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  • 10 Tools, Tactics, and Tips to Create Facebook Video Ads That Drive Business

    Facebook's News Feed algorithm prioritizes video over other content types. As a result, video on Facebook (in the form of paid ads and status updates) is becoming an increasingly powerful tool that businesses can use to engage with their audiences and build brand awareness. Before jumping in and spending precious dollars on Facebook video ads, however, you should familiarize ...

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  • Avoid Making These 10 Digital Marketing Blunders

    To make 2016 one of your most successful years, you must maintain an awareness of the latest advances in marketing. You don't necessarily have to jump on every marketing bandwagon that comes around, but you do need to know what's in, what's out, and what's never coming back. This year, keep your online flubs to a minimum by avoiding some of the most common digital marketing ...

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  • 11 Common Website Conversion Killers [Infographic]

    Is your website plagued by conversion repellents? Here's a look at the biggest threats to your website conversions, according to a Feldman Creative infographic. Page pollution can affect your website conversions. "Your homepage, or worse yet, your campaign-specific landing page, is crowded, confusing, and poorly designed," states Feldman Creative.

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  • Staying Creative While Working Remotely

    These past several years, workplaces have shifted from traditional offices to more fluid arrangements. Today, employees may be in the office one day and home the next, and myriad freelancers permanently work remotely. Working remotely can be challenging for different types of marketing teams—and creatives in particular because their work requires consistent and direct collaboration.

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  • Tame the Multichannel Marketing Hydra

    A little more than a decade ago, digital advertising had two big arms: display and email. Today, the arms have multiplied to include digital TV and radio, display, email, mobile, native, search, social, and video. Big difference, right? Digital marketing has become an eight-armed marketing hydra, with each arm accounting for one of the channels markets must factor into a digital strategy.

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  • The 25 Most In-Demand Skills on LinkedIn [Infographic]

    LinkedIn members who listed cloud- and distributed-computing skills on their profiles were the most sought-after users by employers last year, according to a recent report from the social network. The report was based on global internal LinkedIn data collected between January 1, 2015 and December 1, 2015.

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  • How to Text Your Sales Prospects to Increase Conversions

    Over two-thirds of Americans own a smartphone, and our constant reliance on them provides various ways— beyond just talking—to connect with the world around us. In fact, one of the smartphone's most basic components, its text messaging capabilities, can be key to connecting with your prospects.

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  • Influencer Marketing May Be the Antidote to Ad Blocking

    As marketers sinking more of their budgets into online advertising, consumers growing increasingly frustrated with it. Ad-heavy pages cause slow load times and, in some cases, make getting to the content difficult for readers and social media users. Who wants to watch a two-minute pre-roll before watching a two-minute movie trailer? It's being served an ad before watching th ...

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  • Data Saves the Day: SurveyMonkey's Chuck Brinker on Marketing Smarts [Podcast]

    When a crisis hits, brands tend to panic. Too often, no one's sure who should answer media inquiries or respond to comments and questions about the situation on social media. And even if there is someone whose job it is to speak for the brand during a crisis, what should she say? Will her statement help to calm people down, or will it make a bad situation only worse? Surve ...

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  • Three Crucial Questions Every CMO Should Ask Before Starting a Big Data Project

    Many forecasts about 2016 trends and developments center on two words: Big Data. The concept is everywhere, and companies in all industries know that Big Data analysis can change the ways they operate—especially in terms of marketing. Moreover, some 69% of companies will base all their marketing decisions on data by 2017, according to Gartner.

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  • B2B Buyers' Favorite Content Types and Channels

    The content B2B buyers say they want from vendors differs from the content salespeople and marketers believe is most effective, according to a recent report from LinkedIn. The report was based on data from a survey of more than 6,000 B2B buyers, marketers, and salespeople in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

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  • The Most Influential Fortune 500 CEOs on Social Media

    Some 61% of Fortune 500 CEOs had no social media presence at all in 2015, which is actually an improvement from the 68% of CEOs with no social presence in 2014, according to a recent report from The report was based on an analysis conducted in July 2015 of the social media presences of every CEO on the Fortune 500 list across six popular networks: Twitter, Facebo ...

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  • Mobile App Revenue Forecast: Spend Trends Through 2020

    Global consumer spend on mobile apps is expected to grow 24% in 2016, reaching $50.9 billion—and eventually doubling from that level within four years to reach $101.1 billion in 2020—according to a recent report from App Annie. The report was based on forecast gross spend by global users across Apple's iOS App Store, Google Play, all third-party Android app stores, Microsoft ...

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  • Interactive Personalized Video Has Killed One-Size-Fits-All Marketing

    Consumers are making companies work harder than ever to keep their business. With access to the borderless world of e-commerce at their fingertips, empowered customers are no longer willing to accept unsatisfactory services or below-par products. There are no second chances. Consumers simply move their money elsewhere, flitting from one business to another.

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  • Three Reasons Why Swarm Intelligence Trumps Polls and Focus Groups

    Businesses can't survive without researching what consumers want from their products. And with over 27 million new businesses opening in the US every year, understanding customers has never been so valuable. Yet focus groups, a powerful method to research consumer preferences, haven't changed much since the Mad Men days.

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  • Which Types of Facebook Brand Posts Get the Most Engagement?

    Do shorter or longer Facebook posts get more Likes, comments, and shares? Is it better to embed videos directly on the social network or use YouTube links? What days and times see the highest engagement rates? To find out, Buzzsumo analyzed more than 1 billion posts published in January 2016 by 3 million brands located all over the world, including small businesses and giant corporations, suc.

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  • Construct a Rocking Marketing Team [Infographic]

    A stellar marketing team is made up of strong talent willing to work together to drive your audience wild, according to the following LinkedIn infographic. Here's a look at the different roles of a rocking team. The social media manager is like lead vocals in a band. He or she is "the frontman, the voice, the entertainer who gets the crowd fired up," suggests ...

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  • Three Steps for Using Your Competitors' Media Coverage to Boost Your Own Visibility

    Does it frustrate you when your TV screen fills with your competitor's face as he relates pertinent industry insights studded with self-deprecating chuckles? Do you sit there, fists clenched, teeth grinding, thinking, "Why didn't you interview ME?!"? Take action, and those bad feelings will dissipate like the angry smoke that once puffed from your ears.

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  • Four Ways Marketers and Creatives Can Collaborate Better

    I recently wrote about the growing divide between the "math men" (the quants who use marketing automation and tech to deliver measurable results) and the creatives (the designers and writers who regularly produce the content on which marketing campaigns are based). As each group grows increasingly sophisticated, both grow worse at communicating with each other.

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  • Four Major Reasons You Should Hire a Copywriter

    Let's get something straight. You're not a copywriter. Do you have qualifications and/or training in writing? Have you spent years writing for brands? Do you spend every day of your life writing? Can you justify every point, word, and punctuation mark in your writing? Do you constantly research how you can improve your writing? If not, you're not a copywriter.

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  • Are Marketers Succeeding With Their Personalization Strategies?

    Most senior marketers are somewhat or very confident that their company's personalization strategies will create stronger relationships with customers, according to a recent report from the CMO Council and Microsoft. The report was based on data from a survey of 179 senior marketers (48% work for organizations that are primarily B2B-focused; 18%, B2C-focused; and 34%, hybrid).

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  • What's the Key to Great Customer Service?

    What is the most important element of an excellent customer service experience? It's all about speed, according to a recent report from Verint. The report was based on data from a survey conducted in July and August 2015 of 18,038 consumers in Australia, France, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

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  • Five Tips for Improving Sales Force Productivity

    Organizations are in a constant tug-of-war: providing the most relevant training and tools necessary for sales reps to be successful, all the while trying to continually pack their pipeline with viable leads and new business. But in today's sales landscape, where 60-90% of sales training knowledge is lost in the first 30 days of training and 80% of marketing-created content ...

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  • Drowning in a $77-Billion Sea: Why Your Mobile App Needs a Demo Explainer Video

    By 2017, over 268 billion app downloads will generate $77 billion worth of revenue, according to Entrepreneur. Those numbers are huge, and neither of them is terribly surprising. Moreover, though $77 billion worth of revenue can sound like a blessing, it's actually much more of a curse. After all, the app marketplace is crowded. And even the best app can get lost in the sea.

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  • Four Crucial Things You Need to Be Doing for Search Marketing

    A recent Google report found the typical B2B researcher performs 12 online searches before he or she engages with a brand. With this nugget in mind, we should be prompted to ask our teams, "What has public relations and marketing done for search marketing lately?" To ensure your search, PR and marketing efforts result in collaboration, your team should practice the following behaviors. 1.

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  • How to Find the Perfect Content Curation Topics for Your Content Strategy

    Finding and sharing content with your audience is a great way to engage with them. It also a great way to establish thought leadership, so that when they're ready to make a purchase you'll be one of the first ones they'll turn to. That entire process of finding and sharing relevant content is known as content curation, something the best content marketers do regularly; in fa ...

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  • Five Strategies to Map Out Your SEO [Infographic]

    To increase your ranking in search results, check out these five rank-boosting tips. "Navigate your way to the top with blogs," suggests Spark Pay in the following infographic. "Blogging is a fantastic way to build up your power ranking." Blogging also increases your SEO footprint, lets you optimize specific keywords, and attracts social shares and inbound links.

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  • Why You Really Need to Stop Overlooking Generation X

    The goal of many marketers today is clear: Do anything and everything to attract the attention of Millennials. After all, there are more than 83.1 million Millennials in the US, more than a quarter of its population. Moreover, Millennials have a collective $200 billion to spend in 2016. Tapping into the largest generation to date and creating a loyal army to evangelize your ...

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  • The Top Elements of Great (and Terrible) Customer Service

    Which elements of customer service are very important to consumers? What are the customer service issues that frustrate people most? To find out, [24]/7 surveyed 1,200 US consumers across four age groups: Millennials (age 18-30), Generation Xers (age 31-49), Baby Boomers (age 50-69), and members of the Greatest Generation (age 69+).

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  • How to Get More Product Reviews

    Positive reviews are great for your business. After all, whose words are customers more likely to trust—those of the company selling the product, or those of someone who's actually bought the product? Some 90% of participants in a Zendesk study said positive online reviews influenced their buying decision, while 86% said their decision was influenced by negative reviews.

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  • How to Benchmark Your Marketing Performance Against Your Competition's

    In today's digital marketing world, competitive intelligence often takes a back seat to all the key performance indicators (KPIs) on which marketers are focused—open rates, social engagement metrics, lead-to-sales opportunity conversion rates, etc. That inward focus on how well you are doing with your revenue-driving marketing tactics is critical.

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  • Trump vs. Sanders: Who's Winning on Twitter?

    Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have been two of the most talked about presidential candidates this election cycle by the press, but what about on social media? Which maverick US politician has the most followers on Twitter and the highest number of interactions per tweet? To find out, quintly analyzed the Twitter presences of both Trump and Sanders through the end of January 2016.

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  • The State of Performance Marketing: What You Need to Know for 2016

    Today's consumers are increasingly demanding meaningful, one-to-one experiences with brands, causing personalized marketing to reach tipping point. Moreover, the need for brands to deliver meaningful consumer journeys led to a surge in the adoption of performance advertising. Fortunately, marketers have new tools necessary to execute successful digital strategies.

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  • Eye-Tracking Study: How Consumers View Display Ads

    Do consumers actually notice online display ads served on Web pages? Which format of ads do people look at and engage with the most? To find out, Meditative conducted an eye-tracking study of 39 participants of mixed ages who were assigned certain search tasks. Digital display ads were shown in the leaderboard (728x90), skyscraper (300x600) and big box (300x250) positions a ...

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  • Four Ways People Think and How to Convince Them to Buy

    You may have already heard this golden rule in sales: People don't buy from people they don't trust. But for salespeople, it's easy to turn on autopilot and walk the buyer through the usual questions to hopefully close the deal. Too often, though, that approach doesn't work. Instead, you need to find out what each of your buyers care about, what frustrates them, and what you share in common.

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  • Content Marketing Trends in 2016 [Infographic]

    As technology brings changes in how users consume content, publishers also need to adapt to those trends, according to the following Simplilearn infographic. Here's a look at the top trends in content marketing in 2016. One trend is the increased use of "fringe" social hubs. Bigger brands will now be less skeptical to publish content through social hubs once considered " ...

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  • Three UX Principles That Help Your Website Do Its Job Right

    It's rare for your first website build to be the perfect fit for your users—or even for your business objectives. In the six (or more) months it takes for a traditional digital agency to build your website, business goals have likely shifted, users have demanded new features, and a competitor may have beat you to market.

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  • Empower Your Indirect-Sales Marketers

    Anyone who sells through an indirect sales channel knows incentives can help boost sales. If you're like most channel managers, however, you struggle to gain mindshare from your network, which can include resellers, distributors, and channel partners. You want your network to promote your products and be a successful selling machine.

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  • Marketing Video: Nurture Marketing

    Nurture marketing allows you to engage with your B2B leads by providing relevant content until each lead is ready for Sales. It allows you to remain top of mind and accelerate the buyer's journey by helping leads understand their business problem and how you can help solve it. Many decision-makers begin to research solutions before they are completely ready to make a purchase.

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  • The Most Popular Times for Using Chat and Dating Apps

    The most popular time of day for using popular mobile chat and dating apps in the US varies significantly by service, according to a recent report from Nielsen. The report was based on data from Nielsen's Electronic Mobile Measurement (EMM) platform, a passive metering technology installed on smartphones that tracks device and application usage on an opt-in panel of peopl ...

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  • Stop Paying Lip Service to Data and Start Actually Tackling It

    This year, 87.9 billion consumer emails will be sent and received each day. To stand out, marketers need to deliver relevant content to their customers—but only 21% of marketers believe they're doing so. Moreover, 62% of companies' email deliverability ranks as "questionable" at best, causing wasted marketing spend, missed campaign opportunities, and valuable time and resour ...

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  • Five Steps to Build E-Commerce Sales: How to Link Engagement to Revenue

    Consumers spend more and more time online, yet they give that time to fewer and fewer websites. Some 55% of people online use only two or three trusted sites for their content discovery and purchasing, according to research by digital agency Carat, which also found that 41% of people feel overwhelmed by the wealth of choices on the Web, making it hard for them to make purchase decisions.

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  • The War Against Ad Blocking: Publishers Fight for Their Livelihood

    How many times have you received a badly retargeted ad? The answer for most people is every day. No one can deny that those ads can be annoying, but many people forget that advertising, at least in the short term, is necessary for the survival of online publishers. Just not that kind of advertising.

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  • Five Twitter Mantras: How Not to Be Unenlightened on Social Media

    Whether a multibillion-dollar corporation or a local plumbing business, your brand looks woefully behind the times if you don't have a presence on social media, including Twitter. Companies have hired armies of smart, hip, Web-savvy people to usher their brands into a new era of perpetual connectedness that allows them to reach their customers in new and interesting ways.

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  • What Marketers Need to Know About Snapchat [Infographic]

    Snapchat has emerged from its murky roots to become a popular app with 100 million daily active users. So, should marketers now consider having a strategy for this video messaging app? Check out these stats about Snapchat users from by NewsCred and Column Five. Some 54% of users are on Snapchat daily; 32% users engage with the app 2-5 times a week.

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  • The Most Followed, and Talked About, NFL Teams on Twitter

    The Carolina Panthers had a breakout year both on the field and on Twitter, according to a recent report from Union Metrics. The report was based on analysis of the Twitter followings of all 32 NFL teams throughout the football season, as well as the volume of tweets about each organization. The Panthers gained the most fans on Twitter as a percentage over the course of ...

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  • Memorable Moments Enrich Customer Relationships

    Today's retailers must create an experience, both in-store or online, to seize each moment to engage with customers and make a difference with them. The goal for every brand today is to deepen and enrich relationships with their customers. Today, the price of that deeper engagement is the ability to know each individual in context and deliver personally relevant experiences in the moment.

    MarketingProfs- 11 readers -
  • The Two Most Powerful Fraud-Fighting Weapons Marketers Can Use

    The advertising industry loses about $18.5 billion annually to ad fraud, according to a report released recently by Distil Networks. Fortunately, we know it is a problem and have the solutions needed to address the issue now. The following two tools can help you fight fraud. 1. Better performance metrics In response to the Distil Networks fraud report, COO of adMarketplace ...

    MarketingProfs- 10 readers -
  • Content Marketing and Social Media Benchmarks for Brands

    Marketers are increasingly creating more content but are receiving less engagement from consumers with each piece, according to a recent report from TrackMaven. The report was based on an analysis of the content pieces posted by 22,957 brands between January and December 2015 on blogs and five major social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn).

    MarketingProfsin Social Content- 15 readers -
  • Four Practical Segmentation Tips for B2B Marketers

    Congratulations! You have invested in a customer relationship management (CRM) and a marketing automation platform (MAP). You are capturing leads and running campaigns. Ready for more? Your next mission, if you choose to accept it, is segmentation. In this article we'll explore four ways segmentation can improve demand generation, along with four practical tips on what and how to segment.

    MarketingProfs- 5 readers -
  • Five Tips for Preventing the Creative Suffocation of Your Marketing Team

    For years, I worked in the motion picture industry. During that time, I saw studio groups that hadn't changed their marketing people for 20 years. They were set in their ways of doing things. Moreover, the marketing executives often felt the need to hover over the creative process. As the "experts" in the room, they considered themselves the keepers of all ideas.

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  • Four Ways to Stop Your Infographic From Being a Total Flop

    When was the last time an infographic made your job, or at least your day, easier? I find it takes a couple of beats before I can think of an example. Visuals are a great way to amplify the reach and impact of the content you create, but some brands churn out infographics, e-books, and social media images without stopping to think about how those pieces of content can help ...

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  • Your Six-Step Road Map to Rebranding [Infographic]

    Thinking about rebranding? The following six steps can help you launch a successful rebranding effort. First, "examine your direct and indirect competitors to mine good ideas and identify potential points of difference," recommends Wheelhouse Advisors in the infographic. Another step is to "understand how much marketshare you have and set future objectives," states Wheelhouse Advisors.

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  • How to Crowdsource Your Content Creation Ideas

    Last week, I was sitting in front of my computer, drinking a glass of rosé, and letting season one of "Arrested Development" play in the background for the hundredth time. That's the usual setup for my most inspired content creation sessions. Only, this time, I had nothing to write. It wasn't my typical case of writer's block—when I have a bunch of ideas but can't seem to ge ...

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  • How to Get More Organic Traffic to Your Content

    Anyone who knows anything about content marketing understands that a successful blog post or other piece of content is not just a case of "build it and they will come." You can spend hours writing the most interesting and engaging post, or spend thousands on creating interactive/video content or e-book, but if you don't have a strategy from the start for getting it in front of eyeballs...

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  • Geotargeting: Proven Practices of Location-Tailored SEO

    Much like scientific experiments, optimization processes are data-driven. Fundamentally, your current website traffic provides data on which you are able to base optimization decisions in order to reach specific goals. Website owners have a great deal of control over fundamental website elements such as content, design, user interaction, and light-boxes that boost conversion ...

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  • Ignoring Mobile? Then Say Goodbye to Your Marketing Plan

    Look around you: How many people are on their phone right now? Today, you can't go more than a few steps without seeing people texting, emailing, or using social media. "Mobile moments" are happening all around us—all the time. It doesn't matter where you are—in a taxi, in a business meeting, or at a social dinner—using your phone or tablet is now the standard, and it's acce ...

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  • The Most Effective Ad Types for Influencing Voters

    Most Americans say they have very little or no interest in political advertisements, according to a recent report from KSM Media and ORC International. The report was based on data from a survey of 1,000 adults in the United States age 18 or older who were asked questions about various political ad types and formats.

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  • How to Improve the Relationship Between Marketing and Sales Teams

    Most marketers and salespeople say their departments generally get along well but that there are a few key areas of the relationship that could be improved, according to recent research from InsideView and Demand Gen Report. The report was based on data from a survey of 995 sales and marketing professionals based in the United States, most of whom work for B2B companies.

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  • Content and Social Tactics That Generate Leads for B2B Marketers

    B2B marketers say whitepapers and LinkedIn are the most effective digital content and social media tactics for generating leads, according to a recent report from DemandWave. The report was based on data from a survey conducted in November 2015 of 284 B2B marketers in the United States; respondents came from a wide range of industries, and half work for companies with mor ...

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  • Small Business Owners' Top Marketing Priorities and Challenges in 2016

    Nearly half (47%) of small business owners say they personally handle the bulk of their company's marketing efforts, according to a recent report from Infusionsoft. The report was based on a survey conducted in December 2015 of 1,026 self-identified small business owners from across the United States.

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