• Who’s Feeding Tyler Cruz and other Affiliate Marketing News

    Woah, woah, woah, woah. Hold. the. fuck. up. Especially you Tyler Cruz. You may have seen ppc.bz on the auction block a few weeks ago during Affiliate Summit West 2016. Let me just explain everything so even a pudgy Canadian can understand. The goal of putting this blog on Floppa was to “legally” transfer this blog to professional troll and international man of mystery Mr.

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  • Affiliate Summit West 2016 Las Vegas Wrap-up Post (Seriously)

    So you may have noticed all’s quiet on the blogging front. Why? *You Who’s this you anyway? Are people still reading this blog? Well to be perfectly dank, I took a hiatus from the affiliate marketing game. Long story short, I got burnt out around late 2013, took a gig with a lead gen company, got shit-canned a year later for being my good ol’ honest self, had a strong non-c ...

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  • Affiliate Summit West 2016 Las Vegas Wrap-up

    I was going to sit down and begin writing an ASW16 wrap up post, but then my good friend i_like_cock said “Here ill give you an ASW write up…” so here it is: BUNCHA A FUCKING DORKS WHO ARE $40K MILLIONAIRES GO TO VEGAS. THEY ARE SUBCSIOUSLY AND SOME KNOW THEY ARE GAY. THEY GO TO THESE PARTIES THAT ARE MEET MARKET.

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  • The Affiliate Summit West Party You Won’t Get In To – Omnesia

    A party so exclusive you’ve only heard whispers of it on the internets. While you’ll be busy playing penny slots and catching glimpses of cheap hookers pass by, the “Who’s Who” of what’s left of the affiliate marketing industry will be at Omnesia on Saturday night. Now you may be like…”Waahhh, Barman, why can’t I get in?” Well it’s probably because you’re a piece of shit no one respects.

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