• Stop Spamming Google Plus!

    Google Plus, among the major social networking platforms, gets more than its fair share of online traffic myths. One of the most pervasive myths regarding Google Plus communities is the fact that if you have a lot of Google Plus friends and people share your content in their circles, chances are, Google will send more traffic your way.

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  • An Interview with Copy Writing Expert Cameron Connor

    A few days ago, I dropped Cameron Connor a quick email to ask if he’s be happy to answer a few copy writing related questions for the Marketing Bees blog and he was very happy to do so. 1. How and why did you decide to get into internet marketing? Well, my father was in the IT field, so I was always interested in technology, but after picking up “How To Master The Art of Selli ...

    Lewis Crutch/ Marketing Beesin Paid Search- 9 readers -

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