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  • Personalization remains a missed opportunity for many marketers

    We led last week’s “Monday Catch-up” post with this news, but the fact that almost half of email marketers are not taking advantage of personalization and other methods of targeting their campaigns is worthy of a deeper dive. As we noted Monday, according to a report from GetResponse summarizing the results of a recent survey conducted in the United States and Europe, “42 perc ...

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  • Build a Better Welcome Email

    The welcome email has among the highest open and read rates of all marketing emails, and is one of your best opportunities to create a lasting relationship with a customer. But many companies don’t leverage the full power of the welcome email. They send out a message with only a “thanks for signing up” and leave it at that.

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  • Monday Catch-up: Engagement by Generation & Emotion Based Marketing

    Good morning marketers. Let’s catch up on some news … Millennials have higher email engagement rates than expected HospitalityNet released a report this week highlighting open rates for travel and hospitality emails by generation. They found the highest open and click rates belonged to Baby Boomers, but the Millennial group engaged with emails in higher than expected numbers.

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  • Using Live Social Feeds in Email to Drive Sales and Engagement

    Email and social media serve marketers in very different ways, but there are many similarities in how consumers interact with them. The most effective email efforts are tightly bound to a sense of identity, community and that ongoing love story consumers have with a brand. The same can be said of social media platforms that drive interest by giving followers and fans the perce ...

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  • Monday Catch-up: Gamification, Personalization and Live Polling

    Welcome to February. You have an extra day this month to wow your customers with amazing email campaigns. Let’s get started! Big Brands are using gamification to increase customer loyalty feature gamification campaigns from Nike, Starbucks and the U.S. Army. One key takeaway — always reward participation.

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  • Monday Catch-up: ROI, Automation and MarTech

    Happy Leap Day Marketers. Let’s dive into this week with a quick catch-up on email marketing news. Getting more ROI out of email marketing Forbes shared some insight into how to get more from your email marketing. Continuing the trend of recognizing the importance of personalization, the articles says 74% of marketers believe it’s important and that it improves conversions b ...

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  • How to Better Manage Email Unsubscribes

    It’s so hard to say good bye. To your email subscribers. But sometimes, you can’t avoid losing a few. And it only takes a few unwanted emails or a clunky unsubscribe process to hurt your reputation. But there are a few easy steps you can take to stay out of the doghouse with the recently unsubscribed.

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  • Lead Nurturing with Email

    You’ve got a new lead, so what’s the next step? According to Marketing Sherpa, 79% of marketing leads never convert into sales. So you’re approach to turning a lead into a customer should be a well-planned out strategy. If they’ve handed over their contact information for a top of the funnel piece of content or to enter a contest, it may be too soon for a hard sell.

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  • Progressive Profiling: How to Collect Data for Personalization

    It’s no surprise that most digital marketers are turning to personalization to up their email game. Personalized emails have 6X higher transaction rates and over 41% higher unique click rates than non-personalized emails (Marketing Land). And although tactics like including a name in the subject line may increase opens, it’s not enough to stand out among your competitors when s ...

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  • Valentine’s Day Email Win: The Weekend Dating Forcast

    Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. In case you need to mark your calendar, it’s Sunday, February 14 (yeah, that’s right around the corner!) V-Day is big business. Very big. This year, Americans are expected to spend a record $19.7 billion on candy, flowers, jewelry and other signifiers of affection.

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  • Innovative Partner Interview: Merkle

    As part of our Innovative Partner Interview Series, we’re bringing you real world email marketing insights from Jose Cebrian, VP, General Manager of Email and Mobile Messaging at Merkle. Jose talked to us about why he thinks email should be the backbone of any digital marketing program, the potential of Schema and more.

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