• My SSH Commands Cheatsheet

    Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of work dealing with servers and I couldn’t help but turn to using SSH to do stuff in order to save time. Before, I’d really prefer not doing tasks on my web servers via SSH because I did not start making things for the web using the command line. I was not used to it, so I’m kinda not really familiar with all those crazy Linux commands.

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  • How To Create Paypal Subscription Links

    Sometimes you encounter a special need to use Paypal payment links instead of button codes. Like if you want to use custom payment/subscribe buttons which are specially designed to match with the other elements of your site. Or if you simply want to send the subscription link via email. Unfortunately, Paypal’s documentations only talk about their payment buttons and its different types.

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  • How To Run Screaming Frog SEO Spider on Google Cloud Platform for FREE

    The Screaming Frog SEO Spider software is no doubt, a tool every SEO should have and should know how to use. It is very powerful and very fast at what it does, which is basically all about crawling websites. However, if you’ve been using it for a while, you will have noticed its drawbacks also. A couple of things that I don’t like when using the software are: So to get rid o ...

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  • How Does One Find Good SEO Services

    In the immensely growing and intense competition of online marketing, Search Engine Optimization or SEO has been an indispensable tool in the success of a business. However due to the degree of knowledge, skill and experience needed to do proper SEO, it has been the norm to turn to the experts as doing SEO on your own is a risky and expensive endeavor.

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  • How to send and receive emails from your cPanel email account via Gmail

    If you are running a business and online marketing is part of your customer acquisition strategies (which should be), having a professional looking/sounding email address is very important. Preferably, your email should be something like address@mybusinessdomain.com. This is so that people will find it easy to trust that they are communicating with people in your business wh ...

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  • 2 Dozen Reasons Your Adsense Application Keeps Getting Rejected

    It’s no secret that Adsense is one of the best (if not “the” best) contextual advertising network in the whole web. They have the highest paying ads, the biggest inventory of advertisers and the best quality ads. This is such a great thing. And like all great things, it requires a great amount of responsibility to maintain.

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  • Understanding the Heartbleed Bug

    This might be a little too late for this because it’s been almost a week after the public announcement of this dangerously popular Heartbleed bug. But I must admit, I didn’t really understand what they were talking about until I found this kinda funny comic illustration of how this bug works (see below).

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