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  • Can Link Building Do You More Harm Than Good?

    Recently, I was skimming through the web and came across an interesting article. How? I visit a handful of blogs every day, looking for changing trends within search engine optimization, content marketing, etc. I came across an article based on link building and how focusing too heavily on it can do you more harm than actual good.

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  • How to Embed Flickr Slideshows in a Blog Posts

    It has oftentimes been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Especially when you’re approaching a much more visual subject on your blog, having several pictures can be worth even more. This is true when you’re covering an event, reviewing a product, or otherwise illustrating any number of possible blog topics.

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  • 7 Media Kit Essentials You Can’t Forget

    One of the ways you can choose to monetize your blog is through direct advertising. This is when you partner or collaborate with a company directly, oftentimes in the form of sponsored content or native advertising. It could involve sponsored posts, brand ambassadorship, sponsored reviews, social media sharing or any number of other possible promotional methods.

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  • 7 SEO Analyzer Tools Every Site Owner Should Use

    If you are a website owner, you know the importance of analyzing your website. Using tech tools like Google Analytics and other online tools can help to some extent. But what should you do to make sure you get the best results with your website? It’s wise to have some tools bookmarked that you can return to time and time again to analyze your site to see how it is doing online.

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  • I Challenge You To Do A Video A Day for 90 Days

    I Challenge You To Do A Video A Day for 90 Days By John Chow November 29th, 2016 Videos Right now, I am in the middle of a 90 Day Video Challenge, and I like to challenge you to join me. The challenge is pretty simple: make a video a day for the next 90 days. The purpose of the challenge is to help create consistency.

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  • Dot Com Lunch – Living In A Virtual World Edition

    On this episode of the Dot Com Lunch, I let the attendees try out the virtual reality box that I got at the VR Happy Hour Meetup at YouTube Space LA. In addition to the VR glasses, I show off our gadget of the week, the Gorillapod Focus by Joby. This is the perfec ...

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  • How to Avoid a Bad Business Partnership

    Sometimes, when starting a business, you need a good partner by your side. They bring creativeness, financial backing, and knowledge about the project. Many people would agree that having the right person by your side is the extra push needed to succeed in your industry. However, partnering with someone can be a huge gamble, which can go either way, costing you a lot of money o ...

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  • The Single Biggest Reason Why You Should Care About Facebook Reactions

    After so many years of the iconic thumbs-up “like” button that came to be synonymous with the popular social network, Facebook finally expanded the “like” button into a series of six “reactions.” Yes, people could always post longer comments and these comments could even involve uploaded images, but the simplicity and instantaneous nature of the “like” button made it the most c ...

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  • What You Need To Know About Great Branding Success

    Blogging these days is all about building your brand and because a brand name is what people remember more than a general keyword name. Before it was a trend to name your blog after your niche choosing a domain “”, however, now names like is what’s creating a buzz in online marketing.

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  • How Do Implied Links Affect Your SEO

    Everyone understands that backlinks are at the heart of search engine optimization. There are countless other factors involved, both on-page and off-page, but having other websites link to your website has been and always will be a critical factor in determining the relative “value” of your site in the eyes of Google.

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  • Social Media Algorithms and Instagram Organic Reach

    Even though there are countless other nuances and metrics that you can measure on social media, there are two that stand out. First, we’re interested in the kind of reach we’re able to get through our social channels. After all, there’s not much of a point in posting great content on your social page if no one is actually going to see it.

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  • All My Interviews From Supercharge Summit Las Vegas

    During the Supercharge Summit in Las Vegas, I had an opportunity to interview many of the attendees. I was going to post these interviews one at a time, but then figured, why not just release them all for your viewing pleasure? If anything, the interviews make clear a key point: anyone can do this business. As you will see, the group range in age from early 20’s to 78 years young.

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  • On Facebook Pages and Email Open Rates

    Grow your audience. Build your list. It’s a very common piece of advice given to people who are interested in Internet marketing and making money online. This is true for people who want to make money through strategies like affiliate marketing and blogging, just as much as it is true for more traditional businesses who want to develop their brand presence on the web.

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  • Making Money with PLR And Resell Rights Products

    Content is king. It’s an old adage that has withstood the test of time, but no one ever said that the content necessarily had to be original nor did they say that you had to be the one to create it. They just said that you had to have it. Have you ever wanted to populate your blog with useful articles to drive traffic, but you couldn’t be bothered to write these articles yourse ...

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  • Daddy Daughter Day At The Los Angeles Auto Show

    Founded in 1907, the Los Angeles Auto Show is one of the biggest auto shows in the world. The show spans more than 870,000 square feet of the LA Convention Center in downtown Los Angeles. The best way to see the show is as a member of the press. The media get a full press day before the show opens to the general public. They get to see stuff that the public can’t see.

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  • The Winners of The #ASW17 Networking Passes

    The Winners of The #ASW17 Networking Passes By John Chow November 6th, 2016 Trade Show Here are the ten winners of the Affiliate Summit West 2017 Networking Passes. These passes are worth $249 each and entitles the winners admission to Affiliate Meet Market, Exhibit Hall, Meet Market, RevShare Roundup, Keynotes, Ask the Experts Roundtable, First-Time Orientation, the Netwo ...

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  • Dot Com Life Vlog – CHILL At The Queen Mary

    CHILL at the Queen Mary is an annual event that opened on the day before Thanksgiving, and run until January 8, 2017. The event is supposed to bring a chilly winter wonderland to sunny Southern California. However, the format of CHILL got changed this year. Instead of freezing your hineys off inside giant freezer full of ice sculptures (complete with ice slides), this year’s C ...

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  • The Dot Com Life Vlog – Socal Local at Lola Gaspar

    Welcome to my second vlog post! I got invited to the Socal Local Preview Party and Mixer at Lola Gaspar Restaurant in Santa Ana, where Oscar had used his selfie stick as a self defense stick. Lola Gaspar is a cozy tapas joint that serves up Latin and Spanish small plates. We were treated ...

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  • Going Beyond The DSLR at YouTube Space LA

    In this latest vlog post, I head over to YouTube Space LA to go beyond the DSLR camera. This was the promo email that YouTube used to entice me to attend. There’s a world of next-level digital cameras that can help you record better audio and straight-up beautiful images. In this new class, you’ll learn the key features of cameras like the Canon C300, Sony FS7, and others.

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  • Some More Cool Content Marketing Tweaks for Big Results

    Content marketing has really taken shape over the last several years. Instead of you driving traffic to a product landing page, you’re essentially selling products through in-depth high quality content based-around your content. It’s an awesome tool and proven to be very effective for several reasons. First, it’s a great way to generate conversions and rank within search engines at the same time.

    Rizvan Ullah/ John Chow dot Comin Content Blogging- 30 readers -
  • My Tesla Broke! Taking It To The Service Center

    Welcome to my first official vlog post! In case you’re wondering, a vlog is a video blog. Instead of expressing our thoughts in writing, we do it with a video. I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a vlog. For my first vlog post, I give you a look at a day in the Dot Com Life. I take my Tesla M ...

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  • The Electoral College vs The Popular Vote

    The Electoral College vs The Popular Vote By John Chow November 17th, 2016 Ramblings, Videos The Democrats are whining about Hillary Clinton losing the Presidency even though she won the popular vote. They are demanding that the ...

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  • Dot Com Lunch – Start Sucking Edition

    On this episode of the Dot Com Lunch, I remind you that today is the last day to enter my Affiliate Summit contest. I’m giving away $2,490 worth of passes to #ASW17 and if you want one, you have until midnight tonight to get your entry in. Better do it now if you haven’t done so! The Dot Com Lunch is part of the Dot Co ...

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  • Learning Is Not Doing

    Learning Is Not Doing It’s great that so many people want to learn Internet marketing and make money online. However, I like to remind them that learning is ...

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  • How to Use for Triple Engagement on Twitter

    Twitter is an awesome tool to drive enormous targeted traffic to your blog. There are two ways that work well for me. First, simply posting on my Twitter wall that has hundreds of relevant followers and secondly, to use the right #hashtags. Twitter is definitely an asset and if you utilize it correctly, you’ll definitely increase engagement, and build loyal followers and even ROI.

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  • Facebook Insights You May Have Missed

    Know your numbers. If you want to have any shot at “making it” as an online professional, you need to pay close attention to your metrics. You need to log into your Google Analytics account on a regular basis to keep tabs on your page views, your bounce rate and your time on site. You want to keep track of how many followers you have on Twitter.

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  • How to Find Top Instagram Hashtags for Likes

    Numbers aren’t everything. Except in the worlds of social media and Internet marketing, they kind of are. If you want to demonstrate the extent of your reach, if you want to continue growing your audience, if you want to demand top dollar for your advertising opportunities, you need to have the numbers to back that up.

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  • Stop Waiting for Perfection

    Are you waiting for things to be perfect before you start your Internet business? Well, stop it! Things will never be perfect. Those ducks will never line up in a row ...

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  • Singapore Skyline Luge Sentosa

    The Skyline Sentosa Luge is a fun Singapore attraction that offers a truly unique outdoor experience. One of the most thrilling and unique Singapore activities, the Luge is a wheeled gravity ride that provides riders full control over their descent on purpose built Luge track. Skyline Luge offers a fun family friendly adventure activity. You can navigate the luge down ...

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  • Tesla Model X P90D Supercharge Road Trip To Las Vegas

    In this episode of the Dot Com Life Vlog, I take the Tesla Model X P90 on an electric road trip from Orange County to Las Vegas by using the Supercharger stations along the way. Total cost of electricity came to zero. Go to love that! When Tesla first introduced their electric car, “range anxiety” was a big concern.

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