• Movable Ink Named One of America’s Fastest-Growing Companies by Inc. Magazine

      Six years ago, Movable Ink pioneered the the application of contextual experiences to email. What does that mean? Instead of pushing one-size-fits all brand messaging on customers, we help marketers deliver personalized content based on customer data. To put it simply, we deliver great experiences in the inbox. Our ability to think differently has lead to explosive growth for the company.

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    • Movable Ink Doubles Impressions During Cyber Week, Crushing Last Year’s Record

      Cyber Week 2016 was big. Really big. For the second year in a row, Black Friday mobile sales outpaced Cyber Monday, and online sales reached more than $3 billion dollars. Email was a major driver of these numbers, so it’s no surprise that Movable Ink saw record activity during that time. On Black Friday alone, we saw more than one billion impressions.

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    • 8 Best Practices for Building Trust in Email Marketing

      On this blog, we often discuss various metrics used to assess the success of email marketing. They include statistics related to open rates, conversion rates, click-through rates, and others. But, according to Matthew Telfer at Marketing Nerd, the most important metric that email marketers should focus on is one that can’t be measured easily, if at all: trust.

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  • Bring Your Child to Work Day at Movable Ink

    At Movable Ink, we’re pretty passionate about creating amazing experiences. That’s why we were so excited for Bring Your Child to Work Day. Each team at the company had the opportunity to present on their area of expertise – sales, design, engineering, and marketing for example – and the kids discovered what their parents do all day.

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  • [Lookbook] Spring Inkredible 5

    Now that spring is (finally!) in the air, what better time to refresh your email campaigns? By using email content that changes at the moment of open, you not only have the opportunity to wow your customers, you can meet their biggest needs with email content that speaks to each and every one of them. In the Spring Inkredible 5, we featured five brands that are doing exactly that.

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  • 10 Frequently Asked Questions About Contextual Email Marketing

    It’s no surprise that our team gets lots of questions on a regular basis about contextual email marketing – especially considering that Movable Ink invented the ability to change email content at the moment of open in 2010. Our Senior Solutions Consultant, Mike Dietz, recently answered some of our biggest questions in our webinar, Contextual Email Marketing AMA.

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  • Loyalty Diary: Why Rewards Emails Must Be Real-Time

    The following blog post was written by Ray Schultz and originally appeared on Media Post’s Email Edge. You can find the original blog post here. Ken Goldstein was angry. He had logged onto one of his hotel loyalty accounts to find that hundreds of thousands of points had been wiped out. The chain had a policy that it “deletes all your points if you don’t stay at one of their ...

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  • 9 Common Email Grammar Mistakes (And How to Fix Them)

    Writing is an important part of most email marketers’ job descriptions. Most of us do a lot of it every day. But even with all our experience, sometimes we’re not sure we are using the correct word (or punctuation mark) in the right way. And there isn’t always a handy automated feature to come to our rescue.

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  • [Infographic] Email Attention Spans Are Increasing, Fueled by Mobile

    The following blog post was written by Chad White, Research Director at Litmus. Follow him on Twitter: @ChadSWhite. It’s becoming more difficult for brands to break through and earn consumers’ attention. Consumers are skipping ads on TV, blocking display ads on the web, and developing almost universal ad blindness.

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  • 3 Dreamy Welcome Emails You Can Easily Re-Create

    When meeting someone for the first time, it’s all about that first impression. And unless you’re on a blind date that’s gone awry, you want to make sure it’s a good one. This way, you get another chance to hang out, build a relationship and become lifelong pals. The same also goes for businesses that connect with a consumer or email subscriber for the first time, too. That’s right.

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  • How Delta Lifted Click-Through Rates by 132%

    Ever had a great idea for an email campaign, but you weren’t sure if you had the time and resources to execute it? That’s where intelligent content really shines. With intelligent content, you can deploy complex email campaigns using any content, any data and any business logic. That’s how Delta overcame several hurdles that stood in their way of delivering a delightful (and ...

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  • 12 Best Practices for Creating Effective Surveys

    Surveys can provide email marketers with invaluable customer insights. But there’s a science to developing surveys that actually get you the info you need. To help you make your next survey as effective as possible, we’ve put together an even-dozen list of best practices from survey experts. 1. Pay attention to your sender address “Sending a survey from ‘customerservice,’ ‘he ...

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  • After the Click: Setting the Stage for the Landing Page

    The following blog post was written by Dee Dee Flagg and originally appeared here on the Shaw + Scott blog. Follow them @ShawScott! Did you know that one of the biggest mistakes in promotional email marketing is driving traffic to your home page? Why is this not a good strategy? Because the purpose of a home page is to start the conversation.

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  • [Webinar] Ask Me Anything About Contextual Email Marketing

    The phrase contextual email marketing isn’t just an industry buzzword – it’s a proven marketing strategy that can amplify email marketing’s (already ridiculously high) ROI. What is contextual email marketing? By definition, contextual email marketing is email marketing content that is personalized and relevant to each of your customers based on their location, local weather, ...

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