• (VIDEO) How to Deal with Haters

    If you are successful, you have to accept one thing: Haters. The moment you start doing well, you are going to find that there are jealous people who have nothing better to do than spend their time trying to shame you. For whatever reason, there is a percentage of the population that finds joy in pointing out faults in others.

    Pace Lattin/ Performance Marketing Insiderin How To's- 11 readers -
  • Ikea Removes “Dirty Slutty” Women from Catalog then apologizes.

    After Swedish home furnishing giant IKEA distributed a separate store catalog in Israel, excluding pictures of women, Ynet reported on Wednesday, then apologized after enormous criticism The furniture retailer – which has three chains in Israel – aimed the new catalog at ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel, “Due to requests we received, we decided to launch an alternative and special catalog, which.

    Pace Lattin/ Performance Marketing Insider- 11 readers -
  • Scammer Jeremy Johnson Going to Jail For Refusing to Testify

    Jeremy Johnson who almost beat all federal charges against him this past year may still be going to jail. The figure at the center of allegations against John Swallow took the stand on Wednesday but would not testify. “I understand it’s in my best interest not to answer questions,” said Jeremy Johnson, handcuffed, and dressed in a white shirt, khaki pants, and tie.

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  • Busted: 6 Affiliate Marketing Myths

    1. Myth: Affiliate marketing is really easy Despite what every “make money from home” douchebag wants to tell you, it’s not going to be easy to make money doing affiliate marketing. Do you think all you need is a website and affiliate links? Just like any other type of business, you need to invest time and money in order for it to work.

    Pace Lattin/ Performance Marketing Insiderin Affiliate- 18 readers -
  • YouPorn Offers $25,000 Bounty While Watching Porn

    Adult tube site, YouPorn has announced the creation of perhaps one of the most titillating bounty programs ever. You can get up to $25,000 for identifying and reporting issues that you find on the site, all while watching excessive amounts of fap worthy videos. YouPorn says it is working with bug bounty provider HackerOne to offer the service.

    Pace Lattin/ Performance Marketing Insider- 9 readers -
  • Top 5 countries Targeted by Mobile Ad Fraud

    Click Mob has recently released a new report that looks at click fraud, among other things, and how it is impacting the ad industry. The report found that ad fraud resulted in about $8.2 billion in lost money for advertisers. It also led to a growing sense of distrust of much of the ad industry. While digital advertising is still effective and affordable, as prices continue t ...

    Michael Levanduski/ Performance Marketing Insider- 11 readers -
  • State of Internet Security Report Released from Akamai

    One of the leading content delivery networks in the world, Akamai, has released their Fourth Quarter 2016 State of the Internet / Security Report. This is an important report for people who work with cloud technologies, treat management, and more. Of course, it also provides valuable insights into threats that may be present against websites and other digital properties that ...

    Michael Levanduski/ Performance Marketing Insider- 15 readers -
  • Did Land Rover Fund Terrorism Through Buying Ads?

    The auto company Jaguar Land Rover, is running into some problems with their digital advertising in the UK. The company, like most their size, is using programmatic ad purchasing to get their ads out in front of as wide a range of people as possible who may be interested in buying their vehicles. Reports are coming out, however, that their ads are appearing on some very questionable websites.

    Michael Levanduski/ Performance Marketing Insider- 17 readers -
  • Six Retail-Specific Search Ranking Factors for Google

    New research from Searchmetrics identifies the most important retail-specific ranking factors that online retail and ecommerce brands should include in their content and search optimization strategies to help improve their visibility in Google searches. A key point among the findings: retailers gain visibility by giving shoppers a seamless, generally ad-free experience in whi ...

    Pace Lattin/ Performance Marketing Insiderin Google- 19 readers -
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