• These 60 Email Marketing Tools Could Change Your Life

      As marketers we’re competing with some of the biggest companies in the world. Sometimes having access to the right tool may be more useful than a dozen employees. I’m not here to chant about how the money is in the list. If you’re reading this, you already know that. Here’s everything you’ll ever need to take your email marketing campaigns to the next level.

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    • Give Your Blog Wings With GetResponse’s Super Marketing Automation Tool

      More... Blogging has gone pro. Now, on average, new blogs survive all of about three months before they become inactive. But there is a ray of sunshine amidst the gloom… There are marketing automation tools out there that can help make sense of it all, simplify life, make you more productive and produce superior results that fatten your bottom line.

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    • 11 Best Blogging Platforms – Squarespace VS WordPress VS Blogger & More

      There are a million ways to start a blog but not all of them are great. In fact, if you’ve been following MonetizePros, you’ll know that we strongly advise starting a WordPress blog and have a very detailed tutorial for that on our homepage. More... In this post, we’re going to dig deep and compare the best blogging platforms side-by-side and then have an in-depth look int ...

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  • How to Boost Your Blog’s Email List – Promo Box Review

    Plugmatter has created a slew of useful plugins - plugins that really matter, in their words. The last plugin they released - the Document Importer plugin, proved it was a product that could save any blogger’s time. With their new plugin - the Plugmatter Promo Box plugin - they aim to do far more than just help ...

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  • Why Kajabi is the Perfect Platform to Start/Grow Your Business

    Nope. Kajabi isn’t a Star Wars character. (Though it certainly sounds like one, don’t you agree? #ObiWanKajabi ) For those who are looking to make boatloads of money by creating membership sites and online courses (among other things); Kajabi is THE way to go. It is the go-to platform that seasoned marketers and entrepreneurs use to power their businesses.

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  • What’s a Content Delivery Network and Do You Need One?

    Content delivery networks sound like a scary and super complicated subject, but honestly, it's actually pretty straightforward! Let me clear some of that confusion up for you. Read on to find out what a content delivery network is and why you need one. CDN Related Terms Explained First, there are a few terms that you should familiarize yourself with: User: Someone who requests data (i.e.

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  • 60 Google Chrome Extensions that Every Blogger Should Be Using

    Optimize your blogging (and browsing!) experience with these useful and often time-saving Google Chrome extensions. Social and Communication 1. Google +1 Button “+1” is short for “you should check this out” or “I think this is really cool so you would too!” With this extension you can help your friends, contacts and other random web browsers see which articles are worth checking out.

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  • 12 TED Talks on Marketing Every Entrepreneur Needs to Watch

    Under 8 minutes 1. 404, the story of a page not found by Renny Gleeson (March 2012) Running into a 404 page is like getting a slap on the face from your favorite brand. Renny talks about how you can turn an error into an opportunity. 2. Inventing is the easy part. Marketing takes work by Daniel Schnitzer (November 2011) Daniel touches upon his time in Haiti and the difficult ...

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  • Nurturing Leads When Automation Just Won’t Do

    When you're selling your own products, marketing automation can be quite the time-saver. Setup a paid media campaign once for each new product you add to your catalog, let the leads drip in, nurture them, convert sales, and move on. However, as powerful as marketing automation can be for generating revenue, there are some cases where automation just doesn't cut it.

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  • How to Start a Food Blog: A Deliciously Simple Guide

    I began my solo cooking adventure when I first moved out of my family home and into my university dorm. The first year I only ate pasta, instant noodles and cheese (lots and lots of cheese). Then I gained the dreaded freshman 15. I finally looked in the mirror and decided that enough was enough. I started by Googling ‘healthy and easy recipes.’ Thousands of hits came up and I was overwhelmed.

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