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  • 5 Reasons why your business is not moving forward

    In the last post, I addressed a serious problem and talked about my personal experience related to that. The problem of not moving forward with your business. This is a very serious problem – if you are putting in a lot of hard work (and money) to build your business, and yet if it is going nowhere – this is no fun! In this post, I share 5 worst mistakes you could be making ...

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  • Why your business is not making any progress?

    I’m going to address a serious problem in this blog post – Your business goes nowhere. It doesn’t accomplish what you want it to accomplish. More importantly, nobody pays attention! And, without your readers paying attention, you cannot do any business. Can you relate? I rise this topic today because I am overwhelmed with queries like this in my inbox.

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  • How to format your blog posts for best reader experience

    You put all your heart into creating that piece of content. But what if it is not pleasing to the reader? What if your reader ignores that content you have created? What if that content doesn’t get any shares or comments? You want to be appreciated, right? At least you want others to notice you. Well, assuming that the content you create is extremely valuable and is of great ...

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