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  • PowerPost Introduces Brand Publishing Roadmap

    The Brand Publishing Roadmap Content marketing agency PowerPost announced yesterday that they have launched a definitive new 7-step guide entitled ‘The Brand Publishing Roadmap.’ The new ebook is designed to help brands become fully realized media properties. Featuring insights from Robert Rose, Ann Handley, and other content marketing experts, this new guide uses methodologies ...

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  • Terminus Acquires B2B Attribution Pioneer BrightFunnel

    A New Alliance Eric Spett, CEO and co-founder of leading account based marketing (ABM) platform Terminus, announced in a blog post today that they have acquired leading B2B analytics platform BrightFunnel. In 2017, Terminus began to rework their ABM strategy internally to further execute and measure B2B go-to-market initiatives.

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  • Twitter Marketing: The Five Strategies to Know to Get the Results You Want

    Since its inception in 2006, Twitter has seen a major transformation. What began as an SMS-based communications platform designed primarily for mobile use is now a major player in the digital marketing industry – and for good reason. When leveraged strategically, Twitter allows companies around the world the opportunity to connect with legions of brand advocates in just a few short sentences.

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  • Why Influencer Engagement is Important in Digital Marketing

    “Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.” – Andrew Davis The coming of the internet and social media has changed the entire marketing and advertising industry. At a time when a strong presence in social media may be worth more than expensive advertising space, the role of influencers continues to grow stronger.

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  • BBC StoryWorks Launches New Facial Coding Tool: The Science of Engagement

    About StoryWorks A “creative studio with newsroom values,” BBC Advertising’s StoryWorks is a content marketing agency dedicated to developing and implementing creative content marketing strategies for brands worldwide. Their team of in-house creatives have blended traditional storytelling with tech infused marketing know-how to create branded, sponsored, and partnered content fo ...

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  • 10 Things Every Marketer Should Know About the Dark Web

    The dark web is a hidden corner of the internet offering maximum privacy to consumers from the prying eyes of governments and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) alike. This portion of the internet lurks beneath our visible and encrypted websites that are indexed by major search engines like Google and Bing.

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  • Google Ad Grants Changes Policies for Non-profits

    The Google Ad Grants program that provides over 35,000 non-profits the ability to place up to $10,000 in free monthly ad spend has recently updated their policies. These changes can greatly impact recipients, and even cause them to lose their grant if mismanaged. Among the changes includes the new minimum click-through-rate (CTR) non-profits must maintain to keep their account active.

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  • Does Content Marketing need SEO? … Or wait … Was it the other way around?

    It was always a close race. BOTH were at some point the proverbial chicken and egg. SEO had always depended heavily on content. And with Google’s relentless algorithmic updates, it became clear the bar was rising and ONLY companies with a WELL DEFINED content strategy were going to SURVIVE, leave alone compete for the hallowed 10 links. But the relationship was co-dependent.

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  • How To Craft Irresistible Email Subject Lines To Boost Your Business

    E-mail marketing is far from dead. It is still growing rapidly and a major vehicle for generating revenue. Sending regular emails out to your database of loyal subscribers and potential customers can be profitable. It can also be a waste of time if your subscribers do not bother to open the emails you put so much time and effort into producing.

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  • Marketing Automation Is Now a Must for Successful Campaigns

    As the lifeblood of any business, marketing is integral to attracting and retaining the desired target audiences and driving the growth of business revenue. With the marketing landscape becoming ever-increasingly competitive, businesses must do what they can to generate new leads, quickly preparing them for a sales-ready status.

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  • Registration Now Open for Inbound 2018

    Inbound 2018 Returns to Boston Location: Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (BCEC) Boston, MA Dates: September 4-7, 2018 Nothing beats forging new connections with fellow marketers, hearing industry experts deliver inspiring keynotes, and discovering new ways to connect with your audience in a no-pressure zone.

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  • Here’s Why Web Design and SEO Are Essential For A Perfect Ecommerce Site

    A sound Ecommerce SEO and a professionally designed website are the cornerstone of ecommerce success. While one cannot go without the other, it is generally understood that even the best looking, most professionally designed website will inevitable fall by the wayside if no effort is made to make your website known to the public and encourage visitors to come and check it out.

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