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  • When are you going to write a book, you putz?

    Content Strategy, Relationship Building Published 1 min ago | By: Brian Sooy Not every pitch from a publisher for a major piece of content marketing begins with, “When are you going to write a book, you putz?” Mine did. Here’s what I would do differently the next time I write a book. This is hardly the way I imagined the process of writing a book to begin.

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  • How To Get More Leads From Your Mobile Marketing

    Mobile, Native Advertising Remember the good old days when internet marketing consisted solely of putting up a website, and waiting for visitors to stop by and check out whatever it was you were selling? That was pretty much it – nice and laid back. Then came cell phones, then came tablets, and then came the biggest change in marketing communications the world has ever seen.

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  • Do Customers Understand Your Brand? 7 Ways to Make Sure of that

    Earned Media, Search Engine Marketing What is your brand like? Why does it exist? You might intuitively grasp these dimensions of your business, but if forced to articulate them, you may struggle. This is because brand characteristics are often subjective and almost ethereal in nature. Accordingly, these qualities may elude your target audience—the very customers your bran ...

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  • 4 Things You Must Know about Outsourcing Content Marketing

    Content Marketing, Content Strategy As you probably know by now, outsourcing is one of the most efficient growth hacking methods out there. Because the digital market is continuously growing and new young talents are popping up everywhere on the globe, remote employment is the rising trend, which can significantly contribute to the business.

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  • Transform Your Business With Social Media Technology!

    Shared Media, Social Promotion In recent advances in the field of social media, technology is not only changing the manner in which people are carrying out their business activities with other fellow human beings,in many cases, it is also creating new opportunities for them to earn their livelihood independently, boosting the economies for almost every country in the world and increasing glo.

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  • What You Need to Know About Influencer Marketing

    Influencer marketing is a powerful strategy that allows you to expand your online reach, increase brand awareness, and build a strong reputation for your company by allowing outside sources to advocate for your brand. Recent studies have found that influencer marketing has been a successful strategy for a surprising 94% of marketers from various industries surveyed.

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  • Successful SMS Marketing Campaign

    Mobile, Technology Published 1 min ago | By: Rick Kolek According to recent studies, 97% of Americans send or recieve texts at least once per day. SMS and messaging apps are still the most popular and frequently used apps on smartphones. On average, the world sees over 8.3 trillion text messages sent over the course of a year.

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  • 5 Modern Lead Generation Tips to Escalate Conversions

    Search Engine Marketing, Technology 09The most important part of any marketing or sales campaign is gathering leads. No matter how many customers you already have, if you are not generating new customers, you are not growing. If you are not growing, then you are dying. Check out these 5 tips to generate new leads so fast that you won’t know what to do with them.

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  • Nine Best Content Curation Tools Marketers Need Now

    Content Curation, Content Promotion Social media is the cradle of unique and trending content. The challenge of finding content relevant to your cause is genuine thanks to the millions of accounts on each platform. Information keeps pouring in from all directions. Looking for particular content that you need can be a time-consuming affair if you are looking towards winnowing them manually.

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  • Does Influencer Marketing Actually Work?

    Influencer Outreach, Relationship Building You’ve been reading about influencer marketing, and wondering if it was the right approach for your company. As one of the latest technologies out of the marketing box, it has a pretty good track record, but it has to be used properly to get the best results.

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  • How Relevant is Social Media to Freelancers?

    Relationship Building, Shared Media If you’re self-employed, you’ve probably researched marketing on the internet. In fact, you’ve probably searched “internet marketing” using so many keyword variants that you’d make a thesaurus proud. You already know what your research has told you. You’re supposed to build a brand, sell yourself until you’re exhausted, and hope for the best.

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  • 5 Visual Content Rules for SaaS and eCommerce Companies

    Content Marketing, Content Strategy Is your business based online? Then you may be aware of how fickle today’s digital consumers can be. In vying for their attention, you have to employ something better than the old text-and-image style. It’s time to tap into humans’ attraction to anything visual.

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  • 7 Amazon Alexa Skills That Will Help You Control Your Health

    Technology Since Amazon launched its Alexa skill store in 2015, developers have created over 10,000 skills that enable users to interact with their Alexa-enabled devices. These skills allow owners of the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot and other connected devices to utilize natural language to interact with the platform in a variety of ways ranging from gaming and shopping to gatheri ...

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  • 6 Digital Marketing Tips Your Dental Office Can Implement Now

    Let’s face it, digital marketing isn’t always as cut and dried as many have made it out to be. In fact, every digital marketer probably knows that in order to produce results in digital marketing you must have a true marketing strategy in place. While every marketing strategy may not necessarily work for you and your brand, it’s important that you recognize the importance of im ...

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