• 10 Ways To Make Your Lead Generation Website Convert On The First Visit

      How To Build A Website For Maximum Conversions E-commerce websites are designed for conversion as if their lives depended on it — which they do, since without online revenue, e-commerce businesses are out of business. For companies with lead generation websites, it’s a different story. Conversion optimization is one priority among many, competing for a voice internally agai ...

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    • How to Set Up a Small Studio for Filming Professional Looking Videos

      In the last couple of years, video has quickly risen to the top of the most widely used content types for various purposes. Consequently, the platforms that allow users to upload and share their video content are hugely popular. Just YouTube itself has 1.3 billion users, with more than 300 hours of videos uploaded every minute.

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    • Instagram Class – Where To Send Visitors

      Instagram is a great place to generate an audience and even generate web traffic. *please excuse the facebook live audio sync issue… I didn’t do it on purpose 😉 Instagram Class – Where To Send Visitors? Posted by Lawrence Tam on Wednesday, February 8, 2017 The purpose of this is so you do NOT have to keep changing the link shown on your Instagram Bio. If pointing link to your blog.

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  • Authentic Leadership: Why Leaders Today Must Be Authentic, And Why It’s Not Enough!

    How important is Authentic Leadership? What does it mean to be authentic? Authenticity has become a big catch phrase in leadership today, yet so often those speaking about it have no real sense of what it actually means in application to leadership. If you are a leader who likes to stay on the cutting edge you know that being an authentic leader is no longer a preference, it ...

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  • Want More Digital Marketing Success? Track Everything

    With so many different types of digital marketer, no two professionals ever rely on the same exact strategy. However, there is one trait the most successful marketing professionals share: they’re willing and able to track each and every action they take (and the results). With this in mind, let’s examine exactly what this means: Track What You’re Doing It’s as simple as that.

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  • Content Marketing, is it the Way of the Future? [infographic]

    Content marketing is now being used all over the world, with 85% of marketers using this style as one way that they drive traffic to their business. In fact, it is taking over the way that companies market their brand and product. Content marketing takes up the most of marketing budgets from businesses with 13%, followed by digital marketing at 11%.

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  • How to Save Big Money with Little Changes

    I started saving money about a year ago using a simple app called Digit and what it does is hide my money. Now you're thinking that is a bad thing, but in this case hiding the money is simply implementing the idea “out of sight, out of mind”. When I check my debit card and see I have 500 dollars, I limit my spending to that 500 dollars.

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  • Using Video Live Streaming for Content Marketing

    If you've been on the social media circuit lately, you might have noticed that there have been a lot more “live” video feeds popping up within your streams and notifications all over the web. In the past, live streaming was mostly a niche activity geared towards hardcore video game players and sports fans (including eSports leagues), but recently many social media companies h ...

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  • 29 Actionable Email Marketing Tips From the Experts [Infographic]

    Do you want to build a close relationship with your customers? Thinking to consider email marketing for your business? Want to make your email more engaging? Interesting in finding out the expert’s advice to make your email marketing successful? If your answer is, “Yes”, then you’re in the right place.

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  • Business Orders From The Commander and Chief

    Qualities, Skills, and Intrinsic Value Are Important Ingredients to Success Regardless of what you may think of president Donald Trump, you can’t deny his success. And for anyone that has read any of Mr. Trump's books, we all know that he got his start in the world of construction and real estate development.

    Lawrence Tam- 17 readers -
  • 5 Things You Need to Know About Hiring Virtual Help

    According to Recuriterbox, over 53 million people are currently freelancing and by 2020, over 40% of the workforce is expected to be independent contractors. It is a growing trend that many businesses are seeing the rewards of. Before you jump in, here are 5 things to know about hiring virtual help.

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  • Your First Launch as an Entrepreneur

    While some might think this method is too “old-school” and obvious, I have the perfect story to prove otherwise; I was recently talking to someone in California who was very interested in investing in a new method of producing healthy snacks. Except the patent had been created before and it was unsuccessful.

    Lawrence Tam- 23 readers -
  • 5 Referral Marketing Tips You Can Adopt From AirBNB

    AirBNB provides a compelling case study of entrepreneurial fortitude. In the early days of the company, founders Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia created unique US Presidential Election-themed boxes of cereal in order to raise capital for AirBNB. While a diligent founding team and a notoriously positive workplace culture contributed to the growth of the company, AirBNB’s outrageo ...

    Lawrence Tamin EMail- 25 readers -
  • 5 Ways Startups Can Compete With Big Businesses

    As an entrepreneur or small business owner, there are many things you worry about. But one of the scariest has to be the possibility that a competitor — a big one — will come along and disrupt your market. It’s the age-old tale of David and Goliath, except the giant wins pretty much every time in the real world.

    Lawrence Tam- 16 readers -
  • How to Overcome Burnout (Hint: Burnout is Really a Myth)

    Are you feeling exhausted? Frustrated? Stressed out? Not sure if you are doing the thing that you were born to be doing? Then you have come to the right place! Let’s fix this burnout “problem” once and for all. In all of my time in business, I have heard people talk about this little devil called burnout, and the truth is, most of these people don’t have a clue what they are talking about.

    Lawrence Tamin How To's- 15 readers -
  • 3 things successful entrepreneurs are doing (#3 is just plain weird)

    To make it in the world of entrepreneurialism, you need to have more than just a good idea and the money to back the operation. There are numerous qualities that define a successful entrepreneur. Growing and maintaining a business takes personal discipline to get through the day-to-day challenges.

    Lawrence Tam- 19 readers -
  • 3 Red Flags that Your Digital Marketing Strategy is Failing

    Getting a marketing strategy up and running is a big hurdle for any business. Keeping the ROI high is even trickier. So you’ve been pouring copious amounts of time and money into your digital marketing strategy, but the results just aren’t coming. There can be many reasons as to why your approach isn’t working. In a most cases, it just requires a few small tweaks to get back on track.

    Lawrence Tam- 21 readers -
  • How to Protect Your Company Against False Claims Lawsuits

    Under the False Claims Act, employees are encouraged to file a lawsuit against the company they work for on behalf of the government if they believe fraudulent behavior is happening. Through acting as a whistleblower, the employee holds the company responsible for acting fraudulently and can receive a piece of the government’s recovery.

    Lawrence Tamin How To's- 18 readers -

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