• How Dominos Used The Rebirth Story Plot To Bounce-Back To Glory

      In a previous post I wrote about the 7 archetypal plots used by brands to tell stories that capture our hearts, minds and imagination. Here’s how Dominos used the Rebirth plot to rebound their brand from failure to glory literally overnight. In the years leading up to 2009 Dominos was facing a product quality crisis with wide-spread criticism about the taste of their pizza.

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    • American Express’ “SPENT” – Storytelling via Documentary

      Some brands excel at telling the real life stories of their customers via documentary short films. American Express is one such brand. 2 years ago they produced a film about the nearly 70 million Americans locked out of traditional financial services. The aim? to spark a movement for hope and change.

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    • 16 Tips for Sustainable Lead Generation Success

      Marketing teams often feel like they have slammed into a brick wall when it comes to developing lead-generation strategies that are successful across multiple channels and have long-term effectiveness. In other words, they often find that what works on one platform does not work on another, and strategies that attract attention today become strategies that get ignored tomorrow.

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  • Google’s Fred Algo: The Sandstorm Low Down

    By now you must have heard about the infamous Fred Algo update. If you haven’t, here’s a quick summary of pertinent facts and our recommendations. Name: Fred Algo Update. Why is is called that? : Google’s Gary Illyes, jokingly suggested that all updates be named “Fred.” from now on. The SEO community agreed and there you go. Who does it affect? : It is not fully agreed yet.

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  • Digital Advertising: Are you Making the Most Out of Your Budget?

    Digital advertising is an exciting field because of the technology and innovation behind it. Yet in spite of the possibilities it offers, it’s become formulaic: it’s a cycle of segmentation, blasting, and performance attribution. You then tweak the reach and frequency of campaigns, rinse, and repeat. At first blush, this segment-blast-measure approach works fine.

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  • Extreme Consumers: Who They Are & Why You Ought to Love Them

    Companies generally want to develop products or services that have a high demand, as this approach improves the odds of significant sales. Subsequently, marketers for most organizations focus their research on what the majority of a given population appears to want or need. When it comes to supporting innovation and keeping businesses moving forward, however, businesses might ...

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    When you think of Aston Martin, what comes to mind? For me, it’s James Bond and all the exciting car chases. It’s probably what comes to your mind also? But, beyond the James Bond association, the Aston Martin story is actually just as interesting. According to their website: A RICH AND PRESTIGIOUS HERITAGE DEFINES ASTON MARTIN AS SOMETHING TRULY UNIQUE WITHIN AUTOMOTIVE HISTORY.

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  • The VW Beetle Story: A Lesson in Brand Persona Development

    The VW “Lemon” and “Think Small” ads are icons of the late 50s. Created by Bill Bernbach‘s BBD ad agency, they revolutionized advertising copy and laid out the early foundations for brand storytelling through engaging narrative and brand persona development. WHAT IS BRAND PERSONA? A brand is not just a name and a logo.

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  • B2B Storytelling Success Begins With Answering This Question …

    “What keeps your customers up at night?” One of the most important concepts in b2b marketing is empathy, without it, your story will not resonate with the intended audience; and if the story doesn’t resonate, you might as well not tell it. “What keeps your customers up at night?” This is the question I often ask my clients, especially in the b2b space.

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  • My Interview: What’s the Story with Content Marketing?

    I was recently interviewed by the brilliant Lianne Picot on her Story Powered Radio Show on Voice America. The topic was one that is near and dear to my heart; Content Marketing, and how Brand Storytelling fits in. The interview kicked of with my own personal story, one that I’ve been hesitant to elaborate on before, but did so live on her show.

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  • Presenting: Future of Search During UAE Innovation Week

    I’m hitting the speaking circuit again, this time on 25 November and in support of UAE Innovation Week to discuss the future of Search. Over the last year, the UAE has prioritized innovation mainly to keep its competitive edge in the region and to boost its diversification efforts. I’m proud to have been asked to participate and do our bit to further the development and com ...

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  • 10 Steps to Putting Together a Content Creation Calendar

    Any company embarking on building and growing its digital brand needs to have a content creation calendar. After all, success is no longer about randomly creating content. Instead, it’s about having a forward-thinking plan, defining when content will be created, and most importantly, outlining the internal and external resources you’ll need to take your company’s content to the next level.

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  • 7 Tips for Effective Brand Storytelling on YouTube

    YouTube is by far the biggest user generated video platform today and the second largest search engine after Google. It is also the ideal platform to tell your brand story either directly, or by associating with other content creators to tap into an existing audience who relate to your “adjacent” story.

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  • How We Track Content Marketing Performance

    Most businesses already understand the importance of content marketing as a way to raise brand awareness, enhance search engine visibility, establish authority and increase lead generation. However, many marketers have little to show for their efforts, and this is often due to not paying enough attention to the statistical data gathered from their digital marketing efforts.

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