• 11 Must-Have Tech Skills For Every Digital Marketer

      Digital marketing is a mish-mash of marketing knowledge and little snippets of nerdy know-how. It’s a mess. You need to nail both categories, and the one that I see most often jam up would-be marketers is the nerdy stuff. Without it, you can’t execute. There isn’t some exclusive “oh-look-at-me-I’m-a-digital marketer” club.

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    • Know why: How to beat marketing survivorship bias

      Why does marketing advice suck? We all look for marketing tactics we can repeat. You know what I mean: Some guy writes an article about marketing strategy, and boom, everyone’s off to the races. And 95% of the time, the tactics out of context fall flat on their metaphorical faces. Using the latest marketing how-to is a lot like sex. Know the risks or bad things happen and bits fall off.

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    • 14 Little Things to Make Your Blog Post Content Better

      Great content is all about a great idea. It’s also about the production quality. I can’t give much advice about video or audio, but I write a lot. These are my favorite little tweaks to improve content quality, reader happiness, and performance. All these tips assume that you can edit your own content but not the larger page template or code that drives it.

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  • Real Web Devs Do SEO From Day One

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a bit of a mystery for most developers. So, I’ve put together this checklist of SEO essentials that will make your SEO team and your client very happy. Inspect the HTML source code Get picky about HTML source code: Is your HTML structure valid? Valid HTML structure makes the page easier for search engines to parse. You can validate it here.

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  • Distance from Perfect: Digital Dealer Workshops

    These are the slides and links from my presentation at Digital Dealer Workshops. Enjoy! Distance from Perfect: Marketing w/ the Human Algorithm – DDW from Ian Lurie A few tools Bing webmaster tools Google PageSpeed Insights Grammarly Proofreading Software Hemi ...

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  • 5 New AdWords Features You Should Be Using

    Google has been rolling out a lot of new features lately. Here is a quick recap of a few of the more significant changes that you should be keeping an eye on. Expanded text ads Google recently launched a new search text ad format that allows advertisers more text per ad as well as a bigger footprint on the SERP.

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  • I’m Speaking At Pubcon: Where to Find Me

    I’ll be at Pubcon next week, speaking my brains out. Here are my sessions: Speed Baby Speed Tuesday, October 11 11:25am-12:30pm I’d say more but this page loaded too fast. All about making your site faster. Not just Google Page Speed. I’m on a panel with Fili Wiese and Jenny Halasz, with Barry Adams moderating Quora Wednesday, October 12 3:55-5:00pm Using Quora as a marketing tool.

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  • My Cat’s Name is Isis

    Yes, there’s a marketing lesson here. But when I tried to write “How Digital Marketing is Like Naming My Cat Isis” I almost punched myself in the throat. I have two cats, a dog, and a guinea pig. One of my cats, an insane, overweight Siamese, is named Isis. Yes. Isis. She was so named long before the terrorist organization popped up.

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  • 13 Places to Look on Your Next Google AdWords Account Audit

    Auditing your Google AdWords account on a quarterly or semi-annual basis is a great way to step back from the day-in, day-out management grind to find gaps in performance or areas for expansion to help boost overall performance. While some marketing managers and business owners know the importance of stepping back to review an AdWords account, many don’t know where to start wh ...

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  • 6 Questions to Ask [Yourself] Before Hiring a PPC Agency

    If there’s one thing most marketers dread, it’s hiring vendors. Signing on the dotted line with a new partner offers high risks and potentially catastrophic outcomes if you make a poor decision. But hiring a PPC agency doesn’t have to be a fingernails-dragged-slowly-across-a-blackboard event. I swear! If you have a few fundamental business questions answered before you start y ...

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  • Marketing as Worldbuilding: The Links

    I know, I know. I piled on the tips and tools. It’s OK!!!! Here are the links, related content and slides from my Marketing Worldbuilding talk: 30 Tips For Better Content If you want a bunch of ideas for creating better places, check out this presentation and links Google Trends Compare trends around keywords. Figure out your audience’s language Answer The Public Question research.

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  • Introduction to Amazon Ads Strategy

    Amazon is a no-brainer for most E-commerce sellers. Potential customers look to Amazon more often than ever and listing your products there is a quick way to boost sales. Getting visibility for your products isn’t always easy, though. Amazon is a search engine just like Google and just like Google it helps to pay-to-play.

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  • How to: Avoid Word Vector Hysteria & Trend Surfing Idiocy

    There’s suddenly a lot of discussion (aka freaking out) about Rankbrain and word vectors. I could dwell on the fact that the recent spate of articles followed some excellent MozCon discussions on the topic, and why that makes me suspicious, but I won’t, because that would be cheap and low-class of me. Wait, I just did.

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  • Deodorant & Other Challenges: How I Get Content Ideas

    How do you write mind-blowing content about deodorant? It’s easy. I’m going to walk you through how I research content ideas. This stream-of-consciousness process has never failed me: Start With Questions I always start with questions. If the audience is asking a question, and you have an answer, you can help. My favorite questions research tool at the moment is Answerthepublic.com.

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  • Top 5 Most Common PPC Mistakes Beginners Make

    I work with a lot of small businesses either just getting started in PPC or who simply just don’t have a lot of experience managing PPC accounts. With that said, I see a lot of the same mistakes being made over and over again. Here are the top five mistakes you should be careful of. Too much broad match Bidding heavily on broad match keywords is a common mistake I see when reviewing PPC accounts.

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  • Robots.txt Mistakes and Best Uses: A Guide

    Robots.txt is a small text file that lives in the root directory of a website. It tells well-behaved crawlers whether to crawl certain parts of the site or not. The file uses simple syntax to be easy for crawlers to put in place (which makes it easy for webmasters to put in place, too). Write it well, and you’ll be in indexed heaven.

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  • Four HTML Tags Every Digital Marketer Must Know

    Earlier this year I wrote that any digital marketer must know how to write a blog post in HTML. I caught a little flak for that. I earned it. I should’ve been clearer: There are four HTML elements every digital marketer should know. If you know them, you can write a post using the code view of whatever CMS you use. Here they are: 1: Paragraphs Paragraphs are easy: <p> starts a paragraph.

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