• Can You Just Tell Me How to Make Money Online?

    A lot of things have become much easier to do yourself these days. Need to replace the toilet in your bathroom and don’t really want to pay a licensed plumber to do it? It doesn’t take much for you to Google up several useful tutorials that can walk you through the process. Want to figure out how to apply certain effects and alterations in PhotoShop? Hop over to YouTube and you ...

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  • Using Google Trends for Keyword Research

    I’m always looking for new ways to perform keyword research and have been experimenting with Google Trends. For those of you NOT aware of Google Trends, here something directly from Google: “Google Trends is a public web facility of Google Inc., based on Google Search, that shows how often a particular search-term is entered relative to the total search-volume across various r ...

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  • Knowledge Commerce: The Business of Selling Your Expertise

    Affiliate marketing, blogging, eCommerce, multi-level marketing, biz opps… whatever you want to call it, it seems like there is a name out there for every type of business model out there. Something we’ve been seeing more and more recently is the business of selling ‘expertise’, and some bloggers and online marketers are generating millions of dollars from it! A perfect exampl ...

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  • Getting Beyond Raw Reach for Influencer Marketing

    Influencer marketing is not the next big thing. It’s already here. Celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Selena Gomez are already raking in monstrously-sized checks for single Instagram posts. Where we’re seeing a significant shift and a notable level of growth, though, is with what’s being called micro influencer marketing.

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  • Some Cool Tips to Increase Fiverr Earnings – Part 1

    Over the years, Fiverr.com has been very good to me and I’ve used it to outsource work while earning money for myself at the same time. I use to write content on the Fiverr.com network when I first started out in the industry because I needed a source of income. Even though Fiverr.com is very popular, it can be very hard to earn some decent money. You have to remember a few things about Fiverr.

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  • Dot Com Lifestyle Vlog – How Are They Making Any Money?

    On this episode of the Dot Com Lifestyle Vlog, I take the Tesla Model X for a hand cash wash. It took more than an hour from start to finish and cost only $12.99. How is the business making any money doing that? In addition, I spent $5K on an Life Fitness elliptical trainer, gave some great Internet marketing advice and show you how much I’m making from YouTube.

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  • How to Achieve Your Goals

    Everyone has a goal they dream of achieving, but many people never take the steps they need to ensure their dreams come true. For example, I procrastinated starting an internet business for years because I was sure I wasn't ready. However, I took no action to become ready, which meant that no amount of waiting would make my goal any closer to becoming a reality.

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  • 7 Tools Every Blogger and Marketer Needs to Be Using in 2018

    Want to make 2018 your best year ever? Of course, you do! The big difference between those who will find massive success in the new year versus those who just continue to ‘do business’, is going to be the ones that put the best tools, automation, and monetization methods to use for them. Instead of preaching about the importance of great content creation and marketing, let’s j ...

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  • How I Made $1,647,977.84 with MOBE In 2017

    It’s a new month (and a new year), and that means it’s time for another income report. Below is a screencast showing my MOBE earnings for the month of December 2017. In addition, I also report my MOBE income for all of 2017. MOBE is my number one online money maker and what I recommend most for anyone looking to make big income online. Yes, I earned $1,647,977.84 last year with MOBE.

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