• 5 Digital Marketing Strategies Retailers Should be Using

    For many of us, shopping is a pastime that’s as American as baseball and apple pie. But that pastime is undergoing an evolution. The ways that we shop have changed drastically in the last decade and some retailers are suffering while others are thriving. For many, the difference centers on the ability to adapt to the rise of digital access and opportunity.

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  • What The Dark Knight Teaches Us About Marketing

    This month, during a recent Lunch & Learn for the Overit team, I had a chance to speak about two of my passions: marketing and The Dark Knight. Specifically, the marketing lessons we can derive from the film and how we can apply them in the field. I know it sounds like a stretch, but hear me out… As a fan of Batman, the character, I obsess over The Dark Knight and find ...

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  • The Power of Video: Lessons from Overit’s Panel Discussion

    Those of us born within the last 70 years, we grew up watching television, commercials, TV shows, and movies. We remember the cheesy classic ‘80s commercials for Doublemint Gum encouraging us to “double your pleasure, double your fun!” They stuck with us for years, and we still get nostalgic thinking about them.

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  • Sales 201: Keeping Relationships Alive Beyond the Face-to-Face

    Any salesperson worth his or her salt will tell you – face-to-face interaction builds relationships. But how much of your face is there to go around? Your face doesn’t scale, so how can you continue to nurture relationships beyond the face-to-face? I’m on my way home from SEMICON West 2017, stuck in the Detroit airport on a combined 11-hour layover, delay and cancelled fligh17t.

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  • How Automated Marketing Is Helping Authors Generate Sales

    I was going to be an author when I grew up. There was a whole plan. I’d write my memoir at 27, sipping a latte and staring at some piece of beautiful scenery. It sounded like a nice gig. What I didn’t think about, and what I think many real-life authors don’t think about, is what I would do after I penned my great work.

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  • How Video Can Compel Action for Advocacy Campaigns

    My favorite projects to account manage are videos that in some way improve the world. This use of video is called video advocacy, and the promotion of these videos is both effective and resonates with audiences. Video is one of the most creative means to drive a viewer to action. Changing and improving the world is a lofty goal, but many of Overit’s clients use video in exac ...

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  • Is Your Marketing Data Working For You?

    These days, whether they are using it or not, companies are collecting vast amounts of data with their digital tools (like Google Analytics, keyword campaigns, site forms) – sometimes simply because they can and sometimes due to market challenges related to their industries (like the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry who needs to track and report deeper spend).

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  • Demystifying Your Business With Google Analytics [Ebook]

    Is your website attracting the right visitors? Once on your website, are folks engaging with your brand and interested in what you have to say? Where is your best traffic coming from? What’s working for your business and what is a waste of marketing dollars? How do you know? The answers are waiting for you, in Google Analytics.

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  • We Need Your Help! [Take Overit’s Marketing Survey]

    We need your help. Okay, I need your help. One of my big goals this year has been to help Overit design better customer experiences. Experiences that will allow us to provide you with greater “stuff,” most often through content initiatives. After spending my first quarter elbow deep in sales and other excitingness, I finally feel ready (worthy?) to get to know everything tha ...

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  • Your Brand is Everywhere. How Do You Control It?

    Brand. I think about brand often. I think about it in terms of our clients – what is their unique story, how does it connect with their customers, how do we empower those customers to live that story – but I also think about it in terms of Overit. What is Overit’s brand? Is it aligned with Dan’s original vision? Does our brand alter based on where you are sitting – if you ar ...

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  • Planning Your Association’s Website? Read This First.

    Creating a website tailored to the needs of your association’s audience? It can be tricky. There are dueling priorities, laundry lists of competing Needs and Wants, and limited resources to contend with. But even with all that – you still must get it done. You still need a website that stands out, conveys your message, and successfully engages and retains your audience.

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  • More “Stories” of Copycat Social Media Features

    Yesterday, Facebook announced a new update that includes features like a new in-app camera, a new feed of ephemeral stories at the top of users’ News Feeds and a private messaging feature called “Direct.” Since I previously lambasted Facebook’s Instagram for copying Snapchat with Stories, the feature has grown to reach 150 million daily users (source).

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  • Media Relations & What You Need to Know

    For a platform that we interact with daily in print, through TV, radio and online, a majority of people don’t know the process of how news is produced and what’s truly ailing newsrooms. With a better understanding of the current state of media, though, publicists can better work with press, and clients can better work with their publicists.

    Alison Krawczyk/ Overitin How To's- 16 readers -
  • Building Personas Into Your Marketing Strategy

    “Personas, is that Spanish?” The short answer – yes, “persona” is Spanish for “person.” In marketing terminology, personas mean people identification – to put it simply. You’ve probably heard the term by now, but what exactly is a persona and how does it fit into your marketing strategy? Marketing definition: A persona is an aggregated collection of data, segmented into a ta ...

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  • 5 Types of Emails Your Association Should Be Sending

    You work for an association. You have members, followers or, at minimum, people who look to you to provide them with the information, tools, resources and likeminded connections they need to make them better, faster and/or stronger. The more engaged this audience is kept, the more successful your association will become. You know this.

    Lisa Barone/ Overitin EMail- 17 readers -
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