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  • What Makes a Successful Trade Show

    Trade Shows, exhibitions organized to allow businesses in a certain industry showcase their products and services, have been around for many years. The first time I attended a trade show was actually just last year. I received tickets to the Philadelphia Flower Show as a birthday present, and my mother and I walked around the ballroom at the convention center oohing and aahing ...

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  • Essential Steps to Take When Designing a Successful Brand Identity System

    Brand building is a complex process that consists of various types of important details. If you are hoping for the long-term success of your business, you need to pay attention to each one of these details. Designing a high-quality brand identity system is one of the most important factors in that regard.

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  • Using Content Marketing To Secure Loyal Customers

    What do you do to help your business grow and improve? When you run a business you need to think about a wide range of factors, from creating clear marketing strategies to trying to attract new customers and all these elements are focused on ensuring that your business is always growing and improving.

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  • Facebook Cracks Down on Cryptocurrency Ads

    A Revised Ad Policy Facebook’s updated news feed and advertising policy, announced a few weeks ago, will now include restrictions against cryptocurrency ads. Rob Leathern, Facebook’s product management director, announced in a blog post, “We’ve created a new policy that prohibits ads that promote financial products and services that are frequently associated with misleading or ...

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  • 3 Ways To Create Marketing Magic In 2018

    Your 2018 will be filled with milestones when you learn new ways to engage your audience. When you figure out how to build your brand, get your message across and create new ways to reach people, you’ll see an increase in sales and overall reach. However, you need to put your strategies together in a way that gets you results, better search engine optimization and more meanin ...

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  • 9 Facts You Never Knew About Content Marketing

    Did you know that a great content marketing strategy can lead to a great experience for your customers? With the digital transformation and advancement in full swing, content is now the newest focal point when it comes to marketing your overall brand. Interested? But first, let us define the term.

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  • ‘Talk Triggers,’ ‘Conex,’ and the Future of Content: An Interview with Jay Baer

    Introduction Jay Baer is a seasoned digital marketing pro. He is the founder of five multi-million dollar companies including Convince and Convert and he is the New York Times bestselling author of ‘Youtility: Why Smart Marketing is About Help, Not Hype.’ Baer has written four other critically acclaimed books including ‘Hug Your Haters,’ and is a globally recognized keynote speaker and emcee.

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  • LinkedIn Marketing Partner Program Taps Terminus

    A Powerful Integration Account-based marketing firm Terminus was just announced as the newest addition to the LinkedIn Marketing Partner Program. This global, community-based program allows marketers to leverage LinkedIn-approved technology and marketing agencies to accelerate their campaign performances and elevate their content promotion strategies.

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  • SMBs Need Cyber Protections, Just Like Big Companies

    In the current business environment, big companies maintain large digital databases that contain volumes of customer information. Cyber attackers would love to get their hands on that data. But, thankfully, large companies have the resources to erect defensive solutions against cyber attackers. Obviously, these solutions aren’t foolproof. But they are preferable to having no strategy at all.

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  • Apple’s Grammy Ads, ‘Alien’ and ‘Amigos,’ Put a Spotlight on Animoji

    Childish Gambino and Migos Get the Animoji Treatment Viewers of last night’s 60th Grammy Awards were treated to two unique and ridiculously smile-inducing ads that promoted the iPhone X and, more specifically, the Animoji feature that comes built in. The first ad, ‘Alien,’ was a trippy take on Childish Gambino’s song ‘Redbone.

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  • Yelp Reviews: Why Small Businesses Should Care

    You’re probably familiar with Yelp if you’re a small business owner. The user-generated recommendation site – with over 115 million reviews and 145 million monthly users –has become the initial step for potential consumers seeking trusted information about a new retail store or service. It is also the first place customers goto vent out about a business they perceive as ‘not good enough.

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  • Top Reasons to Use Content Marketing for a Small Business

    A small business is just like a small fish in a large sea where there is plenty of competition as all enterprises are clamoring to grab the attention of potential customers. Consumers have become quite smart these days as they are installing ad-blockers in order to browse their favorite websites without being bothered, fast-forwarding their favorite TV shows, listening to ad-fr ...

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  • Jay Baer and Convince and Convert Team up with Uberflip to Produce Conex: The Content Experience

    Event Details Dates: August 20-22, 2018 Location: Royal Conservatory of Music; Toronto, Canada Official Accommodation: Marriott Bloor-Yorkville; 90 Bloor St E, Toronto, ON M4W 1A7 Register Today A New Partnership New York Times bestselling author Jay Baer will co-produce the third annual, and recently renamed, Conex: The Content Experience; a Toronto based digital marketing event created by U.

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