• Presentations: What we want, versus what we get

      I get to see a lot of people present. I get to see a lot of people present badly. And my guess is that you do too! Last week I finished a series of presentation training sessions with a large organisation here in Western Australia. They were big group sessions so we weren’t able to carry out as much practical work as usual, but we were able to talk on the subject at some length.

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    • Brand Newsroom 99: Who do you trust?

      Of the top ten most trusted people in America, five of them are actors — and most are celebrities. That’s according to a Reader’s Digest poll. Why, in 2016, are entertainers (who spend their lives pretending to be someone else) trusted more than politicians and policy-makers or investigative reporters and news anchors? Why are brands like banks and retailers constantly marked d ...

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  • Quality and productivity: The right writer matters

    In his newsletter last week one of the godfathers of content marketing, Robert Rose, mentioned a statistic in a report from Orbit Media he’d stumbled across. The average time it takes to write a blog post, according to the report, is 3.5 hours. Three-and-a-half hours! And that’s the average so, presumably, some writers are taking much longer than that.

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  • New report shows how to become a content champion

    No one becomes a champion by accident. OK, so there was that Steven Bradbury guy at the 2002 Winter Olympics, but how often do we really win in life because all our competitors have stacked it onto the ice? People only become champions in their field because they’ve found something they love and they’ve stuck with it.

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  • Brand Newsroom 116: We’re all using email marketing, so what’s best practice?

    View Larger Image Brand Newsroom 116: We’re all using email marketing, so what’s best practice? According the Content Marketing Institute’s Australian Benchmark’s 2017 Report, 78 per cent of Australian businesses use email marketing. About half of us say it is critical — indeed the most critical — tactic we have for distributing our content.

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  • How to use content marketing to build brand loyalty

    Which brands are you loyal to? I mean properly loyal. The ones where, even if they’re more expensive, even if you have to drive across town to get to them, you’ll stick with them. The brands you’ll not only recommend, but go to bat for if someone’s criticising them. Now ask yourself, “why?” Why are you so loyal? I asked this question of some Twitter followers recently.

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  • 3 Tips for scalable content marketing

    At Lush, every strategy we write includes a ‘blue sky’ recommendation for how a business should proceed if they had no budget, staffing or time restraints. Unfortunately, for most businesses this isn’t the reality they operate in. Instead, many businesses come through our doors asking for a scalable content marketing strategy, able to grow and change as their business does.

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  • CMI’s report proves quality is key to content success

    Here’s something I believe to be an absolute truth: Producing higher quality content is guaranteed to increase the success of your content marketing. Now I’m a journalist by profession, so I have a bias towards high-quality content. And obviously other factors are important, too, like a good strategy for amplification and distribution. But it’s the quality of the content I really believe in.

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  • The key to strategic content

    Do you deliver the right content at the right time to help consumers through the sales funnel? Content marketing presents a great opportunity for businesses. But if content marketing is going to work properly, you really need to understand how your audience makes purchasing decisions and engages with your brand. We all know content is powerful, but strategic content is far more effective.

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  • 4 ways to convince budget holders to invest in video

    When I was growing up, if ever I wanted to borrow money from my parents to buy something, I had to prove to them why I needed it and how I would pay them back the money. I’d try and tell them that the new pair of trainers would guarantee to make me a better athlete and the new cricket bat would not only make me a better player but they would also reach a level of joy from watch ...

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  • Brand Newsroom 113: Making negativity great again

    It’s Election Day in the United States. We made it. But at what price? The Brand Newsroom team takes a close look at negativity. How should we handle it? What’s the cost of letting it run free? The Donald Trump experience seems to teach us that going negative can get you a long way. But is there a better way to achieve your goals? Here are some key take-outs: Negative news sells.

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  • 11 Tips to write better headlines and titles [video]

    View Larger Image 11 Tips to write better headlines and titles [video] Think about what your blog headings are usually like. Do you think they make people immediately want to click on the article, or are they hesitantly hovering their mouse over it? Or, even worse, have they completely bypassed it? The sad fact is you may have the most earth-shattering, amazing content but ...

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  • 8 infographics that will inspire you to create your own

    Infographics are incredibly effective tool in visual storytelling, but they are often overlooked in content marketing strategies. Here’s why you shouldn’t ignore them any longer. Not only are they a great way to condense complex information but they also make statistics pop off the page, they are memorable and engaging for the reader, and they can make a particular emotional ...

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  • Brand Newsroom 112: Is chasing viral content killing trust?

    Award-winning Australian journalist and thought-leader Waleed Aly has warned media companies against chasing viral content, claiming it will ultimately destroy trust with their audiences. Today the Brand Newsroom team takes a close look at ‘short-termism’. Is being hungry for likes, shares, views and follows degrading our brands and risking our relationship with our most impor ...

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