• Central Data Storage acquires marketing software provider Optyn

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 11/20/14 Chicago, IL — Central Data Storage, a leader in providing software as a service to medical and specialty professionals, has acquired Optyn and its nearly 3,000 customers for an undisclosed amount, including cash plus earn-out. “Optyn’s software and their team will help us serve our customers better than ever,” said CDS President/CEO Ed Conklin.

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  • Mastering the Email Marketing Campaign

    Tips to make sure you are on to a good start with your email marketing campaign Many businesses do not know what they want to be when they grow up. That reflects in their email marketing campaign. Since email is an important part of any marketing campaign, it is important to get all aspects of it right the first time, because the only thing which is worse than receiving a bun ...

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  • The Secrets of Selling Successfully

    Selling is done the same way, whether online or off, which means that the rules of the game don’t change all that much. That being said, there are still those who think that the two modes of selling are like taming two different wild beasts at the same time. Keeping that in mind, the following lines are going to cover the secrets of selling successfully both online and offline.

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  • Email and Ezine Marketing Solutions

    Marketing solutions to make the best out of email and ezine marketing for businesses. Email marketing comes in various shapes and forms, the following are going to be just two of those formats which one can use to increase their business. So without any further ado, let’s just get right into these marketing solutions.

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  • Ezine Marketing … Anyone?

    The best tips on how you can use Ezine articles and make the most of it More often than not the word Ezine comes about by marketers and business owners alike. The following are a few tips on how you can use Ezine articles to your benefit as part of your online marketing campaign. Consistency Counts Marketing an online newsletter is the only way you will let your future subscr ...

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  • The Skinny on Email Marketing

    What you need to know about email marketing to succeed in the online business world Of all the ways one can use to direct web traffic towards their business website, email marketing is by far the most effective. Of course, email marketing in itself means many different things to the online marketer mainly it spreads on a wide variety of formats, over here we are going to cove ...

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  • Online Marketing: How to Build a Scalable Plan which Scales with You

    Some important elements of developing a strong and scalable marketing plan. As a startup or SME, developing an offline and online marketing plan which will serve its purpose, is never easy and needs a considerable amount of consideration and planning. The following are some of the most important elements of developing a strong and scalable marketing plan that will help prop ...

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  • Top 5 Online Marketing Tips

    These top five online marketing tips will help your companies online presence. The web is a tool of limitless possibilities and creating a presence online has become more practical than ever before. But sustaining a successful online presence is easier said than done, which is why one should follow the following steps to guarantee the success of their business.

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  • How to Start an Opt-in E-mail Campaign

    Opt-in is basically a term which is used to classify bulk emails that have been subscribed by the recipient. For those business owners who were wondering how they can start their opt-in email campaign, this is going to be a condensed primer for getting started. Can it be Considered as Spam? The first question that comes to mind is can bulk email be considered as spam? This is a valid question.

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  • How To Create A Product Announcement Using Optyn

    In previous blogs we talked about the importance of capturing the email addresses of your customers so you can engage them and increase sales. One of the major objectives of engaging customers is to have your business or products stay “top-of-mind”. That means that you want your customers to think of your products or services whenever they think of a product or service you sell.

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  • How To Create A General Announcement With Optyn

    You never want to over communicate with your customers. If you do, your customer will have three options – ignore your email, unsubscribe or report you as a spammer. None of those can be considered a good thing. But how do you know how often to send an email? There is no hard and fast rule, but the best advice we can offer is that before you hit the send button ask yourself if ...

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  • How To Add One or More Subscribers Manually in Optyn

    Growing your email list is an important part of making sure that you can communicate with the people most important to your business – your customers. Having a way to let them know about sales, special events or just what’s happening in the community is a great way to engage them so they keep coming back to your store or site. There are a number of ways you can capture email addresses.

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  • How To Import a Subscriber Email List In Optyn

    The term “Lead Capture” refers to capturing the contact details of the visitors, fans and customers of your business so you can engage them and entice them to return to your store or site. One of the critical pieces of contact information is the email address. With an email address you can communicate specials, deals, new product announcements or any information that will get ...

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  • How to Keep In Touch With Your Customers

    There comes a time when the business is done between you and a customer and the only thing left is the time in between when you will work with them again. It can be a waiting game, trying to figure out if your business was good enough that they will come back. Well there are some ways that you can push them right back into your arms. And if none of these work then, you must have did it wrong.

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