• A Well-Balanced Content Menu for Your Blog [Infographic]

    Keep readers coming back to your blog by regularly serving them generous portions of hearty content. The following infographic by LinkedIn offers content ideas from the various blogging "food" groups: whole wheat and grains, vegetables, meat, desserts, and condiments. The whole wheat and grains group includes how-to posts, repurposed content, and third-party posts.

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  • Is Google+ Without Authorship Worth Using?

    By now, everyone in the SEO world knows that Google canceled Authorship because "it isn't as useful to our users as we'd hoped." From now on, you'll never see an author's photo next to his or her articles in Google. Google's official statement is that "removing Authorship generally does not seem to reduce traffic to sites," but I'm calling baloney.

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  • How to Master the Balancing Act Between Web Design and Functionality

    The technical and aesthetic components of "good" Web design are often presented as two competing forces, or separate entities that must be corralled into grudging cooperation for the sake of producing a functional product. However, by implementing a few best-practice development process strategies, Web designers and developers can work as a unified team to achieve a common s ...

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  • The Disconnect Between Marketers and IT Buyers

    Technology marketers are increasingly focused on one-sided content tactics even though IT buyers remain heavily dependent on community-driven information to make purchasing decisions, according to a recent report from Spiceworks. The report was based on data from a survey of 136 tech marketers and 450 IT buyers from a range of company sizes and countries.

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  • 10 Tips for Managing Your Visual Content (Without Going Crazy)

    How many visual assets does your organization have? We're talking all visual content—videos, artwork, photographs, diagrams, animations, infographics... The list goes on. The number could run into hundreds of thousands worldwide, but what counts is how well those assets are managed. The impact of not being clear about what visual assets exist and where they are located (as w ...

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  • Four Tips to Help You Avoid the Review and Approval Traffic Jam

    Most marketers face traffic jams of Los Angeles-level proportions when attempting to secure final approval for projects. Consider the common process of sending almost-finished assets out to stakeholders. Some stakeholders respond in a timely manner, some don't. Oblivious to the fast-approaching deadline, a stakeholder can suddenly request drastic changes.

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  • Best-Practices for Sending Mobile Push Messages

    What are the best days and times to send mobile push messages? How long should these notifications be? What should they say? Localytics recently set out to answer these questions by examining the click rates of more than 100 million push messages sent by mobile apps. The analysis found the average click rate—defined as the percentage of users who actually clicked a push ...

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  • The Top Smartphone Apps, Manufacturers, and Platforms

    Smartphone penetration has climbed to 70% of all adults in the United States (169 million people) in May, up 4% from February levels, according to recent data from comScore Mobile Metrix. Apple ranked as the top smartphone manufacturer in the time period examined (March through May), with 41.9% of US smartphone subscribers (up 0.6 percentage points from the period ending February).

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  • 50 Horrible Cliches You Need to Stop Writing and Saying Right Now [Infographic]

    Have you recently said "the elephant in the room" and "move the needle" unironically at work? Then you need to start purging jargon from your writing and speaking right now. Here's a look at the most annoying phrases and words being used at work, according to the following GoToMeeting infographic. "Helicopter view" ranks high as a phrase that's obnoxious and overused.

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  • Three Types of Video That Marketers Need to Have on Their Company Website

    As a marketer, you spend a lot of time and money on getting people to your website so you can educate them on your offering—and, ultimately, make a sale. And I'd guess that your website is filled with text. Lots and lots of text. Yet, video content is the most effective way to help tell your story. Video helps businesses increase brand awareness, generate leads, and ultimately, increase sales.

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  • 2017's Top 10 Digital Branding and Marketing Trends

    Planning your digital marketing efforts for the coming year? Digital marketing and branding agency Borenstein Group offers some advice about the top trends it anticipates for 2017. "It's time to re-evaluate and rebalance the digital approach for your company," writes Gal Borenstein in his introduction to an infographic that lays out those trends.

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