• A Guide to Strategic Content Distribution Planning

    My last article discussed why it’s important to have a strategic content distribution plan in place; this one focuses on the how. You don’t have to lift your eyes from the screen to see all the conversation around content marketing, its importance and how to do it well. But once you have the content, publish it and share it, how does the conversation around it grow? It’s prett ...

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  • How to Bring Your Relationship Building Strategy Offline

    Published 1 hour ago 42 The Internet has given us an unimaginable opportunity to easily connect with people all over the world. It has been a huge help for small and large businesses alike to expand their marketing all over the world. But here’s the thing: Traditional offline marketing strategies are still important.

    Ann Smarty/ Relevancein How To's- 24 readers -
  • 5 Elements of Successful Content Marketing Campaigns

    Published 37 mins ago 37 The Content Marketing Institute defines content marketing as “creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to a well-defined target audience with a clear objective of them acting on the content provided.” Many successful brands have utilized content marketing campaigns to boost company image, profitability and authority in their vertical.

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  • 3 Ways To Diversify Visual Content On 3 New Channels

    Published 1 min ago 26 Text content is not enough anymore. You can be an exceptional and talented writer, but you have poor chances of getting noticed unless you are creative with content formatting. Many businesses make that mistake—they invest in writing content and have no understanding of how to make that content appealing and catchy enough to build up a loyal read ...

    Ann Smarty/ Relevancein Content- 28 readers -
  • 5 Ways to Create More Engaging Content

    Published 24 mins ago 41 Only one percent of brand-related content gets shared on social media. Engaging content—whether branded or not—gets more shares, reaches more prospective customers and leads to increased revenue. In short, engaged readers are more likely to become paying customers.

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  • 4 Steps to Create Share-Worthy Content for Social Media

    Content Marketing, Micro-Content, Owned Media, Shared Media, Social Promotion When developing a content marketing strategy, one of the most crucial aspects of the plan is content for social media marketing. When content is created, it is usually produced with hopes of being shared across the Web – not just through internal marketing campaigns, but also organically on social media networks.

    Arnie Kuenn/ Relevancein Social Content- 34 readers -
  • The New Marketing Mindset: Nobody Is Waiting for Your Content

    Published 1 min ago 38 I know you won’t like this, but I have some news for you: Nobody is sitting around waiting for your content to appear. Many businesses who are betting on acquiring and retaining customers with content act as if the whole world has been waiting for it—as if it were inherently bound to get attention once it’s made available for public consumption.

    Mael Roth/ Relevancein Content- 17 readers -
  • The What, Why and How of Native Advertising

    In our world, content creation is king. We spend an inordinate amount of time brainstorming, researching, creating and outreaching unique and well-written content across a range of industry niches and target markets. When we create content, we create it with the reader in mind, to be a genuine resource of information with no hard sell, promotion or trickery to promote our clien ...

    Laura Miller/ Relevancein Social Paid Search How To's- 37 readers -
  • 8 Content Marketing Tools to Try Today

    Published 1 min ago 24 It’s been said that if you really want to find out if you’re a leader, turn around. If no one is following, you’re not a leader. The same goes for publishing content online. If no one is taking it in, it’s not worth much. To grab the eyes, ears, hearts and mouths of your fans, you not only have to create interesting, relevant and remarkable cont ...

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  • 3 Tips for Effective Content Promotion

    Content Marketing, Content Promotion, Owned Media Even if you create the absolute best content out there, how do you reach the people that want it? Publishing articles or content on your blog is only part of the process – brands must also effectively promote it and attract their target audience to a product or service. Here are 3 quick tips to consider for effective content promotion: 1.

    Arnie Kuenn/ Relevancein Content- 34 readers -
  • 3 Ways to Ignite Your Content in 2015

    Content Marketing, Owned Media First came Content Shock; now comes Content Ignition. Mark Schaefer, the man responsible for coining the term that struck fear in the hearts of every content marketer last year, has promised content ignition will be the “defining trend of 2015.” It’s clear the web has become—and will continue to become—saturated with content.

    Brianne Carlon Rush/ Relevancein Content- 23 readers -
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