• How to Compete with Airbnb and HomeAway (VRBO)

      VRBO has garnered some negative press ever since Expedia acquired the company late last year. The company has instituted a guest fee, changed the subscription model and the sort methodology which determine what order listings appear on the site. But, the biggest misstep made by the company, is the lack of communication to owners and property managers before the changes were made.

      Paveyain How To's- 85 readers -
    • How to Align Marketing & Sales in Real Estate

      Traditionally, there is some friction between marketing departments and sales departments. Typically, there is also finger pointing and blame to the other department when results are disappointing. Aligning the goals of both departments is key in creating synergy to make both areas function at the top of their game.

      Paveyain EMail How To's- 65 readers -
    • Choosing the Right Color Palette for Your New Website

      When the time comes to create or re-design your company’s website, the overall color palette of the site is an important decision that requires some careful consideration and isn’t always as easy as you might think. When choosing the color palette for your website, first ask yourself the following: Are you starting from scratch or do you already have a minor color scheme yo ...

      Abby Stewart/ Paveya- 35 readers -
  • Stay Up-to-Date with Google AdWords Updates

    Google is known for frequently updating its search algorithm, but now a change has been made to Google’s AdWords advertisements that are displayed in search results as well as Google’s display network that includes a vast number of popular websites. The new changes provide benefits to marketers by increasing the visibility of ads and making it easier to reach your audience.

    Paveyain Paid Search Google- 14 readers -
  • 2017 Marketing Plans: What Are You Going to Do Different?

    Marketing is both an art and a science. The art is the creative and thinking “outside the box”. The science is evaluating what we have done to find what works and what doesn’t. So, before you start your 2017 Marketing Plan take the time to determine what you need to do different this year versus last year.

    Paveyain EMail- 11 readers -
  • What You Need to Know About Houzz Directory Changes for Pros

    Houzz recently announced an update to the way it displays “Pros” on the sites directory. This change has come after much research and the discovery that Houzz users are more likely to contact a professional when they can see that the professional is active in their neighborhood, and when they can see the details of the professional’s current projects in their area.

    Paveyain How To's- 31 readers -
  • Are You Prepared for How Artificial Intelligence Will Impact SEO in 2017?

    Anyone in marketing is aware of Google algorithms and the impact it has on your sites search ranking. We take the time to meticulously use our key words and make sure the Meta data is there for all our content and site to be found, among other things. Consider thinking about it the opposite way; as a customer searching for something.

    Paveyain SEO How To's- 12 readers -
  • The Beginners Guide to Email Segmentation For Marketing Campaigns

    If you are new to email marketing, you might not be aware of the benefits of segmenting your email list. Email marketing segmentation is an effective method of dividing your list into different groups, each group consists of contacts with similar characteristics and interests. Segmentation allows you to provide more relevant content to your email contacts.

    Paveya- 18 readers -
  • Have You Optimized Your E-Commerce Website Yet?

    In today’s market, 30.5% of the traffic that e-commerce websites generate comes from organic searches. Many businesses struggle to rank well even when their site is using blogs and long tail keywords related to the services their company offers. There are several factors that contribute to e-commerce sites that don’t rank well and they can be attributed to technical aspects of ...

    Paveya- 14 readers -
  • Promote Summer Vacation Bookings Using Holiday Marketing

    The winter holidays are quickly approaching and people are bracing for the chilly months ahead. Although summer might be the last thing on your mind, winter is prime booking season for families to reserve their summer vacation rental. During the holidays, many people start exploring, researching, and booking homes for the upcoming summer.

    Paveya- 13 readers -
  • Paveya Launches New Website for OBX Art Studio

    (POWELL’S POINT, NC) Paveya, a full service web design and inbound marketing company based on the Outer Banks has launched a redesigned website for the OBX art studio located in Kill Devil Hills, NC. The website has been redesigned to showcase a family oriented art studio with an emphasis on creative expression.

    Paveya- 11 readers -
  • Facebook At Work: Have You Tried Workplace?

    Facebook has officially launched its enterprise social network for businesses known as Workplace. The feature is very similar to how Facebook already works, but you only communicate with people from your company or linked organizations. Companies that use Workplace can create groups to easily review shared projects and shoot live video for coworkers to watch.

    Paveyain Social Mobile- 13 readers -
  • Home Builders Have You Joined These Linkedin Groups?

    Custom home builders are using Linkedin to build their personal and company brand. The social media site brings builders, architects, and professionals in the industry together to discuss design, building techniques, products and more. Joining a home builder’s related group is a great place to network and learn the latest trends in custom design.

    Paveya- 11 readers -
  • How to Use Facebook Live To Attract New Followers

    Facebook Live is a feature that offers live-streaming video to users, it is rapidly becoming an influential trend in social media marketing. This feature works wonders when it comes to live streaming an event, company announcements, or showcasing important content. Any Facebook user that follows you has the option to tune in and see the latest happenings.

    Paveyain Social How To's- 14 readers -
  • What Every Successful Website Needs in 2016

    Having a strong website design is a must if you want to build a successful business in today’s market. If you are just creating your website there are certain features that you should include to grow your business. There are some things that all good websites have in common, regardless of the industry.

    Paveya- 21 readers -
  • How To Use Facebook Advertisements To Grow Your Business

    Facebook offers powerful techniques to show your ads to a custom audience. With over 1 billion users, advertising on Facebook allows you to reach people based on gender, age, and interests. However, up until this point users could download AdBlock to filter content and block ads on Google Chrome, Safari, and other web browsers.

    Paveyain Social Mobile How To's- 17 readers -
  • Sidekick: Have You Seen When, Where and How Your Email is Opened?

    Are you tired of sending an email and waiting around for a response? You can take control of your email again by downloading Hubspot’s Sidekick, which allows you to see what happens after the email is sent. It seems that everyone from business professionals to salespeople are seeing the major advantages of using email tracking software.

    Paveyain EMail How To's- 14 readers -
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