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  • [VIDEO] Marketing Land Live #7: April Fools’ gags gone bad, Snapchat 2.0 & more

    Google loves to celebrate April Fools’ Day, but things didn’t go so well this year when a Gmail prank took things too far and caused a loud backlash from many users. That was the lead topic on the most recent edition our weekly live video show, Marketing Land Live. Marketing Land’s Ginny Marvin, Amy Gesenhues and Tim Peterson joined me for a conversation that also covered Sn ...

    Matt Mcgee/ Marketing Land- 25 readers -
  • 10 ways link building has changed over the last 10 years

    Search engine optimization (SEO) is a dynamic digital marketing discipline, and few SEO tactics have evolved as much (or as frequently) as link building. What was once a spam-laden nightmare of link pyramids, spun content, automated spam posts and other gimmicks has changed dramatically, and over the course of the past decade, link building has become more refined and quality-driven.

    Jayson Demers/ Marketing Landin SEO- 29 readers -
  • 10 tips for successful Pinterest advertising

    Pinterest has always been about the sharing and discovery of ideas. It’s also becoming quite the powerful advertising platform to drive performance marketing through the concept of idea discovery. With the 10 tips below, you’ll be ready to take on Pinterest advertising like a true pro. 1. Use one pin per campaign A/B testing of creative (pins) should be done at the campaign level.

    Marketing Land- 19 readers -
  • [VIDEO] Marketing Land Live #10: Who’ll buy Yahoo, 20 years of search & more

    Yahoo’s been sinking for a while now, and things are coming to a head with the news last week that the company accepted bids from potential buyers. What will happen to Yahoo as a whole, and what about its well-known products like Flickr and Yahoo Mail? What will Marissa Mayer’s legacy be? Those are some of the questions we talked about in the latest episode of our weekly vide ...

    Matt Mcgee/ Marketing Land- 19 readers -
  • Snapchat confirms that 10 billion videos are being watched daily

    Still on the fence about Snapchat? The company confirmed to Bloomberg that it is a force to be reckoned with, as users are watching 10 billion videos a day. Snapchat has seen a boom in its video activity due to its “Stories” feature, which enables content creators to share photos and videos of their lives from within the previous 24 hours.

    Marketing Landin Social- 13 readers -
  • Reminder: April 12 webcast – “Mapping the Value of Your Customer’s Experience”

    Customer Journey Mapping can illuminate your customer’s journey and help you identify more meaningful ways to connect at crucial “micro-moments.” On Tuesday, April 12, join Ethology’s strategy experts, Anthony Quiroz and Geoffrey Wilcoxson, as they go beyond “journey mapping” to recognize the many moments and connections customers have with your brand.

    Marketing Land- 25 readers -
  • Content marketing’s echo chamber

    The content marketing industry has a problem. And if it’s not careful, it could go the way of the traditional advertising industry. If you’re reading this, odds are you work in content marketing. You either create content on behalf of clients or develop content in-house. You present content marketing best practices, set strategy and help colleagues or customers become better content marketers.

    Marketing Landin Content- 28 readers -
  • 3 web UX personalization tools for code haters

    With content personalization, marketers and publishers are able to deliver different user experiences to different types of website visitors, based on available data about what interests them. When you segment your traffic according to referrer, pages visited, geolocation and more, you’re able to serve up an immersive user experience that’s tailored for maximum relevance.

    Marketing Land- 24 readers -
  • Sci-fi film and video game studios find the way into the mainstream via social media

    When you think about the persona of a video-gamer or a sci-fi movie buff, you may draw up images of the stereotypical “Star Wars” die-hard, the Trekkie and the video game nerd. However, film and game studios have found that wider audiences have grown increasingly receptive to their content. Using social media analysis, developers, studios and others in the media and entertai ...

    Marketing Landin Social- 24 readers -
  • Why you should be using out-stream video ads

    Digital video ad spend in the US is on the rise, with eMarketer expecting it to reach $9.84 billion and represent 19.6 percent of total digital ad spending this year and reach $16.69 billion by 2020. But as this channel grows to account for 13.3 percent of total digital ad dollars, advertisers are stifled by the limited supply of true pre-roll inventory available in the marketplace.

    Marketing Land- 33 readers -
  • Deliver more value to the inbox: 4 dos and don’ts

    Email offers the best return on investment when compared with every other digital discipline, with 68 percent of marketers surveyed by Econsultancy rating it either “excellent” or “good” at delivering ROI. But far too many brands aren’t seeing that kind of return in the inbox because they’re not taking advantage of everything email has to offer.

    Marketing Landin EMail- 16 readers -
  • Martech: What happens when you’ve been over-served?

    We all know the phrase, “too much of a good thing.” And in reality, too much of a good thing can turn into a bad thing. This can definitely be the case when it comes to marketing technology. Though we may start out with the best of intentions — to automate processes, become more efficient, improve measurement and better target and personalize interactions with both customers ...

    Marketing Land- 11 readers -
  • Social’s role in SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud)

    For those of you unaware of the acronym, SMAC stands for Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud. In my last post, I discussed the importance of SMAC in marketing today and why I think it’s the foundation for business success in 2016. Although together the four areas integrated are a powerful force, alone each has its own significant role to play.

    Andy Lombard/ Marketing Landin Social- 12 readers -
  • The ideal Facebook advertising structure: single objective

    There are multiple ways you can structure a Facebook advertising account. What I’d like to share today is a tried-and-true method I’ve honed over the years. It’s a structure that we follow 100 percent of the time for our clients. At its core, it’s simple and logical, yet it is not how most advertisers are structuring their accounts on Facebook.

    Marketing Landin Social Facebook- 15 readers -
  • 5 customer-centric metrics to implement today

    Retailers are progressively striving toward customer-centricity, a strategy in which companies seek to maximize financial value by focusing on the needs of their most valuable customers. While in theory, this sounds like every marketer’s dream, in practice, the nightmare of implementation stops many would-be customer-centric companies from becoming truly customer-centric.

    Jordan Elkind/ Marketing Land- 22 readers -
  • The future of digital advertising: Ads that look back

    We’re all familiar with traditional billboards and Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) screens in locations ranging from New York’s Times Square to your local shopping mall, transit stations, airports or anywhere people gather. We’ve all watched the images change and seen video-based advertisements play on them, but did you know that in more and more locations, these screens are look ...

    Alan K'necht/ Marketing Landin Display- 19 readers -
  • Data-driven storytelling: the intersection of numbers and narrative

    Storytelling is a fundamentally important marketing discipline. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most overused buzzwords in our industry. Pundits use “storytelling” to refer to everything from anecdotes and case studies to persona-based marketing. To find a storytelling model that actually refers to the science of creating stories, marketers should consider a model base ...

    Marketing Landin Content- 13 readers -
  • How to beat the competiton in share of voice & share of market

    Understanding the competitive landscape and your competitors’ positioning and strategy has become a prerequisite to modern-day digital marketing success. However, many marketers do not set competitive benchmarks before implementing digital strategies. Brands that do not understand how their digital campaigns — and their competitors’ activities — stack up in the market are lo ...

    Jim Yu/ Marketing Landin SEO How To's- 16 readers -
  • Brick-and-mortar revitalizing omnichannel success

    Many people originally believed the rise of the internet would result in the extinction of brick-and-mortar shopping. The rationale was that retail locations could never compete with the ease and convenience of going online to buy and the ability to find “anything” and have it shipped to your doorstep. The same logic might have even been applied to the mail order catalog business.

    Marketing Land- 14 readers -
  • Three ways to foster brand devotion in the Age of the Customer

    Brands have long relied on loyalty programs to build customer devotion. Rewards programs designed to motivate shoppers to purchase more frequently have grown in membership year after year: a Colloquy survey found that US loyalty programs reached 3.3 billion members in 2014 — a 26-percent increase over just two years — and the average household belongs to 29 loyalty programs.

    Marketing Landin Display- 16 readers -
  • Want consumers to be more loyal? Be more social.

    With all the information and technology available today, the power has shifted from the brand to the consumer. Your consumer has the power to turn your brand off or on, to listen or to watch, to act and learn more or ignore. So how do you make sure consumers always choose you? Many brands are finding success by building loyalty programs around a product or service.

    Marketing Landin Social- 27 readers -
  • April Fools’ Day 2016: Google gets the ball rolling with Flick keyboard, Gmail mic drop & more

    Google 日本語入力チームからの新しいご提案です。 今回私たちが注目したのは、スマートフォンで文字を入力するためのフリック入力です。私たちは、フリック入力とパソコンのキーボードの両方の良い点を、誰でもどこにいても使えるようにしたいという思いから研究を重ね、新たなデバイスを開発しました。 フリック入力に「ふれるよろこび」をプラスした、Google 日本語入力物理フリックバージョンです。 詳しくは Google Japan ブログと製品ページをご覧ください。 Google Japan ブログ:h ...

    Amy Gesenhues/ Marketing Landin Google- 18 readers -
  • Using conversion lift reporting: Best practices

    Performance marketing is all about driving value and efficiency. The most successful marketers start with a solid strategy, and then use careful measurement and optimization to drive the highest returns possible. This approach relies on good data and robust measurement systems. When these break down, marketers lose visibility into the performance of their investment and leav ...

    Marketing Land- 9 readers -
  • How to enhance your Google Knowledge Graph result (case study)

    As Google continues to expand and roll out more Knowledge Graph results, we are now seeing opportunities to enhance the information within the Knowledge Graph panels. In February, Google started to allow official site representatives to edit/suggest changes to their Knowledge Graph panels. Here is an example of the message that appears to an official site representative whe ...

    Marketing Landin SEO Google How To's- 18 readers -
  • How to tailor your app display ads to targeted segments

    Segmentation is picking up steam as one of the biggest digital marketing buzzwords of 2016, and it’s proven to be highly effective in smart brands’ creative strategies. In this post, we’ll take a look at some tenets — and good examples — of putting segmentation to work in your app ad creatives. First, we’ll dive into some of the distinguishing factors in app creatives.

    Marketing Land- 12 readers -
  • Top Twitter accounts run up against the 140-character limit

    Twitter has decided not to extend tweet lengths beyond the current 140-character limit. But would it matter if it did? To peek at how long tweets typically are, Marketing Land looked at 300 of the most popular brand, celebrity and media Twitter accounts, as listed by social analytics firm Socialbakers.

    Marketing Landin Social Twitter- 13 readers -
  • All digital growth now coming from mobile usage — comScore

    A new report from comScore uses a vertiable mountain of data to expose and explain the multi-platform state of internet user behavior. However it equally makes clear that mobile is now the growth driver, while the desktop is rapidly becoming a “secondary touchpoint” for a large percentage of the US digital audience. The report, entitled 2016 U.S.

    Greg Sterling/ Marketing Land- 27 readers -
  • Tag management systems and DMPs — a match made in heaven?

    If you’ve been in marketing long enough, you’re probably familiar with John Wanamaker’s famous quote: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted. The trouble is, I don’t know which half.” Many marketers would say that statement holds just as true today as it did in 1874. But the digital ecosystem offers up challenges Wanamaker, considered the father of modern marketing ...

    Marketing Land- 10 readers -
  • Why you need to embrace delegation

    Over the course of my career, I’ve made great efforts to hone my paid search and client relation skills. Not only do I strive to do great work, but I also want to be seen as knowledgeable and confident by my clients. I bring up this drive for outward success because internally, I’ve struggled with something that can play a huge factor when delivering results: delegation.

    Matt Umbro/ Marketing Land- 14 readers -
  • Does Google stand a chance against Facebook in mobile display?

    It’s no secret Facebook has been steadily building up its ad technology — directly challenging Google. These moves, coupled with the introduction of native ad formats that appear throughout Facebook’s mobile newsfeeds have propelled it past Google to become the leading seller of display advertising worldwide. The speed at which Facebook’s mobile ad offerings took off surprised analysts.

    Ginny Marvin/ Marketing Landin Social Google Facebook- 29 readers -
  • Kik opens Bot Shop to encourage more fun and engaging chat

    Kik has announced a third party development platform with the launch of its Bot Shop. Just as the name implies, the objective of the Bot Shop is to enable any developer to create engaging services via a bot that is exclusive to the Kik platform. There are three categories for launch: entertaining, games and lifestyle.

    Marketing Landin Social- 8 readers -
  • Publishers, embrace the rise of real-time social storytelling

    There’s been a great deal of discussion about the future of the publishing world lately. I’m constantly reading articles with questions like, “What implications does Facebook Instant Articles or Apple News hold for publishers?” “Are traditional publishers going extinct?” and “How can publishers survive in this digital first world?” I’m here to put these questions to rest.

    Marketing Landin Social Content- 15 readers -
  • MarTech Landscape: What is a demand-side platform (DSP)

    Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs) are used by digital advertising buyers – advertisers, agencies, ad networks — to help them manage programmatic ad buying across ad exchanges. In this installment of Marketing Land’s MarTech Landscape Series, we explain what DSPs are and why ad buyers use them. What do demand-side platforms do? DSPs are the flip side of supply-side platforms, which ...

    Ginny Marvin/ Marketing Land- 23 readers -
  • Streaming social: What marketers can learn from Netflix’s social strategy

    Television is changing right before our eyes. Cord cutting, video on demand and the lack of commercial interruption have fundamentally shifted how we watch our favorite shows. But one of the biggest shifts in the media industry over the past few years has been binge-watching. Up until a few years ago, the term “binge-watching” was barely even on our radar.

    Marketing Landin Social- 17 readers -
  • Merger of Experticity and ReadyPulse combines offline and online influencers

    Some of the products promoted by ReadyPulse’s influencers. Experticity is an influencer network that finds and supports offline advocates in brick-and-mortar stores and in the field, like a ski resort. ReadyPulse is a platform that emphasizes online influencers, helping brands connect with their advocates. Today, the two companies are announcing their merger.

    Marketing Landin Blogging- 16 readers -
  • Amazon expands Pay with Amazon through new Global Partner Program

    Amazon has announced a Global Partner Program, which seeks to expand the reach of its payments service. As a practical matter it makes a streamlined “Pay with Amazon” expedited log-in/checkout more widely available to a broader array of small merchants. Consumers will be able to pay with credit cards stored in their Amazon accounts on third party websites and mobile apps.

    Greg Sterling/ Marketing Land- 12 readers -
  • 6 remarkably effective ways to get higher conversions on your mobile site

    Get it on the Apple App Store: Web-site: ShowInRoom app creates a virtual showroom in your apartment or office. You have a variety of choices literally in your hands - in a convenient mobile format, and still you can preview the furniture in your room.

    Marketing Land- 23 readers -
  • Twitter will sell one-third of ads in NFL Thursday game streams

    There’s a “Rudy” analogy in the news that Twitter has won the exclusive rights to stream 10 of the NFL’s Thursday Night Football games globally during the upcoming season. While Facebook, Amazon and Verizon were reported as the frontrunners for the digital live-streaming rights — at least until Facebook dropped out last week — Twitter was typically left on the sidelines. It shouldn’t have been.

    Marketing Landin Social Twitter- 16 readers -
  • Marketers mustn’t be afraid to click on ads

    There is a lot of chatter in our industry about the negative effects of ad blocking. And while ad blockers present a serious concern for our industry, would it hurt to consider, on a lighthearted note, that one shouldn’t be afraid to click on ads? I plan to click on more ads going forward, and in support of our industry, I’m encouraging my friends to do the same.

    Rob Rasko/ Marketing Landin Display- 18 readers -
  • Marketing technologists: Here are eight steps to boost your info security

    Like centaurs, marketing technologists are merged creatures — part marketing, part IT. As such, says Chief Technology Officer Sheldon Monteiro of digital marketing agency SapientNitro, they are central figures in helping marketing merge its needs with the requirements of information security. Monteiro, along with Publicis Groupe Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Tho ...

    Marketing Land- 11 readers -
  • Virtual vs. augmented reality and Apple Watch for your face

    Google Glass was probably about five years ahead of its time. Beyond the fact that it was priced incorrectly and looked goofy, use cases hadn’t yet been developed or established in the culture. It was an example of novelty without much utility. However Google Glass 2.0 is in the works. And by the time it’s released there may be a set of Augmented Reality use cases that prove ...

    Greg Sterling/ Marketing Landin Facebook- 21 readers -
  • Medium wants to be publishers’ digital printing press too

    Medium has laid out the welcome mat for publishers who are increasingly cool with hosting their content on others’ properties so long as they get paid in the process. On Tuesday the almost four-year-old blogging platform created by Blogger and Twitter co-founder Evan Williams announced a new set of tools for publishers looking to abandon their online homes and lease some space on Medium.

    Marketing Landin Content- 14 readers -
  • UK users can now buy Pinterest ads

    Pinterest’s ad marketplace is expanding its borders. The Wall Street Journal reports today that Pinterest is opening its advertising platform overseas, enabling those in the United Kingdom to utilize its self-service platform to purchase ads for the millions of UK users the image sharing social network serves.

    Marketing Landin Social- 7 readers -
  • Segment adds more data sources besides apps and sites to its hub

    When it began in 2012, Segment (formerly had one purpose in life: take data from mobile apps and web sites, and make them easily and consistently available through its hub to a handful of analytics tools, like Mixpanel, Hubspot, and Google Analytics. You could visualize it as a tree, CEO and eo-founder Peter Reinhardt told me.

    Marketing Land- 13 readers -
  • How to win on Amazon: Tips for successful keyword strategies

    Amazon is not only one of the top digital shopping destinations, but it also has become a major search engine for product-related searches. In a previous Marketing Land article titled, “The Future of Search for CPG Companies,” I discussed the shift in consumer behavior regarding product-level search, making Amazon the product search engine of choice for many consumers.

    Benjamin Spiegel/ Marketing Landin How To's- 17 readers -
  • The road map to personalization

    We hear it all the time: Marketing must be personalized to drive engagement and keep people engaged. True. But what does that really mean, and how do you get there? At its most basic level, personalization is a message whose content is tailored to the stated or implied needs or interests of the recipient. Personalization is made up of two components: data and content.

    Marketing Landin EMail- 26 readers -
  • Understanding intent through voice search

    Bing and Google are looking at the future of search, and both are seeing a future that involves search engines as the intelligence platform powering digital assistance with daily life — personalized help that enables people to get more done efficiently and spend real time focused on what they care about most.

    Marketing Land- 18 readers -
  • What they don’t tell you about SEO

    SEO is tough. I’ve worked oncountlessprojects where the company has seriously underestimated the resources needed foran SEO campaign. More often than not, they’ve read a case study online where someone has scaled up their organic search traffic from zero and is now bringing in hundreds of thousands of visitors to their website each month.

    Matthew Barby/ Marketing Landin SEO- 12 readers -
    Earlier about the same topic:
  • Facebook Messenger has new ways for brands to meet its 900 million users

    Facebook is priming the pump for brands to go big on Messenger. A week before Facebook is expected to announce ads in its messaging service, the social network is rolling out new ways for brands to get in front of the now 900 million people who use Messenger each month. For starters Messenger is adopting Twitter-like usernames to make it easier for people to find one anothe ...

    Marketing Landin Social Facebook- 26 readers -
  • 4 ways to improve your email marketing production process

    Email marketing teams and email production workflows are incredibly diverse. That’s what we found when we surveyed more than 900 email marketers for our “2016 State of Email Production” report. Most of the report’s findings (email registration required) serve simply to raise questions about whether a brand should consider changing their team composition, planning process, to ...

    Marketing Landin EMail- 10 readers -
  • Report: Google/Alphabet and Verizon mulling Yahoo buyout

    Yahoo is for sale and Bloomberg is reporting that potential first round bidders include Verizon, which had confirmed interest, and Alphabet, Google’s parent. It’s a developing story and there’s no substantive discussion about time frames or prices. Earlier Re/Code posted a story based on leaked access to the “book” (Yahoo financials and metrics) that is being distributed to ...

    Greg Sterling/ Marketing Landin Google- 12 readers -
  • Startup BetterBrand unveils its marketing platform for chat apps

    No communication channel is hotter these days than chat apps, but they are also among the hardest for marketers to tap. To help brands address this opportunity, London-based startup BetterBrand this week announced its initial product, a chat app marketing platform. At the moment, CEO Asaf Amir told me, the platform is available as a managed service, although it will be rele ...

    Marketing Land- 11 readers -
  • Visual analysis of AdWords data: a primer

    Data visualization is one of the most powerful tools available if you want to explore and understand your data, whether it’s on a small scale or at a scale which qualifies it as “big data.” In this post, I wanted to run through some of the fundamental elements of data visualization and illustrate why these concepts start to reveal insight once combined.

    Marketing Landin Paid Search Google- 16 readers -
  • Facebook drops branded content restrictions for publishers

    Advertisers typically pay publishers and social celebrities for branded video or advertorial campaigns based on how many people see that branded content. And Facebook can be a super easy way to get that content in front of a lot of people, especially if a publisher or celebrity can post that paid-for content to their own Facebook pages for free distribution and maximum profit.

    Marketing Landin Social Content Facebook- 16 readers -
  • Taboola will now be packaged with Disqus

    Expect to see Taboola’s “you might also be interested in this” thumbnail images and links in a lot more places. The content discovery platform, which provides links and images to related editorial or sponsored content at the bottom of articles on many popular sites, announced this week it is making its service available to the customers of commenting platform Disqus.

    Marketing Landin Content- 12 readers -
  • Facebook rolling out new mobile search filters on iOS

    Facebook appears to be rolling out a new set of mobile search filters today that let users refine results by date, location and/or source. A search for “wendy’s” this afternoon in Facebook’s iOS app prompted the pop-up alert shown above, encouraging us to “use filters to refine your search results with more precision.

    Matt Mcgee/ Marketing Landin Social Facebook- 12 readers -

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