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  • A Newbie's Guide to A/B-Testing [Infographic]

    A/B-testing can help you make informed decisions about your marketing strategies and get the most out of your Web traffic. Here's what you need to know to get started. In A/B-testing, you compare two versions of your website to see which one performs better with your target audience, defines Visual Website Optimizer in the following infographic.

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  • What Marketers Need to Know About Yahoo Mail's Birthday Makeover

    History is filled with examples of improved technologies outperforming predecessors—from the typewriter to word processor to computer, or from rotary phone to iPhone 6... That pattern is true among email service providers, too, with Outlook and Gmail overtaking more players such as Yahoo Mail. Yahoo Mail is not going down quietly, however.

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  • Five Global Marketing Must-Haves for the New Year

    Though there is no silver bullet that will ensure your entire global marketing strategy will be successful, if you incorporate these five global marketing musts into your plans, you can be confident that you will see improved financial results as well as happier, more loyal customers. 1. A Dedicated Localization Budget With 95% of potential customers residing outside of the ...

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  • How Americans Search for Jobs in the Digital Age

    One-third of Americans have looked for a new job in the past two years, and 79% of these job seekers used online resources in their most recent search for employment, according to a recent report from the Pew Research Center. The report was based on data from a survey conducted in June 2015 of 2,001 US adults.

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  • What Millennials Expect From You on Social Media

    The big conundrum these days is how marketers and advertisers can actively appeal to the coveted millennial demographic. After all, millennials hold the power; they set trends, spend money, and boost brands. Brands are increasingly finding that it's difficult to keep up with a group whose tastes are constantly in flux. Also, the millennial is notoriously snarky and cynical but not negative.

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  • The Top-Rated Marketing Automation Software Platforms

    What are the top-rated marketing automation products for small businesses, mid-market companies, and large enterprises? To find out, TrustRadius examined 1,647 reviews of 20 leading marketing automation (MA) software platforms posted before Nov 30, 2015 by authenticated customers. MA solutions were defined by the researchers as tools focused on "digital campaign planning, ex ...

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  • Three Ways That Personas Take Your Marketing to the Next Level

    Given the prevalence of marketing and advertising in the everyday lives of consumers, personalization is more important than ever. Consumers have become so numb to "one for all" messaging platforms that when a brand stands out by offering custom content, consumers take note. A recent study from The Content Council found that 90% of shoppers find custom content useful, and 61 ...

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  • Is Commoditization an Issue for You? Here's What You Can Do About It

    Your company sells unique and differentiated products—or at least that's what you think. However, your competitors have been trying to match you or maybe offering similar products at a lower price. You also think your consumers/customers are loyal and won't switch if given an opportunity. Yet, they are much smarter—and are rationalizing purchases more—than ever before.

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  • How Consumers Perceive Native Advertising

    Do consumers believe that native advertising pieces on media websites are written by companies—or journalists? Does the presentation of this type of content change how it is perceived? To find out, two researchers, Chris Jay Hoofnagle and Eduard Meleshinsky, showed a simulated blog page containing three articles to 598 consumers.

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  • Mapping a Mobile App User's Journey From Discovery to Purchase [Infographic]

    Check out these stats to better understand mobile users' behavior and to establish a strong path to conversion. A total of 52% of consumers discover apps via their friends, family, and colleagues, according to the following Targeting Mantra infographic. Only 24% find apps from a company website, and 27% of consumers discover apps via search engines.

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  • Three Principles to Help Guide Your Omnichannel Marketing

    Omnichannel marketing has gained currency as a marketing trend, but it remains widely misunderstood. For example, omnichannel is not the same as multichannel marketing. Companies that merely add mobile and social media elements to an existing marketing initiative aren't creating a true omnichannel strategy.

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  • The Three Most Important B2B Marketing Questions for 2016

    The senior VP of marketing at a successful global technology company recently held her fiscal year 2016 planning meeting at a rustic, isolated hotel in the mountains, keeping the focus on business, not pleasure, for her senior global marketing team. Her intention was to center all of their efforts on performance rather than activities, outcomes rather than deliverables.

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