• How to start your own private label product

      This is a guest post courtesy of Sense of Nature With the popularity of private labels increasing in Europe and the USA, it’s an ideal time to start your own private label product brand. Why Should You Create a Private Label Product? Private labels are a great way for independent retailers to compete against national chains and increase shopper loyalty.

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    • The ultimate DIY guide to jewelry photography

      We’ve all seen those beautiful jewelry photos! You know, the ones of stunning pearl necklaces against a white background? They are beautiful, classy, and timeless. Nothing focuses a buyer’s attention on your jewelry more than a bright white background. It’s one of the reasons that professional photographers use it so often. The fact is it sells jewelry.

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  • Nine ways to connect with retail buyers if you are selling wholesale

    Are you selling wholesale and looking to get your products in more stores and boutiques? Whether you’re selling wholesale clothing, jewelry, baby products, accessories, bath & beauty products, home decor, or foods, read on to find out how to let buyers find you. Where do retail buyers and store owners look for products? If you’re looking to grow your wholesale business, ...

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  • Selling to retail stores – How to speak to a retail buyer

    Whether you are interested in selling your product to a small independent “mom & pop” shop or to a large national retail chain, selling to retail stores can be tough if you don’t know how to speak their language. I’ve listened to countless product pitches working at Macy’s in the Buying & Planning departments for apparel, accessories, and home goods.

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  • How to create a linesheet for your fashion brand

    As an emerging fashion brand, I’m sure you’ve heard lots and lots of talk about the importance of a linesheet, and you’re probably wondering by now what all the fuss is about. We’ll break it down for you in a simple-to-follow Q&A format, because who really has the time to read through a lengthy article? No aspiring fashion designer we know! What is a linesheet? A lineshee ...

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  • Who should you contact when pitching your products to magazines?

    If you’ve been following the Launch Grow Joy blog for a while, you know that my main mission is to empower you with all the tools you need when pitching your products to magazines. Thousands of you have signed up for my free PR trainings and have used my media outreach tools to get your products featured.

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  • How to sell to retail stores – 27 tips

    A little while ago we reached out to you, our Launch Grow Joy readers, and asked you to share with us your best tips on how to sell to retail stores. So many of you answered (THANK YOU!), so we decided to create a list of your best tips on how to sell to retail stores. Whether you decide to sell to small independent or local boutiques or to large national retailers, you’ll f ...

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  • What is multi-channel selling and should you do it?

    Have you heard of multi-channel selling? If diversification is the key to keeping your investment money safe in the stock market, a pivotal role in your background experience in obtaining that dream job, and even the best way to ensure strength in a gene pool, then why not as part of your e-commerce business plan? As business owners and consumers alike, there remains one constant that we cra.

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  • How to contact celebrities for your products – a step-by-step guide

    Have you ever thought about contacting celebrities and gifting your products to them as a way to increase your brand awareness and sales? I’ve personally tried a few celebrity gifting methods and in today’s post I’d love to share with you my personal experience, as well as the experiences of other entrepreneurs whose products were featured on celebrities. Read on.

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  • How to increase your ecommerce website sales as a podcast guest

    As an ecommerce website owner, getting more traffic and sales to your online store is something you’re probably always working on. Did you know that one of the most effective ways to drive more traffic to your ecommerce website is by getting your products and online store featured in the media? Whether it’s in national magazines, local publications, on TV or on influential b ...

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  • 12 Holiday Gift Guide PR tips from magazine editors

    Do you dream of seeing your products in a magazine’s holiday gift guide and want to know some PR tips and tricks to make it happen? If so, you’re in the right place! We recently reached out to magazine editors and asked them this question: “If you can share some PR tips for Etsy sellers who want to get their products featured in your annual holiday gift guide, what advice would you give them?.

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