Plus Your Business - Posts from July 2015

  • 10 Ways To Increase Retail Store Sales with Instagram

    Instagram can help you build and expand your brick and mortar business! Seriously, you can use the power of Instagram to increase sales in your physical store or space like I did in my retail business. Let’s talk about how I figured this out, how you can do it, and a few success stories we can emulate or learn from. SueB.

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  • Improve Customer Service for Better Online Reviews

    Intro from Martin: Over the past few weeks I've been receiving demos for a load of awesome reviews type software, as I am learning the ins and outs of this space. I asked Reputation loop whether they would like to guest blog for the community, and here it is! Great customer service: Great customer service is often a must-have for consumers and businesses alike.

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  • Local Business Marketing Meets Mobile!

    Want to hear about the latest in Local Business Marketing, from Google? Well, here you go! Rachel: Hello, and welcome to another hangout on air with the Google Small Business Community. My name is Rachel Sterling. Many of you are probably watching this hangout on a desktop computer. But many of you might also be watching on a phone or on a tablet.

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  • Local Small Business Marketing in 2020

    When you talk to people around the Silicon Valley area, you ‘get the vision’. The world is connecting. I've spent almost three months interviewing people in this area I was surprised at what I found. There is a distinct gap between the vision of a connected world, and the reality for most small to medium sized businesses.

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  • Quick Guide to using ‘Yelp for Business’

    As a business owner or a Local SEO professional serving clients in the USA, Yelp is one tool to consider using to help your business gain visibility and garner reviews. Why only USA? According to Google Trends, Yelp for business is not used by businesses in the UK, Australia or New Zealand. In the US, California leads with the most regional users.

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