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  • 10 Essential Tools for Marketing on Instagram

    Have you been using Instagram for social media marketing? Are you running low on tools to use along with this picture-sharing platform? Could you do with a little less work and a little more simplification? Here are 10 tools to help you entice your audience, manage and grow a presence, and build your business using Instagram. 1. Tagboard This tool keeps track of all trending hashtags.

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  • 10 Ways Automated Email Can Wow Your Customers [Infographic]

    Emails have the power to wow your customers, but you need to know what kind of emails to send. The following 10 tips can help. One type of powerful automated email is an order confirmation. "When buying online, especially from a site you haven't used before, there's always a smidgen of doubt in the back of your mind about whether it's 'legit' or not," states the following ...

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  • The 10 Companies With the Best Reputations [Infographic]

    Among major corporations, Amazon has the best reputation with consumers in the United States, according to a Nielsen infographic based on findings from the Harris Poll. The study was based on data from a survey conducted in November and December 2015 of more than 23,000 adults. Respondents were asked to rate the 100 most well-know companies operating in the US on 20 attri ...

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  • Marketing Video: No Lead Left Behind

    Though too many leads certainly isn't a bad problem to have, it can be a problem nonetheless if a company's marketing efforts are being driven by lead volume rather than lead quality. It would be great if every person that came through the funnel was an ideal candidate for the product or service you're offering; but, realistically, that's not the case.

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  • Happy Sales to You: Convey Emotion to Drive Consumer Response [Infographic]

    If you don't understand how emotions drive consumer reaction toward your content, you can't build strong customer relationships. Emotions drive actions in people. The most effective emotional triggers are trust, guilt, and fear, according to the following Microsoft infographic. "Emotionally based campaigns see higher profit gains than ones appealing to rational thought," ...

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  • Extend Your Marketing Video's Shelf Life: How and When to Iterate

    Video is a powerful marketing tool. It's the fastest-growing advertising and content marketing format, according to Forrester. Moreover, video ensures greater reach on social platforms, improves search ranking, and meets growing consumer expectations for video content. However, video has a relatively short shelf-life.

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  • Do Consumers Read Emails Sent by Businesses?

    What percentage of emails sent by businesses are viewed by consumers? What share of messages end up in spam folders, on average? To find out, Return Path examined the activity of more than 2.5 million consumer panelists and data from 3.5 billion commercial email messages received between January 1, 2015 and December 31, 2015. The average read rate (i.e.

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  • The 25 Best Cities in the US for Professionals

    Which cities in the United States make the best destinations for career-oriented professionals? Where should job seekers consider moving to? To find out, Robert Half and The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) examined 25 diverse indicators that influence career choices and overall happiness. The indicators are separated into four categories: Career prospects (unemployment ra ...

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  • Three Steps to Maximizing ROI in a New Era of Content

    Some 78% of CMOs view content as the future of marketing. But how we arrive at that future is already changing: We've learned that the job doesn't end with simply producing content; making sure it performs is critical to driving engagement and reaching target audiences. However, the gap between production and performance is a real pain point for marketers: 86% of B2B markete ...

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  • Sales and Marketing in an 'As a Service' Economy

    Have you ever worked in an office during the shift to a new technology solution? If so, you surely remember a long transition during which employees begrudgingly migrated their files and work processes. Whether employees actually liked the new system or not was irrelevant; they all had to move to it by a certain date because the old system would no longer be supported.

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  • Do People Watch Long Videos on Smartphones?

    Some 31% of videos watched on mobile phones are longer than 10 minutes in length, according to a recent report from Ooyala. The report was based on 4Q15 anonymized online video metrics from Ooyala's customer base, which includes global media outlets such as ESPN, Univision, Sky Sports, Foxtel, NBCUniversal, RTL, M6, TV4 and Mediacorp.

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  • Stop Obsessing Over the Verbing of Your Product Names

    The popularity of "verbing" has seemed to increase lately. For example, when we start a new naming project, inevitably a client will reference the possibility of verbing very early in the discussions. That shifts the focus to selecting a final product name that has the perceived flexibility to one day become a verb.

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  • The Do's and Don'ts of Social Media Research [Infographic]

    Smart marketers know that marketplace insight is one of the most valuable benefits of social media. But knowing about social media research and actually conducting it are two different things. Here's what you need to know to get started in social media research, according to the following Insights in Marketing infographic.

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  • Google AdWords Benchmarks by Industry

    Which industries have the highest, or lowest, Google AdWords click-through rates, engagement levels, and costs? To find out, WordStream examined 2,367 US-based client accounts from a wide range of verticals accounting for $34.4 million in 2Q15 AdWords spend. The researchers looked at data for both Google AdWords' Search and Display networks.

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  • Six Questions to Help You Determine the Right Data-Management Platform for Attribution

    The market for data-management platforms (DMPs) is growing. Those platforms enable marketers to harness their vast and growing repositories of user data by collecting first-, second-, and third-party data from disparate sources and combining it into high-value audience segments. But what does that all really mean? Consider an individual who has engaged with your brand.

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  • The Biggest Sales-Enablement Problems and Their Solutions [Infographic]

    Most companies say their sales teams lack the right content at the right time. Here's a quick look at those sales-enablement problems and ideas for solving them. One sales-enablement problem is not having data, according to the following Seismic infographic based on a survey of enterprise sales and marketing executives. Some 43.

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  • Four Critical Components of Your Customer Journey Map

    Businesses seeking to improve the customer experience often build customer journey maps—a visual representation of the various interactions a buyer has with a business. Building that map from the outside-in—from the customer's perspective—requires a thorough understanding of the customer's needs, wants, and desires.

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  • Digital Tools Recommended Most by SMB Owners [Infographic]

    Which digital products and services are small and midsize business (SMB) owners most likely to recommend to their peers? To find out, Alignable examined 4Q15 data from ratings and reviews contributed to its platform by more than 6,000 SMB owners across 7,000 online communities in North America.

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  • How Internet Usage and Smartphone Ownership Vary by Country

    Internet and smartphone access is increasing rapidly, but large gaps remain between developed and emerging economies, according to recent data from the Pew Research Center. The report was based on data from a survey of adults in 40 countries (a combination of developing and advanced economies); smartphone users were automatically included in the Internet user data set.

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  • Five Twitter Hacks to Skyrocket Your Engagement

    You signed up for Twitter about three years ago... You have spurts of activity and you post a couple of articles with a couple of hashtags decided on in that very moment... You occasionally post a picture when you're out for dinner with your other infrequently tweeting friends... And after those three years your follower numbers are still in the low hundreds, and you conne ...

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  • Facial Expression Study: The Most Engaging Super Bowl Ads

    Doritos, Marmot, and Heinz produced the most engaging television ads that aired during Super Bowl 50, according to a study that tracked people's facial expressions while they watched the game. The report from Realeyes, Lucid, and Qualtrics was based on data from webcams that tracked the facial reactions of more than 3,000 people as they watched the Super Bowl 50 ads; 49 k ...

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  • Agile Marketing Can Help You Stay Sane Amid Increasing Customer Demands

    My fellow marketers, we have a problem. Actually, we have three fairly serious problems: 1. We spend barely a third of our work time (36%) on actually doing marketing. 2. Some 89% of us are logging into work on our own time. 3. Email is drowning us, but we desperately need it to communicate with our teams. Most of those stats are probably not news to you.

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  • Five Customer Insight Mistakes You Must Avoid

    With so much information flowing into organizations these days, we are all feeling a little overwhelmed. What's worse, however, is that customer insights haven't increased at the same rate as data availability. Customer insights are essential to growth and continued success, yet they remain the elusive holy grail of business. Let me start by explaining what I understand by an insight.

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  • How Marketers Generate Content Ideas

    Most marketers still develop ideas for content based on intuition rather than research or data, according to a recent report from Rundown. The report was based on data from a survey conducted in 2015 of 330 self-identified content marketers who work for companies located in the United States.

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  • Marketing Project Musts: Stay Organized With These Five Tips

    Multiple clients with multiple projects, all with multiple deadlines... Most of us in marketing are balancing several clients, each with different projects in various stages of completion. While we are completing one project, or just getting into the meaty center of another, a new project may come in that we need to get ramped up on.

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  • Avoid a Zero-Based Budget by Driving Growth as a Marketing Center of Excellence

    Finance leaders identified marketing efforts, or expanding relationships with existing customers, as the top strategic factor driving company growth and profitability in 2016, according to the 6th annual CFO Sentiment Study. Nevertheless, marketing budgets are already on the chopping block. For example, to support Unilever's efficiency expansion drive, its marketers will now ...

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  • The Top Sales Challenges of 2016

    What are the biggest challenges that salespeople will face this year—from prospecting through closing and account management? To find out, Richardson surveyed more than 400 salespeople who work for companies in a wide range of industries: 85% of respondents are employees of B2B companies, 58% work for businesses with more than $500 million in revenue, and 75% have annual quota goals of ove.

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  • Unlock the Mystery of Lead-Capture Success [Infographic]

    Crafting successful lead-capture strategies can be difficult and overwhelming. The following Formstack infographic, however, offers clues of where marketers go wrong in capturing leads and what marketers can be doing better. One reason marketers struggle with lead captures is because marketers fail to track sales.

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  • The Top Challenges Facing B2B Marketers

    B2B marketers say increasing brand awareness and dealing with budget constraints are the top challenges they face, according to a report from B2B International. The report was based on data from a survey conducted in 2015 of 181 marketers for B2B companies around the world. Respondents were asked to list the top challenges their organization faces without any options or p ...

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  • Five Carousel Ad Examples to Inspire Your Marketing

    For those of us old enough to remember Sears, Delia's, and L.L. Bean direct-mail catalogs, the new carousel ad format found on Facebook and Instagram may look familiar. Built from multiple images and copy combinations, carousel ads act as mini online product catalogs. Potential shoppers scroll through them on desktop or mobile, and click to purchase when the mood strikes.

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  • Four Reasons Marketers Should Be Excited About Machine Learning

    Machine learning is generating a lot of chatter lately, making myriad marketers scramble to figure out to use it. Despite all the excitement surrounding machine learning, however, marketers still struggle with how to view it, what to expect from it, and how best to use this new technology. Moreover, the digital marketing landscape has changed dramatically, largely due to rap ...

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  • Why Innovation Matters in Account-Based Marketing

    The scale and growth of digital media has always been fueled by two types of people: innovators and followers. Innovators embrace emerging channels and technologies, and take risks by investing in experimentation to learn and get a leg up on their competition. Followers wait until a new technology or channel has been thoroughly vetted in the market and is less risky, but co ...

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  • Having a Data-Driven Marketing Program Helps You Crush the Competition

    Most companies and marketers are just now learning "data literacy." A survey by Kentico Software found that Big Data was the third highest priority for US digital marketers in 2015. Moreover, a recent Teradata study stated that just two in five companies report generating revenues from using their data aggressively, and an Economist Intelligence Unit survey of 530 executives ...

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  • How to Make Your Mobile App Stand Out in the Crowded App Store

    Making your app stand out in today's hypercompetitive app market is tough. But don't lose hope. There are various ways to do it, starting from the very point when a consumer is thinking about downloading your app. Getting the download is just the first hurdle, though. After that, brands must focus on delivering value and an amazing customer experience to each and every user to truly stand out.

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  • A Sensible Social Media Checklist for Businesses [Infographic]

    Overwhelmed by all you have to do on different social media platforms? Check out the Whole Brain Group's handy-dandy checklist, packed with planning and content tips. Before posting on social media platforms, though, make sure you define your audience. "Identify the challenges they're struggling with," suggests the infographic.

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  • Nine Ways to Cut the Fat From Your Performance Marketing Programs

    Marketing departments no longer get a free pass; they need to deliver measurable results. New technology, new business models, and new expectations have given rise to the discipline of performance marketing, and for each dollar they spend marketers must now show corresponding results. Performance marketing demands objective ways to evaluate what's working and what's not in ...

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  • Eye-Tracking Study: How People Use Google on Mobile

    How does the behavior of Google search users differ on mobile devices vs. desktop computers? Are people more likely to focus on certain elements of search engine results pages (SERPs) when using smaller screens? To find out, Mediative conducted an eye-tracking study in 2015 with 49 people of various ages.

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  • How to Maximize Your Content's Reach on Social Media

    It's not tough to publish on social media: With a few clicks you have a post on Facebook, a tweet on Twitter, or a video on YouTube. The tough part, as you know, is getting found, viewed, read, liked, and shared—and doing it without annoying people. Here are some ideas to think about, along with "how to" tips and tactics that should help you get your content found. 1.

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  • Today's Digital Marketing Funnel (and How to Optimize Your Conversions)

    You may have heard that the traditional marketing funnel is dead. It's true that what used to be a linear path from attracting leads and converting them into customers is now a multi-faceted process than can start and stop in various parts of the funnel. With so many key entry and engagement points and possibilities, many have abandoned the idea of a funnel entirely.

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  • What an Online Hater Really Wants From You

    The near-universal adoption of smartphones and social media has fundamentally altered the science of complaints. Critics ("haters") can now express their displeasure faster and more publicly than ever. But haters are not your problem... Ignoring them is. My research with Edison found two main hater types: "onstage" haters, who publicly launch complaints via social media and ...

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  • What Marketers Look for in Entry-Level Candidates

    What are the key things senior marketers look for in creative (i.e., non-technical) entry-level job candidates? To find out, The Creative Group surveyed more than 400 senior advertising and marketing executives in the United States. Some 34% of respondents say previous experience, including internships and freelance projects, is the most important factor they consider wh ...

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  • Email Marketing in a Mobile-First Era: How to Get It Right

    With social media, podcasting, videos, push notifications, and other mobile marketing channels taking over our lives, you may think that good-old email is losing its dominance in the mobile age. Well, think again and take a look at the Litmus chart, below. Around half of all the messages sent during the second quarter of 2015 were mobile-responsive—a 28% increase from the previous year.

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  • Flip Your B2B Funnel on Its Head and Close Sales More Quickly

    We B2B marketers are on the cusp of an evolution. This shift in the industry is caused by the rapid growth in marketing technology (MarTech). The relatively new MarTech industry has grown by 98% between 2014 and 2015, with nearly 2,000 vendors covering the landscape and offering a variety of data collection, personalization, and automation tools.

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  • The Most Effective Elements of Clickbait Article Headlines

    What makes a clickbait article headline effective? Does it include a number? The mention of an animal? Some topic currently in the news? To find out, Venngage examined the top performing articles posted over a three-month span on 24 high-traffic sites known for producing content with engaging titles.

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  • How SMBs Are Using Social Media

    More than two-thirds (67%) of small and midsize businesses are are already using social media as part of their marketing efforts or plan to start doing so sometime this year, according to a recent report from Clutch. The report was based on data from a survey of 352 owners and managers of businesses located the United States with 1-500 employees.

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  • Three Huge Mistakes You're Committing in Your Social Content

    Advertising has always had a muddy affiliation with the words "truth" and "honesty." And though a brand's intention may not be to deceive consumers, they feel that way when companies fail to disclose when someone endorses its product in return for gifts or money. Brands want to sell more products but consumers want more transparency.

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  • What You Can Learn About Account-Based Marketing From Behavior-Driven Advertising

    The industry is buzzing these days with marketers eager to test and prove the latest predictive marketing data. The idea is simple: By targeting companies that have a record of investing in a product category, you benefit from greater efficiency, a higher close rate, and shorter sales cycle. That type of predictive-driven targeting manifests itself in the form of a "Named Account" list.

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  • Don't Wage War Against Ad Blockers Until You Know Who You're Really Fighting

    The growing popularity of ad-blocking tools has become a full-blown crisis in online publishing. As ads disappear, publishers' revenue evaporates, and digital outlets quietly close their doors. It's easy to blame software companies and ad-adverse users for the $21.8 billion ad blocking will cost publishers this year, but the real problem lies with the ads themselves and the ...

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  • Seven Ways to Increase Your Webinar Registrations

    Webinars are a great tactic for generating leads, branding, and positioning your company as an industry expert. With the right strategy in place, webinars can generate high-quality leads and drastically increase revenue. In fact, 67% of buyers attend webinars when researching B2B purchases; moreover, webinars rank in the top three content formats, and they are among the mos ...

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  • Your Sales Forecasting Process Needs an Overhaul

    Most sales managers look forward to producing a sales forecast with the same level of enthusiasm reserved for a trip to the dentist. Sales forecasting is typically a torturous process that involves interrogating sales reps about the status of their deals and analyzing self-reported sales activities that managers rightly suspect of bias.

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  • How Hospitals Are Approaching Content Marketing

    Nearly two-thirds (73%) of hospitals in the United States are already engaging in content marketing, and an additional 19% plan to start this year, according to recent research from True North Custom. The report was based on data from a survey of 100 people who work at hospitals of all sizes (85% marketers, 15% executives in other roles).

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  • Why Marketers Should Support Legislation on Customer Reviews

    Dark versus light. Good versus evil. Positive versus negative. The battle between opposing forces has most recently been highlighted by the latest Star Wars movie release, but applying polarized judgments to real life is hard. Things are rarely as clear-cut as good fighting against evil. Moreover, there's often value in understanding the differences between dark and light, ...

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  • Five Superhot Email Marketing Trends

    One trend that topped predictions this year was email. That's because it continues to be the channel that gives marketers the biggest bang for their buck. Here's a look at five email trends marketers should keep an eye on (and use to their advantage) to maximize their ROI. 1. Mobile keeps gathering speed If you're still debating the importance of a dedicated mobile email s ...

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  • Let Demographics Help Guide Your Marketing Strategy

    Even with the best products and services, any business without effective marketing can find itself dead in the water. And marketing is only as good as its application and its relevance in the eyes of the consumer it targets. To engineer the perfect marketing strategy, you must first fully understand your customer base.

    MarketingProfs- 8 readers -
  • Your Website Should Support a Lot More Languages Than You Think It Should

    The Internet connects computers, but languages connect people. Fifteen years ago, few websites supported 10 languages. In fact, it was common to believe that your website was "global" at five or six languages. This was understandable, given the simple fact that most Internet users at the time were native-English speakers. My, how times have changed.

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  • The Most Popular Messaging Apps With Young Consumers

    Snapchat has the youngest audience by far of any major messaging app, according to recent data from GlobalWebIndex. The report was based a survey conducted in 4Q15 of thousands of consumers age 16 to 64 who regularly use mobile apps. Respondents came from a mix of developed and developing countries around the world; China was not included.

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  • Marketing Technologists: Who They Are and Why They Matter [Infographic]

    The digital marketing landscape is constantly evolving. New trends create new opportunities, and new technologies are developed to help support initiatives. But managing that process of identifying a need, finding the right solution, and integrating the technology into your workflow can be difficult. Enter the marketing technologist.

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  • Successful B2B Marketers Know Customer Experience Is a Three-Legged Stool

    In the business-to-consumer (B2C) world, support typically happens after a company has earned a customer and relates almost exclusively to an individual's relationship with a product. Another characteristic of B2C customer service that differs from business-to-business (B2B) is that support is often problem-focused.

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  • How to Create the Right Presentation for Your Business

    We've all been there, sitting in front of a long and boring presentation filled with charts and small text you can't even read. Now that it's your turn to present, don't make the same mistakes you see all too often. The most important things to consider when preparing your presentation are the content, design, and delivery format.

    MarketingProfs- 17 readers -
  • Blurred Lines: When Marketing, PR, and Content Strategy Overlap

    From social selling to new opportunities with mobile advertising, every marketing organization now has a cornucopia of channels through which to work its magic. Yet, different channels and opportunities demand different skills, and the effort needed to coordinate all the necessary components and team members is immense. It can be confusing at best, unproductive at worst.

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  • Three Ways Niche Players Can Connect With the C-Suite

    If you have a very specific offering that solves a very specific issue for enterprises—or for any size organization, for that matter—then you can probably consider yourself a "niche player." Your strengths lie in your agility. While bigger organizations have to cut through corporate red tape to get to market, you can test new approaches and react to feedback quickly.

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  • Which US States and Cities Have the Highest Ad Click Rates?

    Americans living in the South, on the East Coast, and in eastern Midwest states are much more likely to click on digitals ads than the rest of the country is, according to a recent report from AdRoll and Pricenomics. The report was based on Adroll data from the United States. The researchers examined the aggregate click-through-rate (CTR) for every state and 100 major cit ...

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  • Three New Roles That Every Marketer Must Play

    Once upon a time, marketers were marketers and did marketing things. Marketing campaigns were strategized once, roles were siloed, responsibilities were clear cut, and results were linked to specific business units without any second guessing. Then the Internet happened. There was email, mobile, social media, Big Data...

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  • Five Surprising Ways to Write Addictive Business Blog Posts

    It's so frustrating: You work hard running your business. You know your industry inside and out. You offer something that nobody else does. And you take precious time to write about it in your business blog. Yet... nobody is reading. Your social share buttons are untouched. And your comment sections are empty too.

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  • What Salespeople Need to Know to Stay Relevant in Digital Marketing

    The sales profession is undergoing a transformation, which raises a lot of discussion about whether sales is a dying art and what the next five years will bring. Moreover, one million B2B salespeople will see their jobs replaced by self-service, automated systems by 2020, according to Forrester Research.

    MarketingProfs- 10 readers -
  • The Emojis Used Most by Brands in Marketing Messages

    The use of emojis in marketing messages sent by brands via email and mobile has increased 777% since the start of 2015, according to a recent report from Appboy. The report was based on an analysis of 9,359 marketing campaigns from Appboy clients. The researchers examined the use of emojis in iOS push messages, Android push messages, and emails.

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  • Five Reasons You Should Not Invest in SEO This Year

    Your SEO investment is wasted if it doesn't bring the right visitors to your website and convert them into leads or sales. Moreover, driving traffic to a poorly optimized website becomes more expensive over time; you need to constantly find more visitors to make up for declining conversion and close rates.

    MarketingProfsin SEO- 16 readers -
  • The Right Packaging Helps Customers Connect With Your Brand

    Consumers tend to return to the same brands for all their buying needs. They look for their favorite brands' distinctive packaging as they walk down the store aisles, speeding up their errands by grabbing products that they know and trust. Products that consumers select based on the brand name and packaging carry an implied authority, indicating that they are the best choice.

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  • Is Digital B2B Advertising Effective?

    Some 71% of of B2B marketers say their company's digital ads sometimes or always fail to meet expectations, according to a recent report from Demandbase. The report was based on data from a survey of 500 B2B marketers at the manager level or higher who work at companies with more than 250 employees.

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  • The Impact of Responsive Design on Email Engagement

    Brands that have adopted responsive email design are receiving many more clicks on the content inside their messages, according to a recent report from Yesmail. The report was based on data from millions of emails sent by Yesmail customers in 4Q15, as well as data from previous quarters. More than half of all opens in 4Q15 occurred on mobile devices both for brands that ...

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  • How to Write and Respond to RFPs: Some Best-Practices

    Requests for proposals, or RFPs, are a B2B business fact of life, especially in an age of procurement-department expansion, tight budgets, and fierce competition for B2B service contracts. Though some people may feel the urge to run for the hills when a new RFP hits their inbox, I've come to appreciate the value of the RFP process—both the issuing of RFPs and responding to t ...

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  • Data, TV, and the Limitless Focus Group: 4C's Josh Dreller on Marketing Smarts [Podcast]

    Josh Dreller is vice-president of product marketing at 4C, a global leader in data science and media technology. He's been a search marketer since 2003, with a focus on SEM technology. I invited Josh to Marketing Smarts to talk about how marketers can overlay rich data about people's television viewing habits onto social data to uncover powerful insights into brand affiniti ...

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  • How to Get Marketing Help When You Need It

    Does your small business have marketing and branding needs, but not enough money to hire an agency or a consultant? Don't fret, there are still many options open to you to ensure that you're getting what you need to start or grow your business. Here are just a few no-cost and low-cost resources from my new book, Beyond Your Logo: 7 Brand Ideas That Matter Most for Small Business Success.

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  • Why You Need to Humanize Your Social Media Marketing

    The social media marketing landscape is constantly evolving with new networks, widgets, and tools. The way marketers approach social media strategically, however, hasn't changed much. The problems that social media marketers face have been around a long time. If you take a step back and look at the entire situation, you'll see that you have all sorts of problems in social media marketing.

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