Welcome to IMGlance! The new aggregator for Internet Marketing blogs.

Another aggregator?
I do realize that aggregators don't necessarily have the best image. Too many aggregators don't show value and are more or less just copying other authors content. In the last 10 years of building aggregators for different industries I've heard tons of feedback which a "thin-skinned" person might consider for Google's new search removal request. However I also learned that there are many benefits to aggregators and many ways to generate value for the participating bloggers (and of course the readers).

Did you have success with any of them in the past?
Since 2004 I'm running an aggregator for German law blogs at JuraBlogs.com and until today the site sent 17.9 million clicks to the participating 750 blogs. That's quite a lot. And the blog ranking (and the many iterations the algorithm went through) triggered tons of entertaining discussions. At the time of launching I co-owned a marketing agency focusing on internet marketing for law firms and JuraBlogs was a perfect PR project for us. However the agency is long gone (thanks, non-paying customers!) and in 2009 I moved from Germany to the US.

Why Internet Marketing?
In my day job I'm a product manager for a large e-commerce company. I'm in charge of their affiliate program and paid social activities. In the past I worked on SEO and SEM projects and every position had one thing in common: How to stay up to date with what's going on around me. So far my daily routine was a quick look at sites like AffDailyAllTop or BloggerScope. However there was always something missing and after much back and forth I started building IMGlance.

I would love to know how to make this site work for you as well! Please let me know in the comments whether you have ideas or other feedback!

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