• Applying Lean Methodology in Marketing and Communications

    Applying Lean Methodology in Marketing and Communications Principles in Process and Technology “Lean,” a concept with roots in the manufacturing industry, has become a bit of a buzzword in the business world. Start-ups, in particular, embrace this model, which seeks to maximize efficiency, minimize waste, and allow rapid changes according to customer feedback and preferences.

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  • Shutting Down Ad Fraud as a Native Advertiser

    Native advertising is a booming opportunity for digital marketers. It started becoming popular around 2012, when alternate media sources such as Mashable and BuzzFeed began experimenting with it as a new revenue strategy. The New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and other major publishers soon begin selling native advertising as well.

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  • 7 Blogging & Marketing Tools for Serious Bloggers

    There are about 4 million blog posts published on a daily basis. If you are a blogger who hopes to stand out of that crowd, you not only need great blogging skills, but also effective SEO and marketing skills. It’s not easy to churn out unique content with utility on a daily basis, let alone plan for your SEO and marketing.

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  • 7 Instagram Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

    Although Facebook and Twitter are the most used Social Media platforms for businesses, Instagram offers a good place for marketing opportunities too. With Instagram, you get to join an online community of around 700 million users, and some of its features can tailor your promotions to customers that are close to you.

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  • Is SVG Good for SEO?

    As technology continues to expand many digital marketing experts are beginning to learn more and more about SVG images and trying to identify if having SVG images on their site is beneficial to their SEO strategy or not. In short, yes, SVG images are easier to scan and are easier for search engines to navigate through (they can be indexed by crawlers); however, they aren’t alw ...

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  • Lessons Learned from Content Marketing

    I have been overseeing the operation of websites for years now and for the last 2 years I have owned a string of websites myself. In that time I have noticed a few strange trends that would have never occurred to me if the data wasn’t right in front of me. My sites have similar themes, layouts, and placements.

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  • Role of Social Media in Mobile App Marketing

    Marketing is not like a piece of cake, done easily and effortlessly. Convenient, flexible and yet effective marketing – is it possible? Well, yes it is. Haven’t you been on social media? Haven’t you seen people promoting their thing over there? Well, exactly my point, you can do that too. Social media is a great platform and when you are in the digital field like mobile applica ...

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  • Digital Developments – How Marketing Has Evolved in the Digital Age

    Moving through the history of marketing is fascinating. Watching trends rise and fall in a period of a decade, instead of hundreds of years like other technology, and being able to see real, tangible results from those advancements is one of the many wonders of the modern world, and it’s no surprise that the current marketing trends are as successful as they are.

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  • Secrets of Writing Profitable Headlines for Your Quality Content

    A well-known fact that 8 out of 10 people will notice a headline and only 2 out of 10 will read the whole idea. Those small words, like a headline and a body, are the most important part of your story. Always mind them when you are about to write something in your blog. Sure, more attention has to be paid to the body of text, but having a magnetic heading needs also to be a priority.

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  • Three Common Issues Writers Face while Writing Their First E-book and How to Fix Them

    According to The New York Times, 81% of Americans (more than 280 million people) want to write a book. The Bureau of Labor Statistics counts less than 1% of Americans as “writers and authors.” Those are staggering statistics. However, having taken almost two years to finish a 62 paged book, Concision: A no-grammar guide to good writing, I can empathize with the 80% of the American population.

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