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  • Yahoo Reports $1.1 Billion In Revenue For 2014, Up 95% YOY

    According to Yahoo’s 2014 earnings report released today, the company’s investment businesses, which included mobile, video, native, and social, delivered $1.1 billion in revenue, representing a 95 percent year-over-year increase. Yahoo also reports mobile gains, generating $254 million in mobile revenue during Q4, and $1.26 billion for all of 2014.

    Amy Gesenhues/ Marketing Land- 20 readers -
  • Live Blog: The Microsoft Windows 10 Briefing

    Good morning! Microsoft is sharing the future of its new Window 10 operating system in a “Windows 10 Briefing” today. We’ll be live blogging the event, which begins at 9am. It’s also being live streamed here. Join your peers at Marketing Land’s SMX West ...

    Danny Sullivan/ Marketing Landin SEO- 6 readers -
  • Nike To Create 100,000 Personalized Videos For Nike+ Users

    Working with AKQA, Nike is helping everyone celebrate their workout achievements by creating customized videos using personalized Nike+ user data. The videos highlight the individual’s 2014 achievements and offer a look forward to 2015. Each one-minute film, illustrated by French artist McBess, is created by using location, weather, activity and individual movement data.

    Steve Hall/ Marketing Landin Social Facebook Twitter- 34 readers -
  • 82% Of Sites Use Responsive Web Design In 2015? Try 11.8%

    Depending upon who you ask, responsive web design is either used by 82% of webmasters or 11.8% of webmasters. Recently on Google+, the Google Webmaster team asked their followers to tell them which mobile configuration strategy they use, and 82% of the 652 votes (at the time of this writing) responded with responsive web design.

    Bryson Meunier/ Marketing Land- 41 readers -
  • 7 Questions Agencies Never Want You To Ask In The Sales Process

    I’ve probably taken close to 500 sales calls with potential clients in my nearly seven years in the agency space, and no two calls are ever the same. There are a ton of questions potential clients ask that I love to answer, like “What makes you guys great?” or “Can I talk to your references?” Some questions, however, can make me cringe.

    David Rodnitzky/ Marketing Land- 26 readers -
  • When It Comes To Customer Expectations, One Size Does Not Fit All

    We’ve been talking a lot about extreme customer expectations this year, attempting to better understand what motivates consumers in today’s digital world. What we know is that we’re currently living in the age of the customer. People have easy access to more information than ever before. Digital – and obviously, social – media have created a direct link between people and br ...

    Katy Keim/ Marketing Land- 27 readers -
  • 4 Videos That Get Cause Marketing Right

    “We’re in business to help improve lives.” If you hadn’t heard of TOMS, you might find this an unlikely slogan for a trendy shoe and apparel company. But I’m betting that you’re familiar with the company and the concept that has made it memorable: to help one person in need for every product purchased.

    Kelsey Libert/ Marketing Landin Content- 42 readers -
  • 7 Principles For Making The Viewable Impression Work

    Marketers, agencies and publishers have been hard at work since 2011 to establish a measurement framework for digital that allows for cross-media comparability. This has been a sore point for digital media because marketers and agencies have been unable to use the enormously rich data available in digital in ways that allow for the free flow of dollars across media.

    Peter Minnium/ Marketing Landin Display- 27 readers -
  • 4 Underused Data Points For Conversion Optimization

    Most of the time when we conversion optimizers talk shop, we look at one all-important number: the conversion rate. This makes sense. After all, the goal of a conversion optimizers is to…say it with me…optimize for conversions! But in reality, conversion optimizers look at lots of data. Our world is full of numbers, percentages, decimal points, pie charts, line graphs, and ...

    Jeremy Smith/ Marketing Land- 34 readers -
  • What’s Your Marketing Success Metric?

    What is your key performance indicator for success? Presumably, success is some combination of revenue, conversion rate, traffic, engagement, and/or leads. There’s probably a logical relationship between what you do and your success metric, but does your success mean your colleagues’ failure? Is your success aligned with the overall business’ success? For a company to succe ...

    Benny Blum/ Marketing Land- 29 readers -
  • What You Didn’t Know About Geographic Targeting In Email

    Consumers are inundated with emails — and as inboxes grow crowded, clicks and engagement decline. This makes personalization more important than ever. Yet most traditional email marketing campaigns fall short due to lack of personalization. We need to go beyond simple demographics, behaviors and purchase history when tailoring email campaigns.

    Jason Warnock/ Marketing Landin EMail- 27 readers -
  • How To Shape Your Personal Brand Attitude

    When you develop your personal brand, you need to watch your attitude. I don’t mean this in the “shame on you” sense. I’m referring to the unique attitude that you create when you develop a personal brand. Your attitude is one of the most essential components of your personal brand. Here’s how to shape it.

    Neil Patel/ Marketing Landin How To's- 12 readers -
  • 9 Ways To Use Urgency Psychology To Improve Conversions

    Sometimes, the best marketing moves are those rooted deep within human psychology. In fact, the greatest marketers are those who have the most in-depth knowledge of how the brain works. One of the key features of the human brain involves urgency. In this article, I’m going to share how using this powerful principle can remarkably increase your conversions.

    Neil Patel/ Marketing Land- 28 readers -
  • Powered By Technology, The CMO Role Grows Up

    Growing up is painful. It is not a simple process. Sometimes it’s easier to avoid maturation and stay right where you are instead. Many times, we crave the privileges of maturity without wanting to change what we are doing. Just ask my 9-year-old son, who declines taking on any added responsibility but really likes the privileges that come with growing up.

    Marketing Land- 20 readers -
  • 5 New Year’s Resolutions To Get The Most From Your Data

    Join Cardinal Path's Dave Booth, the 2014 Digital Analytics Association Practitioner of the Year, and learn how the pros use Google Analytics' segments to identify different user groups and uncover huge insights that will drive your business. In just one hour you'll learn: -How to define user segments and the scope of those segments (users vs. session ...

    David Booth/ Marketing Land- 11 readers -
  • 5 Key Mobile Marketing Trends For 2015

    As we kick off another new year, it’s helpful for marketers to look backward and forward as they set their blueprint for the next twelve months. On the mobile front, this year had a number of important milestones. eMarketer predicted that smartphone usage worldwide would grow 25% in 2014, with the number of people that own and use smartphones hitting 1.76 billion by the end of the year.

    Aaron Strout/ Marketing Landin SEO Mobile- 35 readers -
  • Will Advertising Work On Wearables?

    It’s still to early to make any definitive pronouncements about wearables and smartwatches, beyond the fact the category is probably here to stay. But like any new market there’s a frenzy of activity in the category, with several smartwatch announcements happening around CES – ahead of the anticipated rollout of the Apple Watch early this year.

    Greg Sterling/ Marketing Land- 14 readers -
  • Yahoo’s Big Mobile Ad Play Is Coming

    It’s no secret Yahoo has been setting its sites on mobile. The company, under Marissa Mayer’s leadership, has been taking steps to build up its mobile capabilities and began reporting on mobile ad revenues separately in Q3 2014. The Information now reports that the company has been beefing up its mobile ads team and will announce an overhaul of its mobile ad products at a dev ...

    Ginny Marvin/ Marketing Land- 24 readers -
  • 8 Ways Your Home Page Is Like A Multiple Choice Test

    My daughter is planning for college. It’s her last semester of high school. Among the key drivers of her choice are her scores on the SAT and ACT. These are two aptitude tests that will, in part, determine two things: Her ability to answer multiple-choice questions. Her ability to get into certain colleges.

    Brian Massey/ Marketing Land- 16 readers -
  • Meet The New Twitter Analytics Tools (From Twitter!)

    Twitter caused quite the stir a few months back when it opened up its analytics dashboard to all users. For hardcore tweeters, Twitter Analytics offers a tantalizing glimpse at data we’ve been dreaming about getting our hands on for eight long years. On the surface, Twitter Analytics is a solid move in the right direction.

    Larry Kim/ Marketing Landin Social Twitter- 26 readers -
  • Twitter Suffers Outage; Who Will Hear Our Complaints?

    Twitter is experiencing a significant outage tonight. Since about about 8 p.m. Eastern time, many users’ timelines haven’t been updating on the web and mobile apps. Twitter posted an update just before 9 p.m. on its status blog: We are currently experience an issue with tweeting and a delay in timelines. Our engineers are currently working on this issue.

    Martin Beck/ Marketing Landin Social Twitter- 6 readers -
  • Live Blog: The #CES2015 Panel On Native Advertising

    Live from the massive Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas it’s … a panel on native advertising? That’s right, because CES isn’t just for gadgets, anymore. The show’s content related to marketing has grown substantially this year, including today’s panel on native advertising. The session — “Native Advertising: Digital Advertising Industry Innovates” — includes the followi ...

    Danny Sullivan/ Marketing Land- 26 readers -
  • Live Blog: The #CES2015 Panel On Video Advertising

    The days of video ads being equal to TV ads are long gone. Today, video ads play on TV, in web browsers, within tweets, on Facebook, Instagram and even appear then disappear on Snapchat. So what’s your cross platform strategy? Perhaps some answers will come from a special CES session being held today — “Video Intelligence: Strategizing Cross Platform Advertising.

    Danny Sullivan/ Marketing Land- 26 readers -
  • Live Blog: #CES2015 Talk By Google’s VP Of Video Ads Neal Mohan

    What should brands be doing with video to gain engagement and consumer attention? Google has a few thoughts, which it’s sharing in a talk at CES today. The talk is by Neal Mohan, Vice President of Display and Video Advertising Products, Google. While “display” is there in his title, his talk looks to be focused only on video, judging by the description: In a climate where co ...

    Danny Sullivan/ Marketing Land- 42 readers -
  • MarTech San Francisco 2015 Rates Increase Next Week

    Join the MarTech Conference community shaping the future of technology-powered marketing… and marketing management. Don’t miss this year’s only North American edition of MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference, March 31 – April 1 in San Francisco. You save $400 by registering before the lowest rates expire next week.

    Marketing Land- 13 readers -
  • Marc Poirier Appointed Acquisio CEO & President

    Digital marketing software provider Acquisio has named Marc Poirier CEO and President. Formerly serving as the company’s co-founder and executive vice president, Poirier’s appointment follows the departure of Acquisio’s former president Martin Le Sauter. “In 2008, we hired Martin because I felt at the time I didn’t have the experience required to raise all the investment mo ...

    Amy Gesenhues/ Marketing Land- 7 readers -
  • Survey: 65% Of Marketers Plan To Spend More On Marketing Technology In 2015

    In an attempt to better understand how marketers plan to succeed during the coming year, web presence management firm Conductor surveyed 182 B2B, B2C and agency marketing executives on four core marketing areas: technology, data, content research and cross-department support. The survey revealed 65 percent of the survey participants plan on investing more in marketing techno ...

    Amy Gesenhues/ Marketing Land- 12 readers -
  • How Email Marketers Can Prepare For Inbox By Google

    In late 2014, Google announced “Inbox by Google,” update to the nearly ten-year-old Gmail interface that is essentially a re-imagined email client for Gmail, but focused on helping people manage their busy lives. The effort takes the best ideas from products like Google Now and Gmail as well as from upstart email apps like Mailbox.

    Tom Sather/ Marketing Landin EMail Google How To's- 21 readers -
  • What Google’s New Inbox Means For Marketers

    With more than half of all emails now opened on mobile devices, it’s not surprising that Google has designed an app to better fit the mobile email experience. Whether used on a desktop computer, smartphone or tablet, Google’s recently launched Inbox is designed to make organizing email easier by grouping messages by category, offering pre-header previews and allowing customi ...

    Marketing Landin EMail- 6 readers -
  • Why I’m Bullish On Content Creators In 2015

    Since I began my career in digital media more than 13 years ago, the way publishers generate revenue has changed significantly. Not long ago, content was created by writers and paid for either by subscription, advertising sales or some combination of the two methods. Not everyone’s content could make it to a publisher, allowing only the best content to make it to print.

    Rob Rasko/ Marketing Landin Display Content- 18 readers -
  • Debunking The Myths Of B2B Display Advertising

    Historically, marketers have had a love/hate relationship with display advertising. Especially for B2B marketers, the margins on display advertising have seemed unimpressive. B2B marketers often look at the campaigns run by their B2C counterparts and either try to mimic them (with disappointing results) or deem them irrelevant and avoid them completely.

    Rachel Balik/ Marketing Landin Display- 24 readers -
  • B2B Content Marketers: Market Your Content But Focus On Value

    Any marketer’s goal is to reach the right decision-maker with the right message at the right time. If you’re a business-to-business (B2B) marketer, these decision-makers are usually part of the C-suite, and they have a very specific set of needs that you’ll have to address through content, and through certain types of content.

    Jim Yu/ Marketing Landin Content- 15 readers -
  • Retailers Using Product Videos Report Much Higher AOV, Conversion Rates

    Retailers that incorporate product video on their sites to inform consumers report higher average order values and conversion rates according to a survey of Liveclicker’s customers using its VideoCommerce product which powers product video distribution and analytics for e-commerce firms. The survey included large retailers Best Buy, Newegg, OnlineShoes and Under Armour.

    Ginny Marvin/ Marketing Land- 16 readers -
  • Report: iPhone 6 Drives Share Gains Across Most Global Markets

    A new report from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech shows meaningful iPhone sales gains across most major global markets. According to the data, market share for the Apple phone grew across all countries surveyed except in Japan. The growth was clearly triggered by the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. The following Kantar chart compares sales data by operating system for the September – Novembe ...

    Greg Sterling/ Marketing Landin Twitter- 14 readers -
  • Twitter Returns Bing Translator To TweetDeck

    Twitter on-again-off-again relationship with Bing Translator is on again. The company recently returned the feature to TweetDeck, giving users the ability to read quick (albeit inexact) translations of tweets in foreign languages. That’s especially useful during international news events such as today’s terrorist attack in Paris and plays into Twitter’s ambitions to be a global public square.

    Martin Beck/ Marketing Landin Social Twitter- 13 readers -
  • Google, Samsung Make Top Brands List For Video Advertising

    Google and Samsung are among the best brands in the crowded and competitive field of video advertising. Those two companies are among the twenty to make the annual Ace Metrix Brands of the Year list, which is based on the video analytics firm’s “Ace Score” mesasurements. The full list of top brands covers a wide range of categories from Apparel and Beer to Insurance and Rest ...

    Matt Mcgee/ Marketing Landin SEO Google Twitter- 20 readers -
  • Facebook Shares More Evidence That Facebook Video Is Really Big

    By now there’s no doubt that Facebook is a major player in the online video world. Every day Facebook users watch more than a billion clips on the social network. There’s evidence that Facebook is closing in on YouTube as the No. 1 place for marketers to post their videos. In October, comScore reported that on desktop Facebook has surpassed Google’s platform in monthly video views.

    Martin Beck/ Marketing Landin Social Facebook Twitter- 27 readers -
  • CES 2015: The Big Trends That Should Matter To Marketers

    In recent years, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has become a tech-industry touchstone – a venue where companies from almost every corner of the space look to showcase what they believe will be a true “game-changer.” While the innovativeness and excitement displayed is often met equally with bullishness in terms of how soon a particular technology will be making an impac ...

    Andrew Waber/ Marketing Land- 29 readers -
  • Brands And Retailers: If You Don’t Get Mobile Right Soon, You’re Screwed

    If nothing else holiday 2014 drove home the importance of mobile as a shopping tool. Mobile traffic numbers and even mobile e-commerce sales beat expectations, according to data from multiple sources. As one example, IBM reported the following US holiday traffic and sales figures: Mobile traffic: 45 percent of all online traffic for the 2014 holiday season Mobile sales : 22.

    Greg Sterling/ Marketing Land- 15 readers -
  • Microsoft’s IE Sees Mysterious Usage Spike, Overtakes Google Chrome

    Microsoft’s new “Spartan” (code name) browser will reportedly launch with Windows 10, according to several sources. It will add a range of advanced features and may make a clean break with the current Internet Explorer (IE). Rumors and hearsay have indicated the following about the new browser, which may or may not carry the IE brand: It will more closely resemble Chrome and ...

    Greg Sterling/ Marketing Landin Google- 17 readers -
  • Google Making Moves Into US Auto Insurance

    More indications that Google is set to enter the US auto insurance market are popping up. Google launched its comparison shopping site for car insurance, Google Compare, in the UK in 2012, and a US version has long been anticipated. Forrester analyst, Ellen Carney, wrote a blog post this week about several signs that, after delays, the program could finally be launching in t ...

    Ginny Marvin/ Marketing Landin Google- 17 readers -
  • 3 Steps To 2015 Marketing Success For Retail Standouts

    The end of the year often feels like a blur. There’s the frantic November and December push to get campaigns prepped and out the door. Then, when it’s time to celebrate, people are out of the office with friends and family. Now it’s January and you may wonder, “What’s the plan now?” A solid plan for starting the year is especially important as we’re just coming off a robust holiday season.

    Jordan Elkind/ Marketing Landin EMail- 19 readers -
  • Yahoo To Close Down Right Media Exchange

    After folding in Right Media into Yahoo Ad Exchange last year, the company is reportedly sealing off the vestiges of the Right Media Exchange to third parties. AdExchanger reports that sources have told them that “Yahoo is finally shutting down the exchange for all non-Yahoo owned and operated networks and publishers.

    Ginny Marvin/ Marketing Landin Display- 20 readers -
  • When To Deploy A Tag Management Solution: 8 Scenarios

    As you shore up your digital marketing plans for 2015, there are likely many technologies you’re thinking about deploying to generate results. If you’re an active marketer who is struggling to manage an increasing array of solutions and data sources, then tag management should be high on your list.

    Erik Bratt/ Marketing Land- 20 readers -
  • Infographic: The 2015 Marketing Technology Landscape

    Technology continues to be essential to marketing activites, as evidenced by the latest Marketing Technology Landscape, a long-running graphical view of the martech space by Scott Brinker of ChiefMartec and chair of Marketing Land’s MarTech conference happening this March. Below, the latest annual update that Brinker’s done, reflecting a rise of companies in the space from 1, ...

    Marketing Land- 18 readers -

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