• Can Real-Time Marketing Really Work For Your Brand?

      Melania Trump plagiarized her RNC speech. People are roaming the streets like zombies looking for Pokémon. Taylor, Kim and Kanye are fighting. Again. The new Ghostbusters movie has been released. The world is in turmoil around us. Every day, we wake up to new headlines, celebrity spats and upcoming holiday weekends. As brands and as marketers, we want to be timely and we want to be relevant.

      Lisa Barone/ Overit- 13 readers -
    • Data, Internal Communications and Finding Purpose in PR – 4 Lessons from PRxNE 2016

      Last week, I attended the Public Relations Society of America’s Northeast District Conference (PRxNE 2016) to accompany Overit’s Jen Van Iderstyne as she presented on SEO, and to learn from other industry professionals from across the region. We’ve all heard about how PR is evolving, but the experts at PRxNE 2016 truly drove the point home with presentations focusing on Face ...

      Alison Krawczyk/ Overit- 13 readers -
    • 10 Content Marketing Questions To Answer in 2016 (part 1)

      There was a plan. A plan to write something, and then one thing led to another and I’m hitting publish on my 2016 preview piece after Valentine’s Day. No, it’s not ideal. But, I bet I’m not the only one who’s made plans only to have them not pan out immediately. Things happen! Priorities shift. There are simply too many cool digital marketing tactics to explore all at once.

      Janae Derusso/ Overitin Content- 19 readers -
  • December Events at Overit

    The holiday season is upon us! Along with good tidings and delicious food, this time of year fills our social and professional calendars very quickly. At Overit, we have a handful of events taking place throughout December that we’re excited to share with you. They range from all-day-long to a few hours, so we hope you can fit one (or all!) events into your schedule.

    Alison Krawczyk/ Overit- 6 readers -
  • Donald Trumppet Is President

    Today, Donald Trumppet has become president of Overit. It is a tremendously huge day for them. Watch this great video of Trumppet saying important things: “I discovered Overit when I let them promote Trump Vodka. My vodka was so good people didn’t understand it, which is why it is no longer sold.

    Overit- 9 readers -
  • Closing Keynote: Jim Louderback (#Pubcon)

    Last session of the day, last session of Pubcon Las Vegas 2016. The crowd is clapping for everyone involved. It’s been a great conference this year (and we also heard some major Google news this morning, which was pretty cool). We’re here to hear from Jim Louderback, currently working with Wochit (he also does a bunch of other awesome things).

    Overit- 13 readers -
  • How to Get Ready for Voice Search (#Pubcon)

    Not sure why to bother with voice search? Below’s a recap of the first half of today’s two-part session… Purna Virji, Senior Bing Ads PPC Training Manager at Microsoft, starts by asking how many of us have broken bones in our lives. She got hit by a motorcycle in India recently, and broke both of her wrists. She could not hold a book, she could not hold a remote.

    Overitin How To's- 9 readers -
  • Keynote: Debra Jasper (#Pubcon)

    How many of us go through our inbox inbox first thing in the morning? Most of us. How many times do we check our phones throughout the day? 200 times. We’re interrupted at work every 3 minutes, and it takes us 23 minutes to refocus. Debra Jasper challenges us. It’s easy for us to get a message out. It’s hard to get a messaging in.

    Overit- 8 readers -
  • Advanced Facebook Ad Techniques (#Pubcon)

    Ashley Ward, CEO & Founder of Madhouse Matters (her one-person agency!) is kicking off our session. There are 400M advertisers on Facebook right now. 5 new Facebook profiles are created every second, and there are 1.3B daily users. Lots of people to reach with Facebook Ads. (Are you using them, yet?) There’s 13 different ad objectives. Don’t just pick one.

    Overit- 9 readers -
  • Keynote: Robert Scoble (#Pubcon)

    Good morning, everyone! We’re back for our second day of Pubcon Las Vegas 2016 coverage. Today, we’ll be mixing it up again – covering sessions on a variety of topics here and on Twitter. We’re kicking off the blog coverage today with Robert Scoble‘s keynote address. The room is packed for this talk, everyone armed with coffee (and Tylenol?) after last night’s networking shenanigans.

    Overit- 10 readers -
  • Remarketing (#Pubcon)

    Another two-part session here today – we’re ready to share some key takeaways you need to know about remarketing. B2B Remarketing: Erin Heffernan, Account Director, Optimedia What Erin begins by looking at from a paid search point of view is the paid search conversion funnel. She knows the highest searched terms usually have the lowest conversion rate. They’re super generic.

    Overit- 13 readers -
  • Scott Monty: The Promise of Digital (#Pubcon)

    It’s time for the afternoon keynote! We’re full from lunch and ready to listen in on the latest from Scott Monty. Scotts begins with a poem, a scene of snowy woods on the screens behind him. The reason he opens with Robert Frost’s “Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening” poem is that we, as marketers, can be inspired by anything if we simply choose to be observant enough.

    Overit- 8 readers -
  • Linkbuilding 2016 (#Pubcon)

    Search is just one damned thing after another. It’s easy to feel like that, says Dixon Jones, marketing director of Majestic SEO. But it’s not actually true. It’s the same damn thing, over and over again. It’s links. There is so much information in a link. Links involve content, reach, influence, power, meaning, context, passion, intent, relevance… Links are connections.

    Overit- 14 readers -
  • Snapchat (#Pubcon)

    I’m embarrassed to admit how little I’ve used Snapchat, which is why I’m pretty excited for this next session. First up, Kat Haselkorn, of Go Fish Digital. Snapchat’s not a passing trend. She’s a pretty terrible photographer, she admits, so she fails at Instagram. But Snapchat is more fun and frivolous, less demanding of your photo skills.

    Overit- 9 readers -
  • Keynote: Scott Stratten (#Pubcon)

    Good morning from Pubcon Las Vegas 2016! The Overit team is thrilled to be here (in booth #507) and ready for a few jam-packed days of sessions on all-things-marketing. This is the first of many sessions we’ll be covering this week (catch the full list here). Pubcon’s kicking off with a keynote by Scott Stratten of Unmarketing, co-author of books such as QR Codes Kill Kitte ...

    Overit- 8 readers -
  • The Overit-Pubcon Takeover

    Get excited! Next week is the week search marketers look forward to all year long – it’s Pubcon Las Vegas! The Overit team is super psyched as we’ll be attending Pubcon in a pretty big way this year. Keep reading to find out what we have going on, where you can find us, and how you can get involved. There’s a lot here so you may want to grab a drink and a snack before continuing.

    Lisa Barone/ Overit- 14 readers -
  • Looking Back on SMX East 2016

    Last week, Search Marketing Expo (SMX) took over New York City and brought together a number of the best minds in digital marketing. I had the honor of attending Wednesday’s sessions, which kicked off with a number of Google feature announcements before jumping into several in-depth sessions. If you weren’t able to make it to the big show, here’s what you missed.

    Tim Jensen/ Overit- 10 readers -
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