• The Psychology of In-Store Marketing Mechanisms

    Everything about your common store — from the humble coffee shop to the glitzy supermarket — is designed to make you shell out cash. Some of the tactics used are obvious, like the way bookstore owners display their “New Arrivals” near the entrance. Others are much more subtle, insidious, and effective at pushing your “Buy” buttons — unless you’re aware of them, of course.

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  • 7 Vital SEO Tips for Use in 2015

    When it comes to search engine optimization, many businesses are still unsure of what metrics to use to ultimately measure the effectiveness of their efforts and indeed, just how relevant SEO actually is with regards to their content marketing strategies. via forbes Those who understand the importance of best practice in SEO ultimately maintain a greater competitive edge a ...

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  • The Best Times and Content to Post on Social Media

    Facebook Best content to post: Almost anything is fair game on Facebook. When it comes to the most popular content, however, quizzes, personal stories and entertainment news take the cake. Facebook is a platform on which you engage with those you know, such as friends, family, acquaintances, etc.

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  • The Practical Psychology of Conversion – Buttons, Colors, Copy, Prices, and UX

    Why did you read an article? Was it the simple need to clear curiosity about recent news? Why did you buy a product? Was it to satisfy a simple desire? I’m a bit cynical when it comes to marketing and the schools of thought that come with it. I strongly believe people make decisions based on a need or idea that was created from respective circumstances. We get hungry, we crave food.

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  • Understanding Digitally-Connected Adults: Insights from PEW

    Why did my aunt join Facebook and why does she always post listicles and click-bait from BuzzFeed? Are her emotional triggers just that easy to pull? It’s because she makes up just one of the millions of blips that ‘LIKE’ BuzzFeed on Facebook. It’s because she’s part of their target audience. But that makes her not part of mine.

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  • A Quick Rant About Experts and How to Spot the Real Ones

    Anyone who works in the digital marketing world inevitably encounters ‘celebrities’ – essentially, self-proclaimed experts in a niche area of digital marketing. They might be the king of Facebook or the queen of Twitter, and they all share one thing in common. Their advice looks like this: That’s how absurdly simple it can be and it happens often. More often than I care to count.

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  • How to Optimize Your Social Media Channels

    Optimizing social media channels involves more than just making people aware of your content – it involves attracting attention, evoking a desire in your audience to make a move toward your business, and it also has to create action, ultimately with the end goal of having target audience members purchase what you have to offer.

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  • The Science of First Impressions

    It’s been said that you have only seven seconds to make a first impression, and that number is admittedly generous. Scientists and psychologists routinely study the social implications of these critical first encounters, and their findings consistently confirm their importance in how we’re perceived as well as the lasting impact these impressions have on both our work relatio ...

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  • The SEO Anatomy of a One-Million+ Pageview Article

    I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “content is king” and I’m also sure you’ve had it up to here with that saying. Good news! That’s not what’s being preached today. Currently, newspaper ad pricing has a relatively low cost in terms of impressions. To circulate the full state of Pennsylvania – which is a 1,923,610 reach – we’d pay around $1,500 for a business card sized advertisement.

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  • 9 Ideas to Create ReTweet-Worthy Tweets

    Everyone’s Twitter stream is constantly updating with new tweets. As such, it’s easy for your tweets to get lost in the flow, making it even harder to get your well-crafted pithy tweets retweeted. While there are plenty of obvious, traditional ways of attempting to get your tweets retweeted – including using hashtags, writing short tweets that give people a chance to respond, ...

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  • How to Outrank Competitors With Semantics

    At times, it seems as though the world of internet writing has become a race to the two extremes. On one side, social media has popularized the short, Buzfeed-style post. The only way click bait works is if you don’t trick people into reading a long article. They will be resentful. On the other side, the “academi-fying” of the longer, more thoughtful web pieces has democratiz ...

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  • Facebook Demographics Cheat Sheet

    Segmenting audiences on Facebook is a necessary skill for all social media marketers. While Facebook’s baked-in ad targeting system is robust, it lacks certain demographic information such as a gender posting tendencies and age tre ...

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