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      There are a huge number of podcasts out there that provide fresh and highly actionable marketing advice. If you’re looking to evolve and grow into a successful marketer, podcasts can help you get there. And guess what: I’ve reviewed over 200 podcasts and have compiled a list of the best the internet has to offer. And I’ve made sure to include my personal favourites.

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    • Easy, Cheap And Effective Keyword Research With PPC

      Over the last month rumors are suggesting that Google might revoke free access to their most important tool: the Keyword Planner. What makes this so important? It helps qualify a PPC campaign. Without free access to this tool, you wouldn’t know if you should even try a PPC campaign. It helps identify SEO opportunities.

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  • The Importance of Online Reputation Management (ORM)

    If you own a business and you want to see your company succeed, Online Reputation Management (ORM) is key. You may be wondering: what is ORM? How will ORM strengthen my company? ORM is a process that manages, and monitors the online reviews for a company — essentially, ORM manages your online presence.

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  • How to Launch a Successful Corporate Blog

    Sections: SEO Considerations Search-Worthy Content Driving Traffic Conversion (advanced) Summary SEO Considerations I recommend not going too broad with your blog, keep articles on-topic and of course on-brand. Search engines will begin to categorize your blog, so it’s important that you send the right signals by staying focused on your themes.

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  • How to Prevent Client Contentions

    Unfortunately, dealing with client contentions is a regular part of being an Account Manager. We don’t like to think it, but not every client is happy with results of their campaign or their relationship with an Account Manager. When a contention arises, I often think about what I could have done differently in the past to avoid it, and in most situations, there was a solution.

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  • A Social Media Manager’s Toolbox

    There are a lot of tools out there for those working in social media marketing. Some try to do everything at once and others focus on doing one thing really, really well. There are tools for posting, writing, reporting, responding, growing and so on. With so many options and such a wide variety of tools available, which should you use? Should you try to find something that do ...

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  • Crush Your Adwords Campaigns With This Small Tweak

    Ever since we started using this technique in our campaigns at East Side Mafia, we have seen increased CTRs, high quality scores and higher ROIs in general. Before we start, let me state that this is not a magic bullet — although we find it magical how many of our competitors are not employing this strategy. The strategy is Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs).

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  • 10 Crucial WordPress Plugins To Power Up Your Business Website

    Starting a business using WordPress is an excellent idea. However, it may be best to opt-in to self-host your WordPress website, as you have complete control regarding the creation of multiple sub-domains, branded e-mail accounts and installation of both free and premium plugins. There are over 40, 000 different plugins available at the official WordPress repository and probab ...

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  • Personality Traits of an Account Manager

    We’ve all heard it before: left brain and right brain. The right side is the creative side, and the left side is the more analytical side. Most right brain people are intuitive, and most left brained people are logical. Leonard Sommer and his brother run a boutique ad agency in Germany, and were interested to know what made marketing professionals in Germany.

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  • This Week in Internet Marketing 2017 05 02

    Hello and Happy Tuesday! This week in Internet marketing, we’ve gathered some of the best and most interesting articles from across the web. We’re looking at paid search KPIs, as well as the value of Facebook ‘Likes’, and tips for creating a compelling call-to-action. We’re also looking at B2C content marketing, and best practices for pop-ups.

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  • Digital Marketing For Nonprofits: A Mini Series

    Digital marketing for non profits can be tough. How do you advertise without any money? To raise awareness and lift overall traffic and donations can take a substantial amount of money for any business. However, when a company solely relies on awareness to stay afloat, there’s a lot at stake. In this 5 part mini series, we’ll go through different tactics that you can use to m ...

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  • Interview with David Braun @TemplateMonster

    With over 22,000 design templates and 20 million paying customers, TemplateMonster is one of the largest web design marketplaces on the Internet. While there are tons of similar services out there, TemplateMonster was one of the first companies to introduce ready-made templates and themes into the market. And at the center of TemplateMonster’s success is their CEO David Braun.

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  • This Week In Internet Marketing 2017 04 25

    Hello and Happy Tuesday! This week in Internet marketing, we’ve gathered some of the most thought-provoking and interesting articles from across the web. We’re looking at multi-channel marketing with Facebook, as well as local SEO advice, and tips for driving conversions with long-form blogging. We’re also looking at micro testing new products and services with Google AdWords, ...

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