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  • I’m Tired of Content Marketing Rules Changing and I’m Not Going to Take it Anymore

    Content marketing is a frustrating world. Every year, the rules change. Write short posts. No, write uber long ones! Use keywords 2.5x in an article. Don’t copy a previously published article! I don’t know about you, but I’m getting whiplash from all these Google algorithm updates and experts changing their minds about the best way to get content looked at online.

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  • 9 Tactics to Sharpen Your Headlines. The NYT is Totally to Blame.

    In May of this year I was lucky enough to participate in a conference in Copenhagen, Denmark that also featured one of the really smart folks over at the New York Times’s (NYT) T Brand Studios – Lauren Reddy, Director of Audience Development & Insights. While listening to her presentation this gem of a takeaway popped up. I fumbled with my phone hoping to grab a photo of the slide.

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  • Why You Should Never Use Pirated Premium WordPress Themes

    A good or bad WordPress theme can make or break the website, so it’s extremely important to choose the right WordPress theme for your website. There are plenty of free WordPress themes on the web, but they’re usually not nearly as good as Premium themes that you can get for a small fee. However, since there’s such a clear difference between Free and Premium themes, it’s only n ...

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  • GAIQ Certification 2017 Updated Study Guide

    The Google Analytics Individual Qualification exam (GAIQ) administered by Google is a good way to differentiate your understanding of analytics in the workplace as well as ensure that you have grasped all underlying concepts. Additionally all certifications, in addition to being a recruitment filter, make anything you say on that subject far more credible.

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  • How to Add More Email Subscribers Really Fast

    Email marketing sounds as old as the Internet itself. It might even be so. More importantly, it continues to make online businesses successful like no other digital marketing method. Here are some stats: More than 80% retail professionals consider email marketing as the greatest enabler of customer retention. 77% people prefer receiving permission based promotional messages via email.

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  • 3 High-Quality Content Tips Directly From Google’s Style Guides

    Google’s standards are high when it comes to ranking, and for those of us who want to create that high-quality content, the guidelines have been … well, sparse. However, things have changed recently, and as the experts at SEO Guest Posts point out, this means that there’s suddenly much help out there for people who want it.

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  • A Guide to Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Content Efforts

    Just about everyone is aware of the importance of having high quality content featured on a corporate website. When it comes to using content for marketing, however, measuring performance is as important as being strategic about content creation. Are your texts effective? Which metrics matter the most? Keep on reading to find out.

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  • Forget Customer Service! Customer Experience Is the New Normal

    Ever since its importance is being felt by majority of businesses, the term customer experience (CX) has become more than just a catchphrase or a buzzword. It is now one of the topmost priorities, around which marketers have started designing and implementing their strategies. The increased frequency of customer experience in variety of corporate discussions indicates that it h ...

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  • How To Create An Internet Marketing Partnership That Works

    Ideally, you’re a big company that can afford to have its own Internet Marketing Department with lots of creative gurus plotting out your graphics and copy. They have all the latest internet tools for tracking your browsers, and follow up plans so they don’t get away! Ah, nice! But whoops, you’re not a big company, you don’t have an IM department, and there are no gurus on your staff.

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  • Why Inbound Marketing Alone Likely Won’t Work Anymore

    Much has been written opining the impact of high-levels of content publishing online across the globe and its impact on marketing. In fact, Mark Schaefer was the first to kick off the debate in January of 2014. To paraphrase his argument: The amount of content being published online is increasing at an exponential rate and will surpass people’s ability to consume it. He calls this “Content Shock.

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  • Making PR More Measurable

    Along with most marketing practices today, public relations has progressed to meet a wide range of new and emerging client needs. Public relations not only offers media relations and thought leadership but can strategically be used to develop content to feed direct marketing, sales outreach, SEO and social media.

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  • Is The “Business” Of Content Marketing Self Defeating?

    In an increasingly buyer driven environment where prospects negotiate a large part of the sales funnel on their own, it is pretty obvious why using content engagement to ingratiate and promote one’s own brand is no longer negotiable. Unfortunately it is this increasingly black and white, clear as the realization that has toppled the proverbial apple cart as companies try and pa ...

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  • The Top 50 Marketing Influencers to Follow in 2017

    The importance of digital marketing to businesses, both big and small, has flourished in the recent years. With it, the popularity of digital advertising resources like KISSmetrics, Moz, Entrepreneur, and Wordstream have become essential parts of many businesses’ performance in the online market. Here are 50 of the most influential names in digital marketing as of 2017.

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  • 9 Free Digital Marketing Tools for Home-Based Business Owners

    When your business is well-established, you can buy and try all sorts of expensive software. You have so many computers and mobile devices spread over so many departments that you need a dozen or more tools just to keep your business moving. A successful business presents all sorts of unique marketing challenges, prime among them organization.

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  • 8 Questions Business Leaders Have Regarding ERP Software

    If you’re a business owner or even just someone dialed into the business world, you’ve probably heard of enterprise resource planning (ERP). While this acronym gets thrown around a lot, people don’t always understand it, or the difference between types of ERP. Here are eight questions business leaders have regarding ERP software, and their respective answers.

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