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  • Get the Right Eyes on Your Content with These 6 Tips

    Great content doesn’t do you any good if no one sees it. Creating content of the highest quality is only as effective as your promotional techniques. No amount of awesome subject matter will make up for a lack of eyes on it. There are some tips and tricks that today’s most successful marketers are using to get the word out about their new content.

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  • Why My Drip Will Outlast Your Top Ten List

    There are two types of content. The first kind is ephemeral. It’s the top five reasons why/how (insert generic problem here) your (insert circumstance here) can/are/will (insert solution here). If that’s the type of content you like to write (or read), you can stop here because the rest of this article isn’t for you. If you want to borrow the formula above for your work, it’s free to use.

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  • 3 Linkbuilding Tactics That Many SMBs Ignore

    Link building is just as important as on-page SEO. Even for local keywords, you can often face fierce competition that requires a proper strategy to overcome. Off-page SEO consists of many factors, but one is the number of referring domains. Building a lot of good quality links is going to have a significant impact on your rankings. Obviously, some link building tactics are better than others.

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  • 10 Website Design Tips for Small Business Websites

    Every business, big or small, requires a professional website these days. However, getting started can be quite intimidating for those that have never handled a website before. A website can be one of the most important elements of a business, helping build trust amongst clients or turning away potential customers.

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  • Adsense vs Facebook Ads: Can You Use One to Profit From The Other?

    A couple months ago I noticed something rather interesting about Facebook Ads and Google Adsense. As any content marketer knows, the former is used to promote websites and requires you to spend money, while the latter is used to post ads and earn money. In many ways, they are similar and these similarities are evident throughout.

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  • Content Marketing and Legal Issues: Avoiding Copyright Problems

    I have always been very cautious when it comes to copyrights and trademarks. I have been an author all of my adult life and I have spent a lot of that time as a freelance writer and content creator as well. This has helped me to gain a great deal of respect for original work. It is a perpetual paranoia of mine that I will somehow, inadvertently, step on someone else’s shoes an ...

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  • How to Partner with Key Influencers to Sell eBooks Online

    Like any marketing strategy, partnering with key influencers to sell ebooks online requires an investment of time to create content and manage relationships, as well as monitor your successes and failures. The good news is if you get it right, your sales will increase exponentially, thanks to the passion and engagement of your partnering influencers’ audiences.

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  • How Exit Strategies Can Help Build Your Digital Business

    Picture this. A broker enters into a large conference and networking event, and begins talking to the attendees. Inevitably, the conversation is going to turn to asking the broker what they do for a living. Whenever they answer “buy and sell websites”, the attendees are always quick to jump to replying with “mine’s not for sale”.

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  • Is Social Selling Right for Your Business?

    By now you’ve likely heard about social selling—an emerging technique for driving sales and building powerful relationships with prospects and customers alike. But unless you’ve actually engaged in social selling already, you may be unclear on exactly what it is, and how it could be implemented to help improve the way that you do business and engage with your clientele.

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  • What You Can Learn from these 3 Influencer Marketer Case Studies

    I have been a marketer for a long time and noticed that the bar for marketers is being raised every year. You can no longer depend on ad hoc marketing strategies that are put together by a team of professional content marketers. Over 70% of customers make decisions based off the input of relevant social media influencers and nearly three-quarters trust them more than celebrities.

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  • The Powerful Potential of Personalisation in Digital Marketing

    Personalisation in an analogue world existed when the guy at the video store knew your name. As we move into an increasingly connected and switched-on digital age, personalisation is a powerful tool where a company knows what you want to buy before you’ve even thought about it. While basic personalisation is relatively easy to achieve – an email with a first name will just abou ...

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  • How We Can Digitize Our Old Business Rubber Stamp Using Photoshop?

    Creating Digital Stamp from the good old Rubber Stamp is a breeze. However, it is important to use applications such as Photoshop to accomplish the task. There are certain steps that are necessary to perform in a systematic manner, some of which are as follows: Rectangular shape: To start with, people should create a stamp with the business address.

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