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  • Why you’re unable to convert your blog readers into subscribers

    So why would you want subscribers anyway? All you need is blog traffic, right? Traffic numbers are mesmerising especially if you get them in nice values. Thousands of hits per day is something that will surely make you to be proud of! When you look at the analytics (Google Analytics, or whatever), and when you see those numbers rise, you pat yourself on your back for the good job done.

    Jane Sheeba/ Problogging Successin EMail- 23 readers -
  • 7 Exercises to transform your blog from sloppy to savvy

    Let me first appreciate you for running a blog. It is not an easy task nowadays. The web is getting noisier by the minute and you have so much information put out there. People in fact have overwhelming amounts of information on any topic under the sun. So even if you are running the best blog out there, the chances are you will go unnoticed by anyone. But there’s good news.

    Jane Sheeba/ Problogging Success- 26 readers -

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