• Facebook Cracks Down on Ad-Only Facebook Page Updates

    Well, this piece of news is hardly Earth shattering. In fact, if you have been paying attention to ways to market on Facebook, it could be safe to say that you probably saw this coming. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’d know that one of the best ways to make money online is through Facebook fan pages. People need to simply like your fan page for them to see your updates.

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  • Optimize Your Content for Conversions, Not Users

    I know I might get lynched for this idea, but I feel that I need to put it out there. You don’t have to be a veteran of online marketing forums and internet marketing blogs to get the very distinct impression that almost everybody and his dog are focused on views. People are obsessed with basically driving as much traffic to their websites and generating views.

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  • How to Make Your Website Penguin-Proof

    Well, it had to happen sometime. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you probably have heard that Penguin 3.0 just rolled out. Hopefully, you just heard about it instead of feeling the painful effects of this Google algorithm update. Make no mistake about it: Regardless of how much Google likes to downplay its impact, Penguin 3.

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  • Five Early Observations about the Panda 4.1 Update

    Unless you have been hiding under a rock, or worse, smoking rocks, you would know that Google Panda 4.1 is out. A lot of people either get excited about Panda, or they get really scared. If you think back a few years ago, Panda really caught a lot of people by surprise. Previously high-flying websites that produce horrendous content and didn’t really care about their readers go ...

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  • How to Spot Low Value Warrior Forum WSOs

    Make no mistake about it, the Warrior Forum is the biggest Internet marketing forum on the planet. I’m not talking about the United States only. I’m not talking about Canada or Western Europe. We’re talking about the planet here. The Warrior Forum gets millions of eager online business seekers every single month. That’s how big the Warrior Forum is.

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  • How Should you Prepare for the Next Penguin Update?

    If you have been paying attention to the latest SEO gossip, you would be aware that it is rumoured that Google will be updating their Penguin update soon. This is a big deal. As you probably already know, a lot of websites got their rear-ends kicked into place by Google Penguin and a lot of the old grey hat tricks no longer work to boost your position in the SERPs.

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  • How to Really Make Money on Fiverr

    Fiverr is probably the leading micro-outsourcing platform on the planet. Its main draw is the fact that you can get all sorts of stuff done, like online writing, SEO link building, form filling, video testimonials, graphic designs and other creative activities performed for five dollars. As you can probably tell, a lot of the people offering time intensive labor for five dollar ...

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  • Identify and Market to the 5 Types of Freelance Service Clients

    Just like with any kind of market, you have to have a clear idea regarding the identity and preferences of your target audience so you can position your product correctly. If you position the right product to the wrong audience, you might not make any money. Similarly, if you position the wrong product to the right audience, you would not get any results either.

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  • Are you Following Rand Fishkin? You Should be!

    Rand Fishkin is the head honcho of one of the most respected SEO software companies on the planet. I am, of course, talking about Moz. Moz is an amazing suite of online software that gives you the information you need to make progress with SEO in this day and age. I am sorry to break it to you and you probably know it deep down, but SEO has become much more difficult after the ...

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  • Top Five Reasons Why You Need To Follow Brian Dean

    In the world of online marketing, gurus come and go. Seriously. A lot of the gurus and internet marketing geniuses out there are really just online media creations. In many cases, it only takes a few talking heads or a few influential people throwing the same names around for people to get the impression that these names are really worth following. Let us face it.

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