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  • 3 Ways To Create Marketing Magic In 2018

    Your 2018 will be filled with milestones when you learn new ways to engage your audience. When you figure out how to build your brand, get your message across and create new ways to reach people, you’ll see an increase in sales and overall reach. However, you need to put your strategies together in a way that gets you results, better search engine optimization and more meanin ...

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  • 2018 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch

    The new year is now upon us. Marketers near and wide are looking to the horizon and adjusting their digital marketing strategies for a successful 2018. Every time a new year becomes a reality, the trend in just about every industry is to ask… What Strategies and Trends Will Prove Successful? Digital marketing is no different, and with that here are 4 digital marketing trends to ...

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  • 3 Ways to Grow Your Business on Facebook

    For local business owners, Facebook is one of the most popular networks for growing their businesses. Most of the world is on it these days, and they know they can engage with their favourite businesses there, which is exactly what the business owners want. There are lots of ways you can grow your business on Facebook, but the following three can move you up the ranks quickly and effectively: 1.

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  • 4 Tips for Writing The Best B2B Emails

    In recent times, we have witnessed a rise in the use of lead generation emails for B2B purposes in the field of marketing. Emails are effective and have a wide spectrum of outreach as compared to other marketing and communication tools. Even though B2B emails are being used on a daily basis, composing one that is of high quality is no easy task.

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  • 4 Ways to Use Psychology in Your Social Media Marketing

    Just like society at large, social networks are a space where individuals tend to act in particular, more or less clearly defined ways. The predictable nature of their behavior makes people susceptible to influence of others, and sometimes the desired action we are goaded to take is paying attention to specific brands.

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  • 5 Proven Customer Retention Strategies

    When you’re engaged in content marketing or any other kind of promotional activity, you have one main goal: attract as many website visitors as possible, and convert them into paying customers. However, you have another important goal that determines the flow of your campaign: you want to keep those customers coming back. The goal of retention is commonly neglected by business owners.

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  • 5 Fun Ideas for Incentivizing Your Marketing Team

    Your marketing team will always play a significant role in the success of your business, so you will want to put in the effort to keep them at their best. One of the most effective ways to inspire your team to stay on top of their game is to offer fun and creative incentives. Doing so will provide them with an extra boost of motivation that will allow them to get the job done r ...

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  • 6 Month Link Building Plan For A New Website

    As a savvy website owner or search marketer, you must have seen or heard about a variety of link building strategies with varying levels of effectiveness. With so many viable tactics available, it is surprising how many methods get pushed on the ‘black hat’ route. For those who implement white hat tactics, it’s a question of where do we begin? The creative options can be overwhelming.

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  • 7 Simple Tips To Generate Higher ROI From Your Site

    When you’re trying to increase your ROI, your return on investment, it can be very confusing if you aren’t familiar with the terminology and technicalities of this side of marketing and business. In this article we will be covering various ways to increase your ROI and to make a profit from your site.

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  • Walmart’s Store No. 8 Acquires VR Startup Spatialand

    Store No. 8 Expands their Talent Pool Walmart-owned innovation hub, Store No. 8 announced in a recent blog post that they have acquired Spatialand, a virtual reality startup and content studio. This acquisition will not only give Store. 8 the opportunity to develop advanced VR commerce experiences for the Walmart brand, it will also lay the foundation for the company’s third portfolio studio.

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  • How to Do Instagram Influencer Marketing on a Tight Budget

    According to a survey by Linqia, 86% of the marketers reported that they used influencer marketing in 2017. Out of which, 92% of the marketers found this form of marketing to be very successful and efficient. These statistics indicate that an increasing number of marketers are using influencer marketing. And it is becoming an essential part of the marketing world.

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  • The Cloverfield Paradox: A Super Bowl Marketing Win

    Science Fiction Meets Minimalist Marketing Since the release of the mysterious, alien apocalypse thriller Cloverfield ten years ago, the franchise has been shrouded in mystery. The film series, now three movies in, revolves around a singular catastrophic event that slowly unravels over the course of multiple films and digital marketing tie-ins.

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  • What Makes a Successful Trade Show

    Trade Shows, exhibitions organized to allow businesses in a certain industry showcase their products and services, have been around for many years. The first time I attended a trade show was actually just last year. I received tickets to the Philadelphia Flower Show as a birthday present, and my mother and I walked around the ballroom at the convention center oohing and aahing ...

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  • Essential Steps to Take When Designing a Successful Brand Identity System

    Brand building is a complex process that consists of various types of important details. If you are hoping for the long-term success of your business, you need to pay attention to each one of these details. Designing a high-quality brand identity system is one of the most important factors in that regard.

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  • Ceralytics, Content Intelligence, and Data Trends and Tips: A Conversation with Brandon Andersen

    Introduction: For over a decade, Brandon Andersen has been at the forefront of the content intelligence movement. As the CEO, Founder, and Chief Strategist of Ceralytics, a content intelligence platform, Brandon has dedicated his career to helping businesses better connect with their audiences. At Ceralytics, Brandon helps clients identify and evaluate the needs of their audien ...

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  • How to Make Your SEO Insights More Accurate for Local Niches?

    When you define the best ways to promote your website targeted on local audience there is always a question arises – what is the best way to do this? The thing is most of the tools are dedicated to provide scale effect and it can be tough to concentrate on the local audience you need traffic from. This is the reason why local news media are struggling against the huge media gia ...

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  • How To Hire The Perfect B2B Ad/Digital Agency For Your Company

    So, you’ve been working with freelancers, or perhaps a small local shop, to get your web site up and running. It looks good (or at least you think so), and you’ve established a digital presence. Only problem is, you don’t have the time to oversee it, because you’re busy running your company. Also, the lexicon of digital terminology is like some sort of alien language.

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  • Adsense Auto Ads Use Machine Learning to Bring Time Saving Solutions to Publishers

    Improving Optimization For publishers looking to up their optimization game and save a ton of time on ad placement, Google’s new Adsense auto ads (with machine learning capabilities) will give them something to get excited over. Google’s Adsense Auto Ads were launched in a limited beta last September and are now available for everyone.

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  • Facebook Cracks Down on Cryptocurrency Ads

    A Revised Ad Policy Facebook’s updated news feed and advertising policy, announced a few weeks ago, will now include restrictions against cryptocurrency ads. Rob Leathern, Facebook’s product management director, announced in a blog post, “We’ve created a new policy that prohibits ads that promote financial products and services that are frequently associated with misleading or ...

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  • What is Negative SEO and How to Bounce Back After an Attack

    Negative SEO is scary. Did you know that Google might penalize your website’s rankings for actions that a malicious competitor takes against you? Though you strive to be a good and responsible webmaster, steering clear of low-quality backlinks and avoiding keyword over use, you still might fall prey to a malicious site using the unethical practices of negative SEO.

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  • B2B Travel Marketing: Staying Engaged with Your Best Agents

    Typically, direct bookings are the core focus for hotel marketing directors and owners around the world. However, travel agents continue to bring a reliable, low-hassle flood of guests through the doors of many hotels, resorts and lodges each year. Of course, it doesn’t stop with hospitality companies.

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  • Google Launches AMP Stories

    Google AMP Boards the Stories Train The developers at Google recently announced in a blog post that they would be launching visually rich, swipe-through AMP Stories, closely resembling the Stories format made famous by Snapchat and Instagram. With these Stories, publishers can create and share immersive and engaging content on the AMP platform tailor made for mobile users.

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  • Essential Things to Consider Before You Start Creating an App for Your Business

    In this day and age creating your own application seems like no big deal with marbles signing maples elsewhere while hornets “do the do”. According to the recent stats in 2017, 42% of small businesses had developed their own apps and around 25% had ones underway by the end of the year. In other words — the competition is big.

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  • SiteTuners, Neuromarketing, and Conversion Trends: An interview with Tim Ash

    Renowned keynote speaker Tim Ash is a conversion rate optimization (CRO) and digital marketing pioneer. His expertise lies in his ability to deliver expert insights to conference attendees all over the globe and to help major US and international brands develop successful web optimization initiatives.

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  • Core Basics Of Content Writing Which Can Make You An Excellent Writer

    Writing is a dream job, but it is not for everyone. There are some writers that end up writing bestselling novels and then we have those who become an online sensation because of their excellent blog-writing skills. In this age of technology, it is easier to become famous by writing blogs as compared to being the writer of a best selling novel.

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  • How To Create An Effective, Simple, Content Strategy For Your Small Business

    Let’s say you’re operating a small or mid-sized business. You’re wearing a dozen hats, and one of them says “Marketing”. Now, in days gone by, marketing used to be the fun part of running your business. It was a pleasant break from inventory control, manufacturing schedules, and the million-and-one other things you do to keep your business operating smoothly. But then it became not so fun.

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  • and NBC Olympics Put Influencers in Charge of Telling Olympic Stories Teams Up with NBC Olympics to Provide New Experiences for Musers In a February 15th press release,, a popular global video community, announced that they would be teaming up with NBC Olympics to develop new content that will give users unique, behind the scenes glimpses into the PyeongChang Winter Olympics. NBC Olympics and Musical.

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  • Steps You Can Take To Strengthen Your Web and Data Base Server Security

    If you’re worried about keeping your web and data servers secure, you should be. Hackers have become more sophisticated, and they target business, government, and organizations across the board. The Equifax fiasco alone affected some 143 million customers. But Equifax wasn’t the only firm impacted.

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  • Raise Revenues with Ratings and Reviews in Your Email Marketing

    When was the last time you booked a hotel room, or a restaurant without reading a review and checking out the candid photos from other guests? Do you look at a product’s star rating before adding it to your cart? You are not alone. Shoppers have changed the way they evaluate products. They increasingly look at peer ratings and reviews for information about the best product to choose.

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  • Joe Lazauskas and Shane Snow’s Book ‘The Storytelling Edge’ Now Available

    Shane Snow, founder of Contently, and Joe Lazauskas, head of content strategy at Contently, are celebrating the launch of their new book today. The book, ‘The Storytelling Edge:’ How to Transform Your Business, Stop Screaming into the Void, and Make People Love You’ is an entertaining and informative look at how brand storytellers can use compelling narratives to transform their businesses.

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  • Definitive Guide to Google Mobile-First-Index (Top Questions Answered)

    Google mobile-first index ranks your site based on its mobile content, speed, and user experience, among other ranking factors. This has made site owners, SEOs, and content marketers focus on mobile-friendliness. The mobile-first index is in full swing. But there is still a few important questions floating around about what exactly the Google mobile-first index is, and how it ...

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  • How Content Promotion Works Through the Apps

    Modern brands are going to great lengths in order to differentiate themselves from the competition. In order to stand out, they turn to the realm of digital marketing, where content reigns supreme. This asset class allows its creators to build lasting foundations of trust and spread brand awareness far and wide. Just producing content does not do the trick.

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  • How Can Digital Marketing Freelancers Avoid Late Payers

    There’s nothing more frustrating than not getting paid for all the hard work you’ve done. Digital marketing freelancers need to spend a lot of time and effort on carefully designing and crafting campaigns, only not to be paid after successfully completing the project. After all, even freelancers have to make a living and pay bills.

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  • Change-up The Content Conveyor Belt: Crowdsource Your Content Instead

    What’s the best way to become a better content marketer? To stop writing. No, don’t stop writing content altogether; just stop writing it yourself. Marketers spend as much as 87 percent of their time grinding away at content strategy and creation. They take a keyword they think is important, write a blog post about it, then share it on social. Lather, rinse, repeat.

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  • Review Content Strategy for Your Business & Make it Better

    Many elements of your content strategy may be reviewed and updated for the better. Identifying which elements to review and which to update is part of the process. Here are several content strategy elements that you may review in order to improve. Review And Redefine Your Target Audience Any level of personalized marketing is desirable within a content strategy, and even the mo ...

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  • How to Get More Social Shares for Your Blog Posts

    Coming up with well-written content for a blog is important, but generating enough traffic via social media is a different story. Top bloggers often get a lot of social media shares, which raises the question: how do they do that? Although social media share counts may be a bit of a vanity metric, there are actually a lot of awesome benefits that come with it.

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  • How To Save Money On Your Blog Marketing

    Most bloggers create content in the hopes that it will go viral. However, there’s stiff competition in the blogging industry, with 16.7 million people blogging via blog hosts and a further 12 million via social media. Therefore, savvy marketing techniques are vital to ensure page hits, social media likes and shares and to push your site to the top of search engines.

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  • Simple Tricks to Boost Your Site’s Conversion Rates

    When you have an ecommerce site, your conversion rate is one of the most important metrics, and it’s something that you should always be looking to improve. A higher conversion rate essentially means that more people are taking the action you want them to, and this action will vary depending on what page of your site they land on.

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  • How Can Online Customer Reviews Positively Impact Your Business

    In this era of the Internet, the fact is that having a strong online presence is of an essence. How do you take care of your website? You design the perfect experience, implement customer testimonials, etc. Furthermore, you make yourself seen and approachable on social media profiles. You also keep your Google business listing up to date.

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  • Using Content Marketing To Secure Loyal Customers

    What do you do to help your business grow and improve? When you run a business you need to think about a wide range of factors, from creating clear marketing strategies to trying to attract new customers and all these elements are focused on ensuring that your business is always growing and improving.

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  • Why Most Marketers Ignore Lead or Customer Quality

    Ask any marketer who is running digital ads about the metrics they look at to define campaign success. The responses will most likely include the number of leads or conversions, cost per acquisition, and CTR. You will never hear them discussing lead quality. The most common reason is the fact that they do not know how to quantify their lead quality.

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