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  • Evaluating PPC talent, part 2: The test

    Previously, we discussed how to find good PPC candidates for your particular company, but now it’s time to evaluate those candidates. It comes down to this: You’ve held dozens of interviews with candidates almost impossible to tell apart. They all have similar credentials. They’ve worked in the right industry or environment, have used similar tools to what your paid media te ...

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  • Four ways to spot AdWords account trouble early

    With a constant stream of new capabilities in AdWords, and with the multitude of settings to manage, it can be daunting to stay on top of it all, especially when managing more than one account, or when your job entails more than just doing AdWords. Luckily, there are some simple ways to spot trouble early on and prevent an account disaster. I’ll share some of my favorites here.

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  • The game changer in retail personalization: Consumer identity management

    While many retail marketers are excited about the opportunities technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence will bring in terms of customer engagement and meaningful connections, the reality is that most haven’t even figured out how to tackle truly personalized omnichannel engagement.

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  • 4 easy ways to take social media marketing to the next level

    What brands should be thinking about in the second half of the year to help take their social media marketing to the next level — and create standout digital customer experiences? What many traditional marketers don’t know is that the world of social media marketing is changing rapidly. The ways brands use social to engage with customers are not the same today as they were a year ago.

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  • The 5-step approach to becoming an analytical marketer

    In this age of data-driven marketing, marketers are empowered by analytics as much as they are by creativity. Buyer personas — no longer built in the “set it and forget” way — are constantly evolving to better understand consumer behaviors. Marketers with analytical acumen will be the winners in the personalization game in this new landscape.

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  • Yelp introduces custom (local) audiences for national advertisers

    Roughly two years ago, Yelp phased out its display ad unit for national advertisers. Earlier this week, the company introduced a new data-driven ad product for that same segment: Yelp Local Audiences (YLA). The company is working with LiveRamp to transmit data to DSPs (demand side platforms) and exchanges where anonymous matching finds Yelp users on third-party sites.

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  • Branch now offers its Deep Linked Email solution on a majority of ESPs

    Let’s say you open an email on your phone about a new travel package to Italy. You click on a link in the email, and it takes you right to a screen in the Hipmunk travel app with the specific flight and hotel info. That’s a key scenario for Branch’s Deep Linked Email solution, now available via eight additional Email Service Providers following an announcement this week by t ...

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  • How media companies are creating episodic series for Instagram Stories

    At the same time as Facebook and Snapchat are stocking up on original shows, media companies are independently producing episodic series for Facebook-owned Instagram. Sometime last year, Bustle Editor in Chief Kate Ward saw a tweet from someone asking whether watching Snapchat Stories had replaced TV as a before-bed ritual for anyone else.

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  • 5 Facebook algorithm hacks to up your content marketing game

    Do you feel like Facebook has become an ever-changing circus show and you’re bending over backward trying to learn new content tricks — like being seen on the platform means mustering up some sort of outrageously tricky skill, slipping on some spandex and running around flamboyantly in front of a crowd? And you’re just not that dedicated, nor that nimble, nor that… weird? Not long ago, my org.

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  • The new attribution challenge: Understanding how marketing and sales work together

    Proper attribution is one of the biggest challenges marketers face. I’ve experienced this firsthand in my role as VP of marketing at AdRoll; I’m responsible for reporting on the impact of my team’s marketing efforts and dedicating resources toward the activities that drive the business. Our customers have the same imperative, which is why they invest in assigning credit to t ...

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  • Critical tips for navigating difficult client relationships

    At some point in your PPC career, it’s nearly guaranteed you’ll have to manage a difficult client. Whether it’s an agency, consultancy or in-house relationship, somebody’s bound to be unhappy. Numerous issues will arise that will test your patience, attitude and self-worth. This article will share a few tips regarding how to navigate the choppy waters of managing difficult c ...

    Jeff Baum/ Marketing Landin Paid Search- 16 readers -
  • Storytelling for action: Why brands need to tell a complete story

    The sole predictive factor for the success of Super Bowl ads is the degree to which they tell a complete story. So concluded marketing professors Keith Quesenberry and Michael Coolsen, based on their two-year study published in the “Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice.” While this is a reassuring affirmation of the power of narrative in a marketing setting, it begs the ...

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  • Avoid programmatic fraud with these strategic tips

    It seems as though you can’t read about programmatic these days without the mention of fraud. A recent study commissioned by two WPP media buying agencies estimated that fraudulent traffic could cost digital advertisers upwards of $16.4 billion in 2017 alone. That figure is staggering and rightfully makes the topic of fraud a constant in industry narratives and digital market ...

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  • A brief history of customer loyalty

    As we move closer to 2018, many retailers will try to break through the clutter and grab their portion of the more than $1 trillion being spent by consumers this holiday season. What many of them don’t realize is that much of their success will be predicated on how they handled their relationship with customers over the previous 11 months.

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  • Martech enablement series: Part 5 — The team strategy

    Welcome to Part 5 of: “A Nine Part Practical Guide to Martech Enablement.” This is a progressive guide, with each part building on the prior sections and focused on outlining a process to build a data-driven, technology-driven marketing organization within your company. Below is a list of the previous articles for your reference: As we proceed from here, I really can’t reinf ...

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  • How computer vision may impact the future of marketing

    When people think about computer vision (sometimes called “machine vision”), they often think of smartphones and autonomous cars. Snapchat can give you a puppy dog face thanks to facial recognition (a subset of machine vision). Autonomous cars can identify a human walking across a street. But did you know that machine vision plays a role in future marketing applications as w ...

    Daniel Faggella/ Marketing Land- 16 readers -
  • The holy grail of engagement starts with your employees

    Jack Welch, the legendary former chairman and CEO of General Electric, nailed it when he told the Kansas City Business Journal, “There are only three measurements that tell you nearly everything you need to know about your organization’s overall performance: employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and cash flow.

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  • An email marketer’s top-level guide to DMARC, your best anti-phishing tool

    In the world of email marketing, there are two types of professionals: those who concern themselves with what makes up a good email and those who concern themselves with what makes an email. Both are important and deserve study by anyone who considers themselves to be an expert email marketer. One of the many things every email marketer ought to know are the major players in ...

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  • Live Chat Best Practices for Conversion Rate Optimization

    As many as three-quarters of website visitors abandon their shopping carts, and nearly 50 percent bounce from your site. Wouldn’t it be great if you could read your website visitors’ body language while they are browsing — and better understand which visitors you can profitably engage with and what they need to make those purchases? On September 19, join our e-commerce and c ...

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  • Achieve big testing wins by analyzing results by device type

    For some time now, responsive design has been all the rage — and this trend shows no sign of letting up as the dominant configuration for mobile websites. Responsive design allows us to present a consistent site experience to users regardless of screen size. Because the HTML is the same for all devices, it has the added benefit of also reducing development and maintenance time.

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