• 20 Bits of Marketing Jargon, And What They Mean

      I love marketing jargon as much as the next guy. It’s great fun when I’m at a family event. My family used to think I went into marketing because I couldn’t find anything else to do. But when I say “psychographics” my parents know all that college was worth it. If you’re plunking down tons of cash to hire an agency, though, some jargon is terrifying.

      Ian Lurie/ Portent, Incin Social- 29 readers -
    • Don’t Panic: 4 Options To Replace Google Site Search

      Google’s discontinuing site search. OHGODOHMYGODWHATAREWEGOINGTODOHOLYCRAPOHGOD The Problem Google’s Site Search product has been around a long time. Pay $100, and you can embed a little Google search engine on your site. They’re keeping Google Custom Search. Sounds great, but there’s a problem: Ads? In my site search? I think not.

      Ian Lurie/ Portent, Incin Google- 24 readers -
    • How to Create Personas Your Team Will Actually Use

      When you’re in the thick of trying to create content to promote your brand, it can be easy to forget that actual human beings are going to use what you create. In marketing, we often call these human beings “users.” And we say things like, “We need to push users through the funnel with greater ease.

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  • Why You Need a Voice and Tone Guide. Plus, 2 Exercises to Create One

    Engaging Imagine going to your doctor because you have a pain in your side and it won’t go away. You’re concerned because you don’t know what’s causing it. You wait eagerly for the doctor to come in because you know exactly the reassuring, pragmatic interaction you’re in for, and you expect them to be calm, direct, understanding, and professional.

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  • How to Assess Your Digital Marketing Mix Quickly

    This is an excerpt from a forthcoming analytics e-book from Portent entitled Finding Cross-Channel Opportunity Gaps & Closing Them. Ever wonder how effective (or ineffective) your marketing channels are today? Do you get the feeling your paid initiatives are wasteful? Do you have a hunch your content calendar isn’t getting you anywhere organically? Do you put a lot of ti ...

    Michael Wiegand/ Portent, Incin How To's- 17 readers -
  • Stamp Your PPC Ad Copy – Improve CTR the Old-Fashioned Way

    Does your brand have any registered, copyrighted or trademarked terms? If so, you should absolutely include the symbol in your text ads for improved performance. Yes! These little guys: ® © ™ This is not a new tactic in PPC ads by any means, but so many businesses aren’t taking advantage of it. The expected immediate impact from making this change is improved clickthrough rate (CTR).

    Portent, Incin Paid Search- 15 readers -
  • 3 Digital Marketing Strategies That Won’t Cost You a Dime

    Digital marketing covers a huge range of potential channels, tactics, and occasionally even a dash of strategy. Being an expert in everything is nearly impossible, and a big part of why agencies like Portent have a job. The risk of low return on ad spend, or even low return on your sweat equity is enough to freeze a lot of small business owners and even trained marketers into inaction.

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  • Your Guide to Choosing Content KPIs

    If your content team ever tells you that the impact of their work isn’t measurable, fire them. (And if you’ve ever told anyone that, read this blog before your client or boss does.) Sure, content marketing can be a long game. The ROI of content is often spread out over time and across the levels of the conversion funnel. But just because it’s messy doesn’t mean it’s not measurable.

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  • Complete Guide to 4xx HTTP Status Codes by an SEO Dad

    (A post only an SEO or Dev could love) Not too long ago, the Portent SEO team was sitting around in a meeting when we came across a 4xx level http status error and couldn’t remember the meaning. Might have been a 410 or a 418… Anyway, when you have a flock of SEOs in the room you do what SEOs do and search the world wide web for the answer.

    Portent, Incin SEO- 10 readers -
  • Digital Marketing Haiku, Because Why Not?

    I got way over-caffeinated today and started scribbling down haiku about digital marketing. Then I asked my team if they had ideas. The results were, um, fascinating. Here’s what happens when 30 marketers try to write poetry: Employment Poetry Degree Find a real job? No way. Start marketing gig You demand volume “Shower the web with content” Print your resume Good Days Gav ...

    Ian Lurie/ Portent, Inc- 16 readers -
  • Stop Neglecting These 4 AdWords Features

    Ahh, the time-honored mantra of “A _____’s work is never done.” It turns out if you search for “job is never done” and pull up images, everyone is apparently busier than everyone else. A curious paradox, but we’ll leave that alone. The obvious ones include “woman, mother, man, marketer, and teacher” just to name a few. But, did you know that “The Emperor’s” work is never done? Ditto for a “diva.

    Mike Fitterer/ Portent, Incin Paid Search- 15 readers -
  • Portent.com Embraces HTTP/2 (with open arms)

    One of my goals this year was to get portent.com set-up utilizing HTTP/2 and optimizing that configuration. Late last week I was able to accomplish that, and the results are impressive. Like, 500 milliseconds impressive. We used to top out around 1.2 seconds after going to HTTPS, so I didn’t think the results would be that dramatic. What’s more, this was a relatively easy win.

    Portent, Inc- 15 readers -
  • 6 Ways to Build Blockbuster-worthy Marketing Personas

    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, before I was a digital marketer, I was a screenwriter. It was a period of endless coffee, erratic pay checks, and afternoons that inexplicably turned into early mornings. I learned many valuable skills as a writer that I still use to this day. For example, I know exactly how much food and/or coffee you need to purchase in order to not ...

    Portent, Inc- 15 readers -
  • Why Every Marketer Should Spend a Month Time Tracking

    If you’re not tracking your own hours as well as those of your team, I’m here to convince you to start today. Time tracking task by task isn’t fun. It can seem trivial for some and scary for others. But with effective time tracking and analysis, the payoffs in identifying bottlenecks in current work processes can be game-changing for your team.

    Chad Kearns/ Portent, Inc- 18 readers -
  • Improve Your Research by Improving Your Interview Skills

    Before I went to school for journalism, I wanted to be a therapist. My mom is a social worker and people told me I was a good listener, so it was easy to imagine myself nodding my head while a person sitting on a couch told me about their life. That plan ended when I went to a music festival in Chicago the summer before college.

    Portent, Inc- 18 readers -

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