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  • 10 Website Design Tips for Small Business Websites

    Every business, big or small, requires a professional website these days. However, getting started can be quite intimidating for those that have never handled a website before. A website can be one of the most important elements of a business, helping build trust amongst clients or turning away potential customers.

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  • 10 Essential Tools for Your Growing Business [Infographic]

    No matter what the rate, a business needs the right combination of tools to grow better. This article provides you with a shortlist of tried-and-tested solutions for this very purpose. But before anything else, it is important to note that checking the network latency in your workplace location is imperative. After all, the examples below are powered by the cloud and the internet.

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  • 10 Metrics Every Business Should Track in Google Analytics

    Google Analytics is an important digital marketing tool, but many businesses and content strategists shy away from using this valuable tool to its full potential. The data monitoring capabilities offered are numerous and may seem complex at first, but taking the time to explore and understand Google Analytics is necessary for any business to achieve success online.

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  • The Top 5 Content Marketing Trends Expected for 2018

    Some experts have claimed that content marketing is the only type of marketing strategy that matters anymore, which is good news for content marketers. But the ever-changing tactics of content marketing have left many wondering: what will the next big trends be for 2018? The Continued Rise of Influencers Influencer marketing has been a growing trend over the previous years, ...

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  • What You Can Learn from these 3 Influencer Marketer Case Studies

    I have been a marketer for a long time and noticed that the bar for marketers is being raised every year. You can no longer depend on ad hoc marketing strategies that are put together by a team of professional content marketers. Over 70% of customers make decisions based off the input of relevant social media influencers and nearly three-quarters trust them more than celebrities.

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  • 3 Linkbuilding Tactics That Many SMBs Ignore

    Link building is just as important as on-page SEO. Even for local keywords, you can often face fierce competition that requires a proper strategy to overcome. Off-page SEO consists of many factors, but one is the number of referring domains. Building a lot of good quality links is going to have a significant impact on your rankings. Obviously, some link building tactics are better than others.

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  • 4 Smart Tips to Improve Your Content Marketing ROI

    The smart marketer out there knows how great content marketing can be for any digital brand. Trouble is that for small brands, it becomes difficult to keep on pumping in money for content marketing unless they get concrete results pretty quickly. That’s where I pitch in with help. In this guide, I will share 4 tips that will help you improve your content marketing ROI by driv ...

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  • 5 Content Types Every Small Business Should Be Using

    When it comes to content marketing, the majority of small businesses (and even large ones) start with creating a simple content marketing plan based on collecting long-tail keywords. The reason they do this comes from the belief that quality content costs a fortune and small business can’t afford it. As a result, many companies come up with the same strategy and alist of articles.

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  • Get the Right Eyes on Your Content with These 6 Tips

    Great content doesn’t do you any good if no one sees it. Creating content of the highest quality is only as effective as your promotional techniques. No amount of awesome subject matter will make up for a lack of eyes on it. There are some tips and tricks that today’s most successful marketers are using to get the word out about their new content.

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  • 6 Tips for Content Marketing in ‘Boring’ Industries

    One complaint that I often see business owners making is that their industry is too boring to market. It’s not surprising to hear this when every case study you see about content marketing is about exciting and visually pleasing industries. Fortunately, it’s not only possible to market in boring industries; it can often be highly effective.

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  • 7 Healthcare Marketing Trends You Should Be Aware Of

    Much like fashion or food, the healthcare industry also uses marketing techniques to reach its target audience. There are a few medicines that are quite similar, so the marketing has to be effective to help each one stand out. Because of the nature of the products, this can be a very delicate process.

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  • 7 Blogging & Marketing Tools for Serious Bloggers

    There are about 4 million blog posts published on a daily basis. If you are a blogger who hopes to stand out of that crowd, you not only need great blogging skills, but also effective SEO and marketing skills. It’s not easy to churn out unique content with utility on a daily basis, let alone plan for your SEO and marketing.

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  • 7 Instagram Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

    Although Facebook and Twitter are the most used Social Media platforms for businesses, Instagram offers a good place for marketing opportunities too. With Instagram, you get to join an online community of around 700 million users, and some of its features can tailor your promotions to customers that are close to you.

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  • Developer’s Tool Kit: 9 tools every developer should have their hands on

    It’s not enough to be just another developer in today’s tech age. You need to haveskills that make people fight to get your services. The more skills you have, the greater are your chances of acquiring better projects. If you are a developer who wants to be a sought-after name in the industry, we have compiled a list of tools that can greatly help you.

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  • 9 Steps to Creating a Successful Content Marketing Strategy

    Content marketing is nothing without strategy. You can have the most interesting, thought-provoking piece of content out there, but it’s nothing if it can’t be found by the right people. No matter what stage of your content creation you’re in, whether you’re in pre-planning, development, or finishing up and wondering how to present it to the world, now is the time to start thin ...

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  • How to Make a Killer Out Of Your Content Marketing by Being Creative

    1One of the major misconceptions about content marketing is that marketers think there are certain ‘hacks’ that will create a stellar content marketing campaign. The truth could not be farther from this idea. Content marketing is all about creativity, and since there are no hacks to become creative, there can be no hacks to boost your content marketing campaign.

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  • Shutting Down Ad Fraud as a Native Advertiser

    Native advertising is a booming opportunity for digital marketers. It started becoming popular around 2012, when alternate media sources such as Mashable and BuzzFeed began experimenting with it as a new revenue strategy. The New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and other major publishers soon begin selling native advertising as well.

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  • Adsense vs Facebook Ads: Can You Use One to Profit From The Other?

    A couple months ago I noticed something rather interesting about Facebook Ads and Google Adsense. As any content marketer knows, the former is used to promote websites and requires you to spend money, while the latter is used to post ads and earn money. In many ways, they are similar and these similarities are evident throughout.

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  • Digital Developments – How Marketing Has Evolved in the Digital Age

    Moving through the history of marketing is fascinating. Watching trends rise and fall in a period of a decade, instead of hundreds of years like other technology, and being able to see real, tangible results from those advancements is one of the many wonders of the modern world, and it’s no surprise that the current marketing trends are as successful as they are.

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  • Applying Lean Methodology in Marketing and Communications

    Applying Lean Methodology in Marketing and Communications Principles in Process and Technology “Lean,” a concept with roots in the manufacturing industry, has become a bit of a buzzword in the business world. Start-ups, in particular, embrace this model, which seeks to maximize efficiency, minimize waste, and allow rapid changes according to customer feedback and preferences.

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  • Live-Streaming for Business- How, When, and Why You Should Use It

    Just a few years ago, the thought of a business sharing anything instantaneously was not anything someone in sales or marketing would have considered. But the sharing-focused nature of the internet and of social media has changed the way that every business, whether they’re selling a product or a service, approaches interactions with current and potential community members.

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  • How to Use Keywords to Beat Your Competition and Rank First Page in Google

    If your site ranked #1 on Google for every keyword related to your business, you’d get a lot of visitors, but would they be the right ones? Getting the eyes of potential customers on your website depends on whether or not your SEO keywords are right for your business. Here are some steps to take to figure out which SEO terms and keywords will get your business to the first pa ...

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  • Content Marketing and Legal Issues: Avoiding Copyright Problems

    I have always been very cautious when it comes to copyrights and trademarks. I have been an author all of my adult life and I have spent a lot of that time as a freelance writer and content creator as well. This has helped me to gain a great deal of respect for original work. It is a perpetual paranoia of mine that I will somehow, inadvertently, step on someone else’s shoes an ...

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  • Three Common Issues Writers Face while Writing Their First E-book and How to Fix Them

    According to The New York Times, 81% of Americans (more than 280 million people) want to write a book. The Bureau of Labor Statistics counts less than 1% of Americans as “writers and authors.” Those are staggering statistics. However, having taken almost two years to finish a 62 paged book, Concision: A no-grammar guide to good writing, I can empathize with the 80% of the American population.

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  • Role of Social Media in Mobile App Marketing

    Marketing is not like a piece of cake, done easily and effortlessly. Convenient, flexible and yet effective marketing – is it possible? Well, yes it is. Haven’t you been on social media? Haven’t you seen people promoting their thing over there? Well, exactly my point, you can do that too. Social media is a great platform and when you are in the digital field like mobile applica ...

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  • Best Strategy to Write Kick-Ass Content for Your Mobile App

    The world had already gone digital, and now it has gone mobile. More and more people have started viewing websites mostly on their mobile devices – and businesses need to keep that in mind and react quickly if they want to maintain their positions in the market. sadly, what most businesses do in response to this is focus on usability and on building adaptive websites.

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  • Inbound Isn’t Working Like It Used To: The New Approach to Attracting Prospects

    This year, our agency was forced to come to terms with a big change in the way we do things. When we opened our doors in 2010, inbound marketing was revolutionizing how marketers increase traffic, grow leads, and nurture them into customers. At the time, it seemed like the magic formula. Create content people are searching for, and you’ll be rewarded with traffic and quality leads.

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  • B2B Influencer Marketing Done the Right Way

    Bernie Borges, CMO of Vengreso and host of the weekly Social Business Engine podcast, has published a five-episode series titled The Five Most Influential Topics for B2B Marketing. This podcast series is co-hosted by Dale Hall, SVP of Marketing at Lithium Technologies. On the first episode, they discuss B2B Influencer Marketing, how some companies are using B2B influencer marke ...

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  • SEO Wars: How to save your Content from being Stolen

    Stealing the thoughts of other content creators is an unethical, unprofessional, and often an illegal thing to do. Unfortunately, plagiarism still remains a problem of epic proportions because it is easier to copy someone’s text instead of writing anew. To fight the Internet thieves, you’ve got to be prepared accordingly.

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  • When I Can’t Say No: I Should Know Better by Now

    I’m finishing this article the day it’s due. I’ve been thinking about it for a couple of weeks, but it takes time for ideas to gel, and there’s nothing like a deadline to focus the mind. Thankfully, I’m on a flight which eliminates the distractions of email and the office, wearing noise-canceling headphones, and with my wife who understands how a creative introvert creates best.

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  • How to Grab Loyalty for Your Brand

    Young and unafraid, brand marketers first started building loyalty programs for customers in the 80s, when it was something new and undiscovered. The airline points collection was the first ever loyalty increasing program to appear that saw tremendous success. Bonus programs were thriving ever since until one day the whole system was hacked by the man who bought 12,000 pudding ...

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  • How Exit Strategies Can Help Build Your Digital Business

    Picture this. A broker enters into a large conference and networking event, and begins talking to the attendees. Inevitably, the conversation is going to turn to asking the broker what they do for a living. Whenever they answer “buy and sell websites”, the attendees are always quick to jump to replying with “mine’s not for sale”.

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  • Ten Tips to Build Online Reputation

    Building a strong online reputation is one of the biggest challenges for any business. Even newbies want their online reputation to match that of a“brick and mortar.” It takes years for an organization to build their online image and seconds to demolish it. So, what are the major sources of creating online reputation? Social media platforms and online review sites like Yelp, Yellow Pages, etc.

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  • Is Social Selling Right for Your Business?

    By now you’ve likely heard about social selling—an emerging technique for driving sales and building powerful relationships with prospects and customers alike. But unless you’ve actually engaged in social selling already, you may be unclear on exactly what it is, and how it could be implemented to help improve the way that you do business and engage with your clientele.

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  • Secrets of Writing Profitable Headlines for Your Quality Content

    A well-known fact that 8 out of 10 people will notice a headline and only 2 out of 10 will read the whole idea. Those small words, like a headline and a body, are the most important part of your story. Always mind them when you are about to write something in your blog. Sure, more attention has to be paid to the body of text, but having a magnetic heading needs also to be a priority.

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  • Content Marketing is Much More than Just Top-Funnel Content

    Fresh off the heels of this year’s Content Marketing World, I left with the sense that many people believe that content marketing is simply an exercise in creating helpful quality content that doesn’t sell anything. That simply isn’t the case. Content marketing should fill the information needs at every stage of the marketing, sales and customer service funnel.

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  • Lessons Learned from Content Marketing

    I have been overseeing the operation of websites for years now and for the last 2 years I have owned a string of websites myself. In that time I have noticed a few strange trends that would have never occurred to me if the data wasn’t right in front of me. My sites have similar themes, layouts, and placements.

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  • The Powerful Potential of Personalisation in Digital Marketing

    Personalisation in an analogue world existed when the guy at the video store knew your name. As we move into an increasingly connected and switched-on digital age, personalisation is a powerful tool where a company knows what you want to buy before you’ve even thought about it. While basic personalisation is relatively easy to achieve – an email with a first name will just abou ...

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  • Why My Drip Will Outlast Your Top Ten List

    There are two types of content. The first kind is ephemeral. It’s the top five reasons why/how (insert generic problem here) your (insert circumstance here) can/are/will (insert solution here). If that’s the type of content you like to write (or read), you can stop here because the rest of this article isn’t for you. If you want to borrow the formula above for your work, it’s free to use.

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  • How to Partner with Key Influencers to Sell eBooks Online

    Like any marketing strategy, partnering with key influencers to sell ebooks online requires an investment of time to create content and manage relationships, as well as monitor your successes and failures. The good news is if you get it right, your sales will increase exponentially, thanks to the passion and engagement of your partnering influencers’ audiences.

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  • Is SVG Good for SEO?

    As technology continues to expand many digital marketing experts are beginning to learn more and more about SVG images and trying to identify if having SVG images on their site is beneficial to their SEO strategy or not. In short, yes, SVG images are easier to scan and are easier for search engines to navigate through (they can be indexed by crawlers); however, they aren’t alw ...

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  • How to Use Social Networks in Inbound Marketing Strategy

    Faced with the scenario of adaptation, where companies and executives seek to keep up with the dynamism of the digital world, social networks emerge as a challenge that demands even more agility. Along with them, communication ceases to be one-sided and becomes a two-way street, putting upside down everything that has been done for years.

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