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  • How to Use Customer Data to Level Up Your B2B Marketing

    Relationships are everything in the business-to-business world. The success of your B2B enterprise will always depend on how successfully you are able to manage the relationships you forge with clients, partners and others who are involved with your company. In the B2B sector, there is a respectful sense of “being in it together,” which means that everyone understands that bus ...

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  • How to Improve Your Website’s Bounce Rate with the Help of Content

    Bounce rate is either a nightmare for marketers or an occasion to open a bottle of champagne. For this metric, everyone involved in digital marketing expects low rates, which is a little odd since usually we chase after high numbers. Let’s leave that random thought alone for a moment and concentrate on improving that bounce rate.

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  • Social Media Marketing Results Are Disappointing? Learn What You Need to Change

    Here’s how you can develop a social media lead gen strategy You’ve worked hard on your social media lead generation strategy and your social media outreach program. But after several months, you still aren’t seeing the type of results that you expected. Social media isn’t always easy to get the hang of from the start, even for those who are seasoned in other types of marketing.

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  • Using Instagram Stories To Advertise Your Business

    When Instagram was first launched in 2010, it was merely a photo sharing app whose server used to crash very often. However, today it is an app with over 700 million users with around 400 million active users every day. It is a highly successful social media network that is now also being used by businesses to promote what they have to offer.

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  • Four Basic Pillars of SEO (SEO for Dummies)

    SEO can seem like an impossible headache at first. I have been there so I know. I’ve always been a writer and I’ve always created websites. In the early days, SEO was alien to me. It seemed like an insurmountable mountain and as I watched those websites fail one by one, I realized I would never climb that mountain That changed though.

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  • How I Used Freelancing to Become a Leading SEO Expert

    I began my career as an author. I developed into a freelance writer and I am still both of those things. However, these days I make more money through an SEO company that I setup off the back of those two careers. This is something that didn’t take a lot of money or effort, something that happened by chance, but something that has gone on to earn me quite a lot of money.

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  • Effects of AMP on Your Paid Search Marketing

    Google has long stressed the importance of fast-loading and easy to read websites. Especially on mobile devices. For years, the search engine giant has mercilessly punished websites that failed to provide its visitors with a fast and smooth experience, and the requirements for websites are only bound to increase over time.

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  • How to Update Your Content for Changing Trends

    Every content marketer knows that the digital landscape changes quickly, but that maximum impact is always achieved by staying on top of industry trends. Investing in quality content is paying off. According to the 2017 benchmarks and trends report, courtesy of Content Marketing Institute, more than 60 percent of B2B content marketers are reporting more success with their con ...

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  • How to Create 10X Content to Boost Your Link Earning Strategy

    Heard the term Content is king before? Of course you have! It’s the first thing we digital marketers learn. But what do you do when there’s too much content, most of it poorly written and unhelpful? To catch your reader’s eye, make your content stand out from the current deluge of content marketing. This is easier said than done though, but it’s not impossible.

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  • Investing in W2P – Have You Done Your Homework?

    Unclear communication can very dangerous when you plan to invest in a web-to-print solution. Investing in web-to-print is not a one-day decision. Ask as many questions you want without the worry of being annoying. After all, you are spending your hard-earned money and you have all the right to know everything. Clarify all your doubts before you spend your money.

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  • 72 Must-Have Features for Ecommerce Website

    Building an ecommerce site requires more than just a beautiful design. Apart from great products, your site needs to have proper design elements to ensure its success. An ecommerce site may have many features. But there are certain ones that are essential to make the site user-friendly for the customers and easily manageable for the owners.

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  • How to Add Retargeting to Your Digital Marketing Strategy

    How to Ramp Up Your Digital Marketing Strategy with Re-Targeting Digital marketing is in the midst of a boom age. Because print media is losing so badly to online content across nearly every demographic, advertisers and marketers have been rushing to move the bulk of their business to the internet. Digital marketers have a lot of tricks up their sleeves, but one strategy that yo ...

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  • Designing Rules That Designers Must Follow

    Just like all another professions, the design comes with some discipline and rules. From all design features from typography, layout, interface, colors and patterns, the list is long and we have to follow a few basic rules, tips, and tricks. The history of design is constant; there are just a few new things that must be learned to align all the functions and aesthetics as one e ...

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