make enormous money online, you have an ab ...

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  • The Problem with “Anyone Can Do It”

    Can anyone make a comfortable living working for themselves on the Internet? Absolutely. If you are reading these words, at bare minimum, I know at least two things about you for certain. First, you own (or at least have access to) some sort of device that can get online. Second, you have (or at least have access to) a connection to the Internet.

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  • Dot Com Lifestyle Vlog – My $13,529.03 Dot Com Day

    Welcome to another Dot Com Lifestyle Vlog. On this episode, I supercharge the Tesla, wait forever for a Starbucks coffee, explain why I don’t live on cash, show off my Pad Prompter, eat lunch at Inka Mama’s, watch the sunset, watch Sally snort dry, and got one-upped by a parent who dropped his kid off at school in a Ferrari. However, I made $13,529.

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  • Goal Setting Mistakes You Have To Be Careful About

    Setting goals is a great practice because it helps you stay on point but some people approach this strategy the wrong way. I’ve always encouraged my clients to set goals when starting a business or even when doing work every day because when done correctly, it will help you stay focused on the bottom line.

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  • Nothing Is Going to Change

    Change can be uncomfortable. You get used to a certain way of doing things, you get used to things being a certain way, and anything that disturbs the status quo can unsettle you. The familiar is comfortable, because it is predictable, even though this sense of comfort could be holding you back, restricting you to an unsatisfying life of mediocrity.

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