• The Machines Aren’t Coming, They’re Already Here

      This past Monday, our team had a chance to visit The Inbounder 2017 conference in New York City. The event featured great speakers, valuable takeaways, and an awesome after-hours event sponsored by SEMRush. I could probably go on and on about the sheer variety of information covered in the single-day conference; for instance, Melanie Deziel had a great speech about branded c ...

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    • PRSA Boston’s Social Media Summit: What I Learned

      Last week, I attended PRSA Boston’s Social Media Summit to hear insight from industry leaders on creating engaging content, using video for social, and the current and future trends in the sector. While I was overly excited about being named the conference’s top tweeter for my live-tweeting efforts, I was even more excited about the new ideas and information I learned from the speakers.

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    • 4 Ways Mid-Sized Agencies Need to Evolve in 2017

      The calendar tells me that it’s been almost three months since I joined Team Overit as Chief Operating Officer. After a career spent helping businesses create smarter, faster, leaner systems, the transition to Overit has been a natural one. Overit and I share many of the same passions, interests and beliefs about what not only what makes a leading creative agency, but how to ...

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  • 2017 Business Lessons: Here’s What We Learned

    2017 was a great year for our agency. We strengthened our leadership with the appointment of a COO and CMO We signed exciting new clients, in a variety of industries and verticals (and have become obsessed with them) We wrote, designed and produced award-winning creative that was engaging, purposeful, and downright beautiful We helped our clients grow their businesses and se ...

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  • GDPR: What Does it Mean and Why Should You Care?

    If you’re an email marketer, you’ve probably been hearing “GDPR” thrown around a lot lately, it stands for the General Data Protection Regulation. If you haven’t already, you need to start preparing for it, especially if you’re doing any business internationally or collecting personal information from citizens of Europe.

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  • Data and Analytics for Successful Digital Branding and Content Marketing

    If you’re here with us in Vegas, I hope you survived lunch because now it’s time to dig into data and analytics. Guiding us on this journey are Annie Cushing and Cynthia Johnson. This promises to be good. Up first is Annie Cushing. She says her Annielytics brand started as a joke on Twitter. She bought the domain before a skeevy marketer would and it grew from there. That sounds about right.

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  • Ranking Factors

    Chatting this morning we have Bruce Clay, Greg Gifford, and Kevin Lee. Three guys who know what they’re doing, and one guy is responsible for hiring me 11 years ago and gave me my start in marketing (hi, Bruce). Bruce is up first to rattle off 41 Signals & Ranking Factors for Local Search. He says his presentation is twice as long as he has time for.

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  • Content Production: Getting Your Content on Large Publications #pubcon

    Melissa Fach from SEMRush is our solo presenter for this one. She’s pretty amazing so I’m excited. Sean Jackson is moderating and gives her a kickass intro. In this industry, writing well is a good way to make a name for yourself. Writing badly is a great way to destroy your reputation. Blog for yourself, but also get on the bigger publications because you’re gonna be seen more.

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  • Keynote: Joost de Valk – Holistic SEO #pubcon

    Good afternoon, Pubcon people. We’re in the afternoon keynote with the one and only Joost De Valk of Yoast. We’re going to talk about lessons he’s learned while building Yoast SEO. To start all of that off he’s going to tell us how he got here. How did he get to being this plugin that suddenly everybody uses. The year was 2006.

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  • ‘Tis the Season: Holiday Marketing Tips

    As the cold weather starts to roll in, we’re reminded of what’s coming… the holiday season. The upcoming months are not only the busiest of the year but also when the most spending occurs. Most retail marketers are heading toward the largest business and profits of the year and it’s important to make sure your marketing campaign isn’t left in the dark this winter.

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  • Tips and Techniques for an SEO Site Audit #pubcon

    Welcome back! It’s time to talk SEO Audits, and how you can DIY. Up on stage to lead us on our journey are Rob Woods and Overit’s own Senior Strategist Jen VanIderstyne. You would have thought Jen would have shared her slides with me beforehand to make this part of my job a litle easier but, alas, then you would be wrong. I’ll remember this moment, Jen. Rob is up first.

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  • Keynote: Google Webmasters Relations #pubcon

    Good morning, good morning! We’re kicking things off at Pubcon this morning with a keynote from three Googlers. What more could you really want to start your search day? On stage we have Nathan Johns (Senior Search Quality Analyst and one of my favorite folks), Eric Kuan (Webmaster Relations) and Gary Illyes (Search Quality Analyst). This should be good.

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  • Keynote: Tom Hale – Survey Monkey #pubcon

    Hey, hey! I hope you enjoyed your lunch because we’re about to start up again. This afternoon we have Tom Hale delivering our keynote. He’s from Survey Monkey and he’s gonna share tips and tricks for helping us maximize survey results. Tom’s up on stage and he has ENERGY and I love it. He’s the president of Survey Monkey and he loves his job.

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  • Influencer & Micro-Influencer Identification #pubcon

    Still with us? Good! Next up we’re going to talk influencer marketing with the very smart Kristina Libby and Matt Siltala. We’re starting this session a little early. That’s how I like it. Up first is Kristina. She starts by quoting Lazerfeld & Katy Theory from 1940 which found opintion leaders are most succesful in conveying an idea to people who share certain demo criteria.

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  • In-House Content Marketing #pubcon

    Lauren Polinsky (MGM Resorts) and Kate Morris (Craftsy) are up to talk about in-house content strategy. Kate starts off saying that she and Lauren are both very, very old. Perhaps not age-wise, but definitely experience-wise. We’ll take that. She mentions that we’re not here to just talk about blue links on a search page. It’s about showing up in the One Box. It’s about Voice Search.

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