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  • BREAKING: eHarmony Settles District Attorney Rebill Charges

    eHarmony has agreed to pay up to $2.2 million in penalties and restitution to put an end to an action filed by the Santa Monica city attorney and several district attorneys that challenged its automatic renewal practices. The plaintiffs alleged that the dating site violated state consumer protection laws by failing to clearly, conspicuously and prominently explain that the s ...

    Richard B. Newman/ Performance Marketing Insider- 13 readers -
  • Riding the Wave of Affiliate Marketing Innovations VS. Getting Back to Basics

    Innovations, automation, machine learning and AI are being hyped. And there is a good reason for this. Many of the solutions enabled today seem to be drawn straight from science fiction. The potential for disruption and innovation seems almost boundless. This perspective applies to affiliate marketing as well. As the industry has matured, it goes hand-in-hand with the innovations.

    Performance Marketing Insider- 13 readers -
  • Facebook CMO Is Retiring

    One of the best known names in marketing, Gary Briggs, is retiring from his post as the Chief Marketing Officer at Facebook. Briggs joined Facebook in August of 2013, and prior to that he was Google’s VP of consumer marketing, and served as the CMO of Motorola Mobility after Google acquired them. He also served in prominent roles at both eBay and PepsiCo.

    Michael Levanduski/ Performance Marketing Insiderin Social- 9 readers -
  • eBay Implementing Ads.txt Program to Fight Ad Fraud

    eBay is the latest major company to get on board with the Ads.txt system to help fight ad fraud. This simple system will allow ebay to list the companies that they have authorized to sell their digital inventory. The program was developed by IAB, and has been growing in popularity with all sorts of businesses. In eBay’s announcement, they said, “Spearheaded by the IAB, ads.

    Michael Levanduski/ Performance Marketing Insider- 9 readers -
  • Wow: Netflix Increasing Ad Budget by 54% in 2018

    Netflix has been extremely successful over the last several years, raking in billions in revenue and even expanding into creating original content. This content is quickly becoming some of the most popular programing available. In order to continue their spending and growth in this area, however, they need to increase their overall subscriber base.

    Michael Levanduski/ Performance Marketing Insider- 8 readers -
  • Is Avoiding Politics Hurting Your Brand?

    The conventional wisdom for most businesses today is to attempt to avoid weighing in on controversial topics related to politics. Many brands put in a lot of effort to ensure their ads aren’t even displayed near political content on websites. While this makes sense on the surface, the fact is it might actually be a bad thing.

    Michael Levanduski/ Performance Marketing Insider- 8 readers -
  • 3 Second Ad Clips Coming to Snapchat?

    It appears that SnapChat is seriously considering the option of adding new advertising requiremetns to their social media site. It was always just a matter of time it seems, but from what many people in the industry are saying, that time has come. Most people are predicting that SnapChat will be adding in video or animated advertisements between viewing snaps with the requirement to watch them.

    Michael Levanduski/ Performance Marketing Insider- 7 readers -
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