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  • Top 10 video creators in September: UNILAD holds at No. 1 for 3 months in a row

    Not much changed in Tubular’s top ten line up for the most popular video creators across YouTube, Facebook, Vine and Instagram between August and September. UNILAD, Lad Bible, Tasty and Viral Thread remained in the top four positions, and eight of the top ten video creators from August all made the list in September. Nifty at No. 9 and WorldStar Hip Hop at No. 10 were the only new additions.

    Amy Gesenhues/ Marketing Land- 21 readers -
  • 10 tips for retailers’ Q4 social advertising

    Social advertising in Q4 is expensive. Higher intent to purchase among holiday shoppers means that CPMs and CPCs (costs per thousand and costs per click) skyrocket because advertisers are all vying for those valuable consumer impressions. In social, you will feel these effects even if you’re not a holiday-based business, because good consumers will fall into audience targetin ...

    Marketing Landin Social- 16 readers -
  • 10 reasons why SEO is just like fitness

    SEO industry workers and professional fitness trainers alike can relate to the awkward moment when a client asks for guaranteed results — only to find out that there are absolutely none. That’s disappointing, but unfortunately, it’s true. Neither discipline is free of snake oil salesmen, some of whom nurture unrealistic (or even impossible) promises.

    Marketing Landin SEO- 27 readers -
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  • Keep it simple: 10 digital brand metrics that matter

    “We optimize against over 1,000 variables,” boasted the ad tech CEO just before drinks were served at yet another digital media summit. This was the grandest of many “bigger is better” assertions that were peppered into content throughout the day. “50 attention measures,” “33 engagement metrics,” “517 data sources integrated” — the claims clattered from the stage like heavy rain on a tin roof.

    Peter Minnium/ Marketing Landin Display- 23 readers -
  • 10 skills genius online marketers have

    In the online marketing world, there’s no bell curve. There’s a sharp, exponential growth curve in terms of marketing success. The majority of online marketing tactics, especially those relegated to the inbound field (e.g., content and social media marketing) see a lukewarm return, while a handful of truly exemplary efforts end up going viral.

    Jayson Demers/ Marketing Land- 21 readers -
  • With Google Home looming, Amazon launches 100+ spots in new Alexa ad campaign

    Amazon is making a push to sell more of its Alexa-enabled devices with “Alexa Moments,” a new ad campaign that launched today and will feature more than 100 different spots in rotation over the next few months. The company says the ad campaign was inspired by the “unique, creative ways in which our customers use Alexa every day” — including some of the stories that owners ha ...

    Matt Mcgee/ Marketing Landin Google- 29 readers -
  • Adobe predicts 2016 online holiday sales to reach $91.6B, an 11% YoY increase

    After last year’s record-breaking holiday shopping season, Adobe is forecasting $91.6 billion in online holiday sales – up eleven percent over 2015. While online holiday sales are expected to increase, Adobe says the overall growth rate for 2016 will be slower than last year. According to Adobe’s 2016 Digital Insights Shopping Predictions, Cyber Monday is expected to bring in $3.

    Amy Gesenhues/ Marketing Land- 17 readers -
  • After 4 months & 125M+ pages indexed, where are we with AMP?

    From left to right: Googler Adam Greenberg, Condé Nast’s John Shehata, Vox Media’s Elite Truong, and Search Engine Land’s Danny Sullivan. Googler Adam Greenberg, who creates global partnerships with the AMP Project, kicked off the “Getting AMPed” session at last week’s SMX East 2016 with a look at AMP from Google’s perspective.

    Kristi Kellogg/ Marketing Landin Google- 20 readers -
  • Pinterest’s monthly user base hits 150 million people, up 50% from last year

    Pinterest isn’t done growing, but it still has a ways to go. On Thursday the social network slash search engine announced that 150 million people use its platform every month — including 70 million in the U.S. — up last year’s 100 million mark. The 50% monthly user base increase is a good sign for Pinterest as it tries to attract more and varied advertisers beyond the “tens ...

    Marketing Landin Social- 18 readers -
  • Don’t overlook your current customers with your ABM strategy

    Account-based marketing is the new black for B2B marketers, who are leveraging the strategy at nearly every stage of the buying cycle to attract and engage targeted prospects. It’s an effective way to grow sales and speed up the cycle using data from both first- and third-party sources. However, B2B marketers are missing a huge opportunity with ABM: retaining, engaging and u ...

    Marketing Land- 25 readers -
  • Marketing automation tools compared: GetResponse, Marketo and HubSpot

    Due to the realities of today’s marketing environment — namely, content overload, multiple platforms and non-linear sales funnels — it’s no question that marketing automation tools can be incredibly helpful to modern-day businesses. By managing and streamlining data across multiple channels, businesses can keep their marketing strategies organized and running efficiently.

    Marketing Land- 35 readers -
  • How to get more mileage out of the content you create

    Content marketing isn’t easy. It requires time and resources that are often in short supply. Thus, when your brand finds a narrative that resonates with your target audience, it’s vital that you make the most of it. Think of your content as a buffalo. (No, really. Stay with me here.) As you no doubt learned in school, hunting was a vital part to our survival.

    Marketing Landin Content How To's- 16 readers -
  • 7 marketing gimmicks that could damage your brand

    What’s the difference between a gimmick and a strategy? Honestly, not much. The difference is semantic, and I’m not here to argue about the differences. I’m here to argue that some marketing tactics rely on carefully thought-out strategies that guide users to your brand and help them make informed buying decisions, and others are meant to elicit knee-jerk reactions.

    Marketing Land- 13 readers -
  • Social CMO to social CMI: the insight-driven evolution in the enterprise

    Earlier this year, we discussed the importance of leveraging social data to impact your organization’s marketing efforts. We focused on the importance of having a data-driven chief marketing officer (CMO) gathering data from social platforms, extracting actionable insights from them and proving to other C-levels how useful social data can be.

    Marketing Landin Social- 12 readers -
  • There’s a silent killer in your sales pipeline. Do you know how to stop it?

    Your sales pipeline is in danger. Whether you know it or not, there’s something lurking in the shadows that threatens to bring the whole thing down — one lost deal at a time. It’s something your team can’t possibly face alone, no matter how much marketing, nurturing or social selling you hurl at it. Its name is F-E-A-R, and your customers are deep in the throes of it.

    Marketing Landin How To's- 14 readers -
  • What you need to know about the state of mobile advertising

    In my last column, “10 Mobile Statistics Marketers Will Love,” I called out the explosive growth of mobile usage. Of particular note is the fact that there will somewhere around two billion mobile users in the world this year. Considering the fact that a little over one-third of the world’s 7.3 billion inhabitants are either under the age of 14 (26 percent) or over the age o ...

    Aaron Strout/ Marketing Landin Mobile How To's- 22 readers -
  • Why building relevant ads in a cookie-free world comes down to context

    Targeted ads work. If the rise of digital has taught marketers anything, it’s that advertising must be highly relevant to achieve any kind of cut-through, but there is one proviso: consumers are willing to accept targeted ads­­ only if they do not intrude on their privacy. According to a Millward Brown survey exploring video — the ad format of the moment — 41 percent of resp ...

    Marketing Landin Display- 20 readers -
  • Navigating the new waters of live content

    Following in the footsteps of Snapchat, Facebook Live and Periscope, Instagram in August released its own version of live content sharing in the form of “Stories.” The feature functions suspiciously like Snapchat, with content that displays to your followers for 10 seconds at a time and disappears after 24 hours.

    Marketing Landin Social Content Facebook- 15 readers -
  • Why marketers must be data-driven

    In today’s highly competitive digital economy, the result that counts is revenue, and the only way to ensure your marketing team delivers that result is through data-driven marketing. This may seem simple, but many B2B marketers face a data dilemma: either they lack the data they need to make effective business decisions or they lack confidence in the data they do have.

    Marketing Land- 24 readers -
  • Tackling social media myths

    As communications professionals, regardless of our discipline, we can probably all agree that our industry experiences near-constant change. Daily updates to communications and metrics tools, and changes in how and where consumers react to our communications, are now the norm. Just look at social media.

    Marketing Landin Social- 21 readers -
  • The martech lowdown: 2016 trends in review and a look at our bright future

    Reviewing advances and setbacks in the marketing technology and ad tech industries in any given year is like watching a NASCAR race: There are drivers who push the limits and either succeed or fail and others who can’t quite get out of the starting gate. But some things remain constant each year: Technology gets smarter, and marketers, digital enthusiasts and consumers get m ...

    James Green/ Marketing Land- 18 readers -
  • What you didn’t know about recent Quality Score changes

    Google is making a small change to how it reports AdWords Quality Score (QS) on October 10. While Ad Rank and the auction aren’t changing, advertisers using a tool or script to track QS may need to update their automations. I’ve updated Optmyzr’s (my company) free AdWords Script that calculates account-level QS to be compatible with the change in reporting, so grab a copy of ...

    Frederick Vallaeys/ Marketing Landin Google- 18 readers -
  • How Pinterest is cracking the social commerce code

    When it comes to broad brand awareness, the value of social media advertising is clear. But why have channels struggled to keep users on their platforms for a direct purchase? Despite the massive reach, engaging content and success of social advertising, in-channel purchasing has been a bit of a hurdle for marketers and advertisers alike.

    Marketing Landin Social How To's- 33 readers -
  • The ins, outs and industry effects of Apple’s Limit Ad Tracking changes

    Apple’s iOS 10 update was a huge shot across the bow in the mobile advertising world. Apple rolled out search ads in the iOS App Store to all US users, but another updated feature has put search ads in perspective as part of a bigger plan and has simultaneously sent ripples through the rest of the industry. What are we talking about? “Limit Ad Tracking,” or “LAT” for short.

    Marketing Landin Display- 24 readers -
  • How to find the email personalization sweet spot

    Personalizing messages through targeted email marketing creates value in customer communications, but sometimes brands can get too personal. Finding the right balance when sending personalized messages to recipients can be tricky. But understanding purchase behavior, knowing when to withhold information and looking beyond opens and clicks will help marketers find that sweet spot.

    Marketing Landin EMail How To's- 19 readers -
  • The myth of the duplicate content penalty

    Many people are more afraid of duplicate content than they are of spammy links. There are so many myths around duplicate content that people actually think it causes a penalty and that their pages will compete against each other and hurt their website. I see forum posts, Reddit threads, technical audits, tools, and even SEO news websites publishing articles that show people ...

    Marketing Landin SEO Content- 13 readers -
  • Prepping SEO for 2017: it’s all about the ROI

    Fall is in the air, and that can only mean one thing for most digital marketers: budget season. The approaching fourth quarter is often the time when companies begin the budget and planning process for the next fiscal year. And it seems that ROI, while always considered a top priority, has renewed importance now.

    Janet Driscoll Miller/ Marketing Landin SEO- 23 readers -
  • Which came first, the mobile app or the audience?

    Budgets continue to shift from print to digital and from desktop to mobile. One of the hallmarks of this movement is that now more than ever, anyone with an audience or the ability to create one is a publisher, holding the keys to targeted potential buyers. Culturally, we’ve seen a shift from broad-stroke messages with a one-size-fits-all appeal to more segmented targeting a ...

    Rob Rasko/ Marketing Land- 18 readers -
  • Authority & link building with real-time Penguin

    So it happened. Google finally released Penguin 4.0 — the last Penguin update of its kind, as it now processes in real time as a part of Google’s core ranking algorithm. In this post, I want to take a look at what Penguin is, how this update affects the SEO community as a whole and how the brave and the bold can continue to safely improve their organic visibility without fea ...

    Marketing Landin SEO Google- 28 readers -
  • Tracking the confusing reality of the cross-social experience

    I found out about comedian Mike Birbiglia’s movie, “Don’t Think Twice,” on Twitter. Someone else had tweeted about how Questlove, the drummer for The Roots, had posted a great review of the movie on his Instagram account, so I clicked the tweet to the Instagram post. I didn’t see a trailer for the movie or visit the website before seeing the film.

    Marketing Landin Social- 8 readers -
  • Marketing automation made easy

    Marketing automation, the experts say, is complex. It involves getting segmentation correct, maintaining a clean database and building complex nurture campaigns. Plus, a vast amount of content is needed to make it work. Given that only 25 percent of Fortune 500 B2B companies have adopted marketing automation, it leads one to believe the experts are indeed correct.

    Marketing Land- 19 readers -
  • Demandbase adds AI-powered DemandGraph to generate lists of targeted accounts

    Demandbase makes its living by identifying if a visitor to a client’s website is from a targeted account and, if so, showing them specific content. And it delivers ads to users from targeted accounts, across the web and in walled environments, like Facebook. But which companies should be on the target list? Previously, that list of targeted accounts could be generated via l ...

    Marketing Land- 10 readers -
  • Paid search vs. paid social: how to design the ideal marketing mix

    Having “grown up” in search marketing, I had a strong appreciation for keyword targeting early on. Then, about five years ago, my corporate responsibilities led me to take on social campaigns, and I fell in love instantly. Quite often, I’m asked about which is better for companies, and, with very few exceptions, I’ve found myself giving the same advice: “You absolutely shoul ...

    Marketing Landin Social Paid Search How To's- 24 readers -
  • Google opens the AMP fire hose

    Google’s expansion of Accelerated Mobile Pages across mobile search results is underway, gradually turning the trickle of AMP traffic to a steady flow. The September start of the “blue links” rollout, along with announcements from some high-profile participants in the AMP Project, are advancing the open-source initiative on multiple fronts.

    Marketing Landin Google- 13 readers -
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  • Facebook’s Craigslist-style Marketplace isn’t open to brands, Page owners

    Last year Facebook rolled out Shops, which appears to be the social network’s bid to take on Amazon, and now it’s taking aim at the other end of the e-commerce spectrum: Craigslist. On Monday Facebook debuted Marketplace, a section in its mobile app for people to put items up for sale that other people can buy. Marketplace very much like Craigslist, i.e. very bare bones.

    Marketing Landin Facebook- 11 readers -
  • Activate your audience with a ‘measurement framework’

    For most retailers, simply collecting data on your sites, apps and customers isn’t the challenge. On the contrary, it’s more likely that you’re awash in data and struggling to consistently derive value from it. The challenge of actually activating your data for a competitive advantage is often thought of as a technical problem: If only we had these tools or these features, t ...

    Marketing Land- 34 readers -
  • Criteo set to acquire HookLogic

    Criteo, the performance marketing technology firm that got its start in retargeting, has signed an agreement to acquire HookLogic. Founded in 2004, New York-based HookLogic powers shopping ads on retail sites like Walmart, Best Buy, Target and Macy’s, giving manufacturers and brands a way to feature their products in search results to in-market consumers.

    Ginny Marvin/ Marketing Land- 16 readers -
  • Why 2016 is NOT the year of conversion optimization

    This is the certificate I earned in November 2006 from completing the “Wizards of the Web” course put on by Jeffrey and Bryan Eisenberg at an amazing business school called the Wizard Academy. Who knew this seminar would have an impact on our industry? In their course, they gave UX researcher Jakob Nielsen credit for formulating the first thoughts that guided website optimization.

    Brian Massey/ Marketing Land- 31 readers -
  • Salesforce buys DMP Krux

    Salesforce is continuing its buying spree with today’s announcement that it is buying data management platform (DMP) Krux. Although deal terms were not disclosed, The Wall Street Journal and others are reporting the price tag was around $700 million. The announcement was made Monday, just before today’s opening of Salesforce’s big Dreamforce conference in San Francisco.

    Marketing Land- 13 readers -
  • Marketing Day: #MadeByGoogle hardware event, holiday retail forecast & more

    Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web. How mobile has changed the way we search, based on 10+ years of eye-tracking studiesOct 4, 2016 by Kristi Kellogg How has the rise of mobile changed the way people view Google SERPs? Contributor Kristi Kellogg summarizes a session from SMX East in which ...

    Matt Mcgee/ Marketing Land- 13 readers -
  • So you want to build a #martech marketing stack?

    As the martech landscape continues to grow, marketing companies of all sizes are learning the value of building a great marketing stack. But one mistake that a lot of them make is putting their focus in the wrong place. During this week’s Dreamforce 2016 conference in San Francisco, speakers Scott Brinker of ion interactive — and the MarTech conference chair — and Travis Wri ...

    Matt Mcgee/ Marketing Landin SEO- 14 readers -
  • Take back control of your content

    Are you losing control of your content? If you’re like the majority of marketers, you’re going to produce more content in 2017 – but feel less than confident about your content marketing operations. Join experts Arnie Keunn, CEO at Vertical Measures, and Brian Kavanaugh, U.S. Marketing Strategist at Bynder, as they explain how branding automation can empower your teams to ef ...

    Marketing Landin Paid Search SEO Content- 21 readers -
  • AdSense tweaks the look for text ads again

    Google is testing a new look for text and link ads for AdSense publishers. In a post, Google said, “The new look introduces a minimalist design that brings the focus back on the text content.” The ad ad text is left justified, the entire background is white and the button is offset to the right corner. Publishers will start seeing the new look showing on some impressions.

    Ginny Marvin/ Marketing Landin Display Google- 16 readers -
  • See the complete agenda for MarTech Europe

    Technology-powered marketing, or “modern” marketing, is reshaping organisations’ processes and operations, managerial hierarchies, and enabling us to reinvent the customer journey. Large enterprise websites typically have 75 technologies in their martech stacks, according to a recent study. What’s stunning is that when asked, most marketers believe they are only using 2-3 technologies.

    Scott Brinker/ Marketing Land- 14 readers -
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  • Local SEO now has an organic ROI tracking method

    The ability to track digital efforts to in-store visits can be the single most difficult challenge a local business conquers. Since the beginning of time (local search time), marketers have been working to find opportunities to understand how digital efforts drive in-store visits. The challenge we marketers face is that if we are not paying for advertising, it is difficult t ...

    Marketing Landin SEO- 14 readers -
  • Is your content share-worthy? 4 questions to ask

    Getting your content picked up by heavy-hitter publishers feels like you’ve struck the content marketing jackpot. You rolled the content creation dice in your hot little hand, threw them down the internet’s green felted table and landed the winning combination to rake in shout-outs from high-rolling digital influencers.

    Marketing Landin Social Content- 13 readers -
  • Optimove adds an intelligent agent for self-optimizing marketing campaigns

    Marketing optimization at scale, as visualized on Optimove’s website Micro-segmenting marketing platform Optimove is the latest marketing tool to add an intelligent assistant. The Israeli company, founded in 2009 and headquartered in New York City, has launched Optibot, which it describes as “the marketing industry’s first CRM [customer relationship management] optimization bot.

    Marketing Land- 17 readers -
  • IAB’s first report on VR/AR surveys the terrain for marketers

    A mid-air pickup of Dunkin Donuts coffee in a 360-degree video. From the IAB report. As reality becomes virtual, augmented, and spherical, marketers are eager to get involved. To help set the stage, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) is out with its first report on the subject, “Is Virtual the New Reality?: A Market Snapshot of VR Publishing and Monetization.

    Marketing Landin Google Facebook- 20 readers -
  • 4 tactics to generate quality leads from social media

    Sites like Facebook and Instagram are just for people to browse through family pictures and look at cat videos, right? Because this is how many see these sites, traditional social media marketing efforts have largely focused on using social platforms as branding tools, not lead-gen tools. While this is partly true, it’s not the complete truth.

    Marketing Landin Social- 19 readers -
  • Are fake online reviews killing consumer confidence?

    Ninety percent of shoppers say reviews impact their purchasing decisions. They are as good as gold — when they’re real. There’s just one catch. They’re well aware that retailers buy fake reviews, and they’re suspicious of them. And with good reason. Roughly 16 percent of restaurant reviews on Yelp are fake, according to a 2013 study. And up to 15 percent of all online reviews are fake.

    Marketing Land- 14 readers -
  • Best practices for personalizing content at the local level

    Searchers now use a wide range of devices to shop for nearby products and services, yet it’s a challenge for brands to find consumers online in the “near me” moments that matter. Join our panel of experts, as they provide best practices and insights into how brands can connect with local consumers through more personalized, meaningful website content.

    Marketing Landin Content- 12 readers -

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