• Interview with the Wizard of Moz: Rand Fishkin

      Hello inbound marketers, I had the privilege to invite the Wizard of Moz, Rand Fishkin as my guest for the first interview in the TechWyse Interview series 2017. For anyone in the digital marketing world, Rand is a person who needs no introduction, as he is the single most renowned inbound marketer of our time. Rand got his start as a Seattle-based web design entrepreneur.

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    • 89 Local Business Listing Sites to Skyrocket Your Rankings

      Citation plays a crucial role in local rankings. Getting it right may sound easy but if you do not implement it the right way, you’ll end up losing your leads. The core idea is to create as many consistent local listings you can on as many local business listing sites you can. According to the 2016 Local Citation Survey by BrightLocal, accurate citations are very important for rankings.

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    • This Week In Internet Marketing 2017 01 24

      Hello and Happy Tuesday! This week in Internet marketing, we’ve gathered some of the most thought-provoking and helpful articles from across the web. We’re looking at content marketing tips for SMBs, as well as advanced Facebook advertising techniques, and reasons why you should improve your website’s page speed.

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  • This Week: B2B PPC, SEO in 2018, and Website Security

    Hello and Happy Tuesday! This week in Internet marketing, we’ve gathered some of the best and most interesting articles from across the web. We’re looking at B2B PPC strategies, as well as paid social advertising tips, and SEO trends for 2018. We’re also looking at the benefits of updating old content, and tips to improve website security.

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  • 6 Types of Call To Actions That Drive The Most Conversions

    Call to actions (CTAs) are an essential part of your overall marketing process. You have probably thought through elements such as your sales funnel and how the CTA button can work to drive conversions. However, there are some specific types of CTAs that drive more conversions than others. 1. Use First Person Using first-person phrasing could increase your conversions.

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  • Using Facebook For Enhanced B2B & B2C Connections & Engagement

    When trying to reach your audience, a key component to forming lasting bonds, whether they are B2B or B2C in nature is the connection and engagement. How you connect and engage your audience is crucial to establishing profitable channels for your company. Below we will go through a few examples of how Facebook advertising will benefit your business.

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  • How to Handle Your Stress When You Work on the Web

    It is no secret that jobs can be overwhelming at times. If you’re like most people, then your job is a source of stress. It may be small, or it may be large, but there’s no denying it’s there. Whether you’re stressing about helping your kids conquer the current subject in school or getting that PowerPoint done on time for the big meeting, stress is a constant.

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  • Organic Keywords: Tips to Target the Modern Consumer

    Keywords keywords keywords. That is all anyone in the digital marketing space seems to be talking about these days. While there is no doubt that the right keywords are crucial to the organic success of a website, the landscape of best practices is consistently changing, and webmasters and business owners should understand these changes in order to grow their traffic and ensur ...

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  • This Week: Four Pillars of SEO, Facebook Ads Targeting, and Smarter Content

    Hello and Happy Tuesday! This week in Internet marketing, we’ve gathered some of the most impressive and original articles from across the web. We’re looking at the four pillars of an effective SEO strategy, as well as Facebook ads targeting options, and steps to make your content smarter. We’re also looking at reasons to invest in professional web design, and why your busine ...

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  • How Your Business Should Utilize Technology

    Technology is advancing at astounding rates. Sure, in the most popular sci-fi movies, we had flying cars and holograms by now, but that doesn’t make the tech we do have any less efficient and useful. We do have stuff like self-driving vehicles, big data and predictive analytics, drone and automation hardware, smart homes and offices, and much more.

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  • Migrating to HTTPS: Why, and What’s the Benefit?

    Google is dedicated to the cause of making the internet a more secure place. They’ve been promoting HTTPS web hosting for a while now, and HTTPS-hosted sites have been gaining an edge on the competition in search engine rankings (SERPs) since 2014. Not everyone has been so quick to adopt better security practices though, and much of the internet still resides on HTTP pages (th ...

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  • How Your Logo Might Be Hurting Your Business

    When it comes to representing your business, your logo is the face the world sees, both online and offline. You already know coming up with a great logo is a vital part of your brand imaging, but what you might not realize are all the ways a logo can hurt your business if you don’t invest time in the perfect design. There are approximately 27.

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  • This Month: October’s Top Digital Marketing Stories [Podcast]

    Hello and Happy Tuesday! This week in Internet marketing, we’ve recapped the best and most interesting articles from our October weekly roundups. We’re looking at social media strategies that hurt your business, as well as how to incorporate brand personality into your content, and SEO tips for startups. We’re also looking at branded ad campaigns, and the evolution of web design.

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  • Why Digital Marketing is More Effective Than Conventional Marketing for Brands

    The Internet killed the TV star. Let’s face it, companies are catching on to the paradigm shift. The Internet is proving to be a critical component in their marketing initiatives — thus, at times, companies solely depend on their online strategies to sustain, grow and build positive relationships with their customers on a micro or macro level.

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  • Essential Tools for Assessing a Website’s True Value

    If you are thinking about buying a website, you want to ensure you are paying the right price for it. If you are selling one you already own, you need to make sure you know the real-world value. Not only will you be able to maximize the asking price, but you’ll be able to guarantee that you aren’t leaving money on the table.

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