• Portent is Being Acquired

      Blink. Rub your eyes. You didn't read wrong. You didn't stare at yesterday's eclipse through defective glasses. It's true. Portent's in the process of being acquired. Like an avowed bachelor, I swore I Would Never Sell. Then along came the perfect partner. Welcome to Clearlink Our soon-to-be parent company is called Clearlink. They’re a performance marketing company.

      Ian Lurie/ Portent, Incin Affiliate Paid Search- 26 readers -
    • 20 Bits of Marketing Jargon, And What They Mean

      I love marketing jargon as much as the next guy. It’s great fun when I’m at a family event. My family used to think I went into marketing because I couldn’t find anything else to do. But when I say “psychographics” my parents know all that college was worth it. If you’re plunking down tons of cash to hire an agency, though, some jargon is terrifying.

      Ian Lurie/ Portent, Incin Social- 29 readers -
    • Don’t Panic: 4 Options To Replace Google Site Search

      Google’s discontinuing site search. OHGODOHMYGODWHATAREWEGOINGTODOHOLYCRAPOHGOD The Problem Google’s Site Search product has been around a long time. Pay $100, and you can embed a little Google search engine on your site. They’re keeping Google Custom Search. Sounds great, but there’s a problem: Ads? In my site search? I think not.

      Ian Lurie/ Portent, Incin Google- 24 readers -
  • How the Digital Marketer Must Change as Automation Grows

    Image credit: ChiefMarTec.com As the hype around marketing automation fades and evolves into a regular part of the marketer’s job description, evaluation and adoption of automated technology and platforms (“Martech”) is growing to become a competency requirement for marketers across our industry.

    Chad Kearns/ Portent, Incin How To's- 15 readers -
  • 3 Tips to Create Effective Banner Ads Every Time

    News flash – people are great at ignoring banner ads! Websites allowing display advertising often show 3 – 5 different ads per page. Throw in sponsored stories, and that figure can comfortably rise into the double digits. That’s a hefty supply of content for which visitors did not directly search.

    Mike Fitterer/ Portent, Incin Display- 9 readers -
  • Memoirs On the Move From Programmatic to Paid Social

    In the (relatively) short time I’ve been in digital advertising, I’ve had the good fortune to work on what a lot of the industry would call “both sides” of paid media – social and programmatic. In truth, paid media sports more options than a Crayola starter-pack, but these two broader categories frequently make up the opposing sides of an ongoing argument that revolves around ...

    Portent, Incin Social Paid Search Display- 8 readers -
  • Whale Acquisition the Gaming Industry Way

    If you’re in the mobile gaming industry, you’ve probably heard the term “whale” on a regular basis. If your game-designer jargon is rusty, a “whale” is simply a user that spends a lot of money. GameAnalytics has a great deep dive on the topic. Generally, whales are a small portion of the user population but they generate a large portion of revenue.

    Portent, Incin Social- 11 readers -
  • A Web Dev’s checklist for maintaining page speed

    It’s obvious to say that all websites need upkeep, but often times they are left as “good enough.” Collecting dust, attracting hackers, slipping in the rankings. We’ve already gone into painstaking detail about why page speed matters and various levels of guidance for site speed optimization overhaul from novice to advanced.

    Portent, Inc- 12 readers -
  • Funnel-Based PPC Account Strategy – An Overview

    Channel Contribution 101: You want your paid search account to drive value and make money. You want to use your paid search account to help reach new customers and grow your business. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as whipping up a campaign, throwing in some keywords, and then watching the revenue come flooding in.

    Ryan Moothart/ Portent, Incin Paid Search- 10 readers -
  • Content-First SEO

    I’ve been finding myself saying, “You don’t rank for keywords, you rank for content,” a lot lately. Imagine this. You’re trying to turn a quaint town on the shore (East or West—pick your coast of choice) into a vacation destination. You’ve developed a brand for the location that you’re promoting in all the right travel magazines and websites. You have well-positioned billboards.

    Portent, Incin SEO Content- 18 readers -
  • SEO Fallacies That Must Die: 2017 Edition

    SEO folks are trend victims. Someone presents a new acronym, an idea, or a tool and we all pile on. Then we chase those nibbles of knowledge, good and bad alike, without thinking. And we land in deep pits lined with sharp, nasty sticks. These ideas must go: 1: TFIDF Score Predicts Rankings A higher TFIDF score means you're more relevant, right? Wrong.

    Ian Lurie/ Portent, Inc- 17 readers -
  • 6 SEO Best Practices for Events

    There are so many moving parts when running an event large or small that it’s easy to let online optimization be an afterthought. Sidelining SEO, however, means missing out on a lot of organic visitors and awareness. A solid organic presence makes a huge difference in attracting more attendees’ year after year. Here are five basic best practices to keep in mind as you create your page or site.

    Portent, Incin SEO- 14 readers -
  • The Single Best Thing I’ve Ever Heard About Ideation and Brainstorming

    Something my grad school professor said changed the way I’ve thought about brainstorming forever. Now it’s the best thing I can tell anyone else. There are dozens of ways you can get a room going and pan the gold from a group’s brainstorm. There are hundreds of blog posts out there that list techniques for generating and vetting ideas. This isn’t one of them.

    Portent, Inc- 20 readers -
  • SEO 101 – Mobilizing the Public 2017

    Slide Deck and Resources Slides from my presentation at Feeding America’s Mobilizing the Public Conference plus helpful tools, additional resources and free ebooks! SEO 101: Finding Yourself – Mobilizing the Public 2017 from Portent Tools Portent SEO Page Review Plugin A helpful tool for reviewing title tags, meta descriptions and other on page HTML elements.

    Portent, Incin SEO- 16 readers -
  • Why You Need a Voice and Tone Guide. Plus, 2 Exercises to Create One

    Engaging Imagine going to your doctor because you have a pain in your side and it won’t go away. You’re concerned because you don’t know what’s causing it. You wait eagerly for the doctor to come in because you know exactly the reassuring, pragmatic interaction you’re in for, and you expect them to be calm, direct, understanding, and professional.

    Portent, Inc- 19 readers -

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