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  • 12 Ways Infographics Can Be Used to Drive Results

    Posted by AdamThompson Infographics are a hot commodity in the digital marketing space, both as part of SEO strategies and for content marketing initiatives. They’re a great way to connect with audiences, educate readers in a creative and visual way, and build editorial backlinks. About 65 percent of people are visual learners.

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  • A 9-Part Client Management Manifesto Your Agency Should Steal

    Posted by brianspatterson It was my first day at my new gig as a federal government IT consultant in Washington, D.C. I was slogging through the typical onboarding paperwork when a senior partner dropped by, introduced himself, and handed me a paperback book. “Read and implement this,” he said. The cover read The Trusted Advisor by David H.

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  • Here’s How AdWords Basics Took an Account from Cost Center to Profit Center

    Posted by PaidInsights Your AdWords account doesn't need to be complex to be profitable, but there are a few (often forgotten) settings and tweaks that can make a huge difference in ROI. Many times these "small" things can be the difference between losing and making money on your ad spend. I took over an account that wasn't in horrible shape, but it needed a little help to stop the bleeding.

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  • ​How to Create Images That Attract & Convince Your Target Niche

    Posted by nikkielizabethdemere Any old picture might be worth a thousand words. But your target niche doesn’t need or want a thousand words. Your ideal audience needs the right words, paired with the right images, to tell a story that uniquely appeals to their deepest desires. Studies show that people understand images faster than words, remember them longer, and if there’s ...

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  • Here’s How to Cut Your MozCon Travel Costs by Half

    Posted by dgochneaur Marta Turek speaking at Mozcon 2015 When it comes to digital marketing conferences, the choices are overwhelming. From Minnesota to Austin, Seattle, Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Europe, and Asia, there seems to be an event nearly every week of the year. To me, one conference stands out as not your typical marketing conference: MozCon.

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  • Why Mobile-First Is the Only Design Worth Your Investment

    Posted by bsmarketer Most marketers think they’re hiring web designers to design an aesthetic. But the savviest practitioners know they’re not. They’re hiring experts to think through design interactions. The way people will arrive, hunt, look, and browse to ultimately find what they’re looking for in the most pleasing way possible. (Also, a few conversions along the way would be nice.

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