• 60 Google Chrome Extensions that Every Blogger Should Be Using

      Optimize your blogging (and browsing!) experience with these useful and often time-saving Google Chrome extensions. Social and Communication 1. Google +1 Button “+1” is short for “you should check this out” or “I think this is really cool so you would too!” With this extension you can help your friends, contacts and other random web browsers see which articles are worth checking out.

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    • How to Take Your Blog to the Next Level with Video

      Video is valuable in the tech age – so valuable that it can skyrocket your blog and leave others in the dust. Making the decision to take your blog to the next level with video content is easy once you know how and why video is helpful, and the resources available to create them. Videos as blog content can engage your readers in ways that text alone can’t.

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  • The Highest Paying Non-Standard Ad Types by RPM

    If you’ve been blogging for any considerable length of time, you’ll know that one of the biggest challenges bloggers face is figuring out how to increase the revenue from their blogs. One seemingly obvious method to do this might be to increase the traffic to your blog, but seasoned bloggers know that increased traffic is no guarantee of increased revenue.

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  • 5 Reasons You Haven’t Made Any Money Online.

    …And What You Can Do Right Now To Change it. It is a well-established fact that it is very possible to make money online. There are countless of stories of people who have not only made the occasional few dollars online, but have gone on to quit their jobs and have been earning a full-time income from their internet businesses.

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  • 10 Steps Big Websites Take to Earn Higher Ad Revenue

    Online content publishers are struggling with an increasing number of ad tech solutions and rapidly decreasing ad revenue. Multiple source header bidding, dynamically placed mobile ads and monetization-balanced media buying are just a few of the new challenges. Based on actual experience of over 100 publishers, here are 10 steps big websites plan to take in 2017 to earn higher ad revenue. 1.

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  • PinnacleCart Review

    The Internet has drastically changed our economic landscape. With just a website and a product or service, you can now access a worldwide market. Of course, you still need tools to help things run efficiently but – that’s where eCommerce platforms come in. They are an essential part of running any online store.

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  • How to Code Mobile and Desktop DFP Ads on WordPress

    DFP stands for DoubleClick for Publishers and as the name implies, it’s used by various publishers as either an ad server or it can provide a lot of benefits to manage the sales process on behalf of the company. Several popular ad networks such as AdSense by Google, are usually run on DFP if the publisher chooses to.

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  • 5 Symptoms That An Ad Network Is Going Out Of Business

    With all the excitement on our original post about the next ad network to most likely go bankrupt, we decided to follow this up with a post to help you diagnose whether an ad network is about to go out of business. We know how painful it is to lose a huge sum of unpaid ad revenues because of an ad network bankruptcy so we want to help you prevent a huge chunk of your ad revenue ...

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  • Create Your Own Website In Seconds With WiseIntro

    You’d like to have your very own webpage because you want to establish your personal brand. That’s a great idea, of course. You also felt like sending your possible clients to your social media profiles just isn’t enough, considering how distracting these platforms can be and there’s nothing special about them that would differentiate your from your competitors.

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  • 8 Tips to Consider When Monetizing A Blog

    Thousands of blogs pop up on a daily basis, at least partly due to the overhyped information in the blogosphere on blog monetization. People read about bloggers who are making a decent income and become attracted to the venture without much research. Some successful bloggers fail to highlight why most blogs fail and there are those who quit before they make a cent from the efforts.

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  • 7 Reasons Why Media.net Is A Great Alternative To Google Adsense

    At Monetize Pros, we consider it our responsibility to keep pace with how ad networks are faring in their performance for publishers. That’s the reason we regularly blog on ad networks and their pros and cons for various kinds of publishers. This post is not a revelation but a deep dive into an ad network that has shot to the front and center of the scene with their top-notch ...

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  • Which Ad Networks Will Go Bankrupt Next

    2016 has been a crazy year with the growth of header bidding, ad block usage and the drop in Google’s share of publishers’ ad inventories. Things have definitely been shaken up last year and as a result two major bankruptcies have occurred. While Say Media technically isn’t bankrupt, they seem pretty close according to many publishers that used to run them and still have not been paid by them.

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  • Highest Paying AdSense Alternatives of 2017

    Contrary to popular belief, Google AdSense is not the only high paying option for publishers today. There are many networks on the market today providing similar if not a better offering than AdSense. Besides the question of rates, publishers also seek for other AdSense alternatives for a variety of reasons including the difficulties involved in getting your AdSense account app ...

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  • How to Boost Your Blog’s Email List – Promo Box Review

    Plugmatter has created a slew of useful plugins - plugins that really matter, in their words. The last plugin they released - the Document Importer plugin, proved it was a product that could save any blogger’s time. With their new plugin - the Plugmatter Promo Box plugin - they aim to do far more than just help ...

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