• Why the Top of Your Funnel is Almost Always More Profitable than the Bottom

    Yes. AdWords converts better than most other channels. Anywhere, ever. But. That doesn’t mean it’s the only option. Or even the best option. Two reasons why: First, your cost per lead tends to be higher than other inbound channels. Chiefly because… Second, AdWords doesn’t scale as well as other options. So you hit a point of diminishing returns. ‘Cause only 3.

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  • Why Sales Reps are the Best Marketers in Your Company

    Every marketing playbook begins with “know your target market.” It’s preached day in and day out by the top marketing pros. Every well-paid exec learns this on their first day on the job. And for good reason. Knowing your target market is critical to generating traffic or converting sales. But what does it really mean? Most playbooks will tell you to fill out the classic bu ...

    KISSmetrics Marketing Blog- 8 readers -
  • 32 Ways Your Ecommerce Company Can Boost Engagement and Sales

    The ecommerce customer is a moving target. I mean that in more than one way: Online behaviors and buying preferences evolve constantly. Customers jump around relentlessly from apps, to messaging platforms, to social sites and websites. They’re mobile. How do you woo these “moving targets” into engaging with your ecommerce promotions, opting into your offers, and bu ...

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