• Don’t Panic: 4 Options To Replace Google Site Search

      Google’s discontinuing site search. OHGODOHMYGODWHATAREWEGOINGTODOHOLYCRAPOHGOD The Problem Google’s Site Search product has been around a long time. Pay $100, and you can embed a little Google search engine on your site. They’re keeping Google Custom Search. Sounds great, but there’s a problem: Ads? In my site search? I think not.

      Ian Lurie/ Portent, Incin Google- 23 readers -
    • 20 Bits of Marketing Jargon, And What They Mean

      I love marketing jargon as much as the next guy. It’s great fun when I’m at a family event. My family used to think I went into marketing because I couldn’t find anything else to do. But when I say “psychographics” my parents know all that college was worth it. If you’re plunking down tons of cash to hire an agency, though, some jargon is terrifying.

      Ian Lurie/ Portent, Incin Social- 28 readers -
    • I Support Breitbart News: The Perils of Remarketing

      Internet advertising is perilous. Your ads can show up in all sorts of places. Remarketing is particularly dangerous. This story is an example of how remarketing can go horribly, horribly wrong. I am, in case no one guessed, a left-leaning over-privileged pinko liberal. I’m a feminist. I’m pro-immigration. I like taxes. OK, that’s a lie, but I understand taxes.

      Ian Lurie/ Portent, Inc- 17 readers -
  • Portent.com Embraces HTTP/2 (with open arms)

    One of my goals this year was to get portent.com set-up utilizing HTTP/2 and optimizing that configuration. Late last week I was able to accomplish that, and the results are impressive. Like, 500 milliseconds impressive. We used to top out around 1.2 seconds after going to HTTPS, so I didn’t think the results would be that dramatic. What’s more, this was a relatively easy win.

    Portent, Inc- 10 readers -
  • 6 Ways to Build Blockbuster-worthy Marketing Personas

    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, before I was a digital marketer, I was a screenwriter. It was a period of endless coffee, erratic pay checks, and afternoons that inexplicably turned into early mornings. I learned many valuable skills as a writer that I still use to this day. For example, I know exactly how much food and/or coffee you need to purchase in order to not ...

    Portent, Inc- 12 readers -
  • Why Every Marketer Should Spend a Month Time Tracking

    If you’re not tracking your own hours as well as those of your team, I’m here to convince you to start today. Time tracking task by task isn’t fun. It can seem trivial for some and scary for others. But with effective time tracking and analysis, the payoffs in identifying bottlenecks in current work processes can be game-changing for your team.

    Chad Kearns/ Portent, Inc- 15 readers -
  • Improve Your Research by Improving Your Interview Skills

    Before I went to school for journalism, I wanted to be a therapist. My mom is a social worker and people told me I was a good listener, so it was easy to imagine myself nodding my head while a person sitting on a couch told me about their life. That plan ended when I went to a music festival in Chicago the summer before college.

    Portent, Inc- 18 readers -
  • Are Headline Analyzers Worth Your Time?

    There’s a trend in the content world of using tools to help improve the value and quality of content (see Hemingway editor, Readability Test Tool, and Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator). One category of tools is headline analyzers. They’re simple: put in your title, get a score, and tweak to improve the score.

    Portent, Inc- 17 readers -
  • 7 Incredibly Common Mistakes in Google Tag Manager

    Let’s be honest, Google Tag Manager can be difficult to understand. I remember the first time I tried to set up GTM. I thought it would be like any other Google product I worked with in the past —straightforward and intuitive. Oh boy was I wrong! In what became a cautionary tale, long before Portent days, I ended up inadvertently removing the client’s Google Analytics tag inst ...

    Portent, Incin Google- 17 readers -
  • How to avoid the best practices trap

    We’re all busy, which means we’re all occasionally guilty of relying on executive summaries and best practices guides to get things done. Give me a quick guide to optimizing landing pages? Can you send best practices for social media at events? What template should I use for our site’s metadata? How frequently should keywords be incorporated on a page? Best practices are not all bad.

    Portent, Incin How To's- 16 readers -
  • 6 Little Steps to Create a Killer PPC Landing Page

    As I contemplate the world of dedicated PPC landing pages, and who doesn’t enjoy a good PPC daydream, I can’t help but think they’re a lot like beer. A million varieties but very few really good ones exist. But here’s the thing, if you simply know and do the things that create a great beer every time, you can’t help but put out a great product. The same is 100% true of a great landing page.

    Mike Fitterer/ Portent, Incin Paid Search- 14 readers -
  • Should I Be Running Ads on Twitter?

    To say Twitter is in a rut may be the social media understatement of 2017. The company struggles to make money, despite having 320 million actively engaged users. Stock is down 16% in Q1 2017. Executives, who appear to see the writing on the wall, are leaving millions of dollars of stock on the table to abandon ship. Rightfully, many users are wondering how long Twitter has left.

    Portent, Incin Social- 13 readers -
  • Marketing Fundamentals Lessons From First-Time Parenting

    2016 was a big year for our family as we welcomed our first child into the world. We have been trying to have children for a while now so it’s been an exciting period in our lives. As a new father, I wanted to be sure that I was doing everything I could to be a good dad. But of course, I haven’t had any prior experience in this area which meant I had to spend some time studying up on fatherhood.

    Portent, Incin Paid Search- 19 readers -
  • Video SEO in 2017 Best Practice Guide

    According to a HubSpot survey, video is now the most popular kind of content consumed online (when text based content types are spit into categories). Users are certainly more likely to consume it thoroughly since skimming a video takes more effort than written text. They either watch it or they don’t.

    Portent, Incin SEO- 18 readers -
  • Technical SEO: BS. Own it. The Slides and the Links

    Here are the slides and links from “Technicall, SEO,” in which I ranted, raved and talked about technical SEO for marketers. This focuses on issues I found on automotive industry sites, but it all holds true everywhere. The Deck BS: Own It – Technical SEO for Marketers from Ian Lurie The Guide to Technical SEO I wrote a free e-book about technical SEO. It’s free. Get it here.

    Ian Lurie/ Portent, Incin SEO- 13 readers -
  • GitHub Auto-Deploy Reprise

    Most of my time is dedicated to dev projects that make the lives of marketers easier. Web sites, apps, tools, scripts, etc. Today however, I’m writing for web devs in an attempt to make their lives easier. And their solutions smarter. On top of that, I need to correct the approach I wrote about a couple of years ago for a GitHub auto-deploy solution.

    Portent, Inc- 17 readers -

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