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  • This Week in Internet Marketing 11 02 2015

    Hello and Happy Tuesday! This Week in Internet Marketing, we’ve gathered some of the best stories and articles from the web. We’re talking about how content marketing can build trust and ways to make your content rank higher. In addition, we’ll be looking at search engine optimization for local businesses, how emotion influences decisions, and ways to turn your visitors into customers.

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  • How Dentists Can Create Great Evergreen Content for Their Readers

    Calling all Dentists! Here’s the drill. At TechWyse, we firmly believe in a little strategy called Evergreen Content. Not sure what it is? Check out this #Wysein5. Essentially, we love content that can withstand the lengths of time (dramatic? Yes.) For example, our evergreen content strategy revolves around providing users with information that is relevant today and will s ...

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  • What is the Best Time to Send an Email?

    Email marketing is beneficial for any business and company, but it needs to be executed correctly in order to generate positive results. There are many articles about the design structure of your email, how you can analyze the results through A/B testing, and data on their open or engagement rate. However, many businesses and marketers neglect an important factor for your email ...

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  • 5 Essential Apps to Help Grow your Small Business

    Gone are the days with big filing cabinets and bulky computer monitors with cables that seem to tangle all around your feet. Since the invention of the smartphone and the tablet, there has been a surplus of apps to help business owners stay organized, increase their profitability, and work smart, as opposed to hard.

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  • 6 Easy Ways to Stay Up-To-Date on All Things SEO

    Running a business is hard enough as is, but when you take into consideration the volume of online competition you need to rank above, it adds a whole new level of professional struggle. When it comes to getting found online, there are multiple avenues available to businesses of all sizes, all with their own unique advantages (and sometimes even disadvantages) depending on the ...

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  • Interview With Douglas Karr @douglaskarr from DKNewMedia @dknewmedia

    Hello Marketers! In today’s interview, I had the opportunity to speak with Douglas Karr, the CEO of DK New Media, the founder of Marketing technology Blog, and renowned international author and speaker on social and search marketing. Douglas is one of the leading proponents in the digital marketing space for using big data analysis to tailor marketing efforts and using his exp ...

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  • 5 Secrets of an Effective Lead Generation Strategy

    Lead generation is a quintessential need of most businesses. A company that excels with its lead generation campaigns will always manage to close more sales and certainly more revenue. Every company wants to increase the number of leads they get and a solid lead generation strategy can do just that.

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  • 5 Tips For Creating High Converting Facebook Ads

    With over one billion users, I guarantee that your audience is on Facebook. However, creating a high-converting Facebook ad isn’t as easy as you would think. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can end up wasting lots of money as you try to navigate the somewhat murky waters of online advertising.

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  • How to Create Content That Triggers Action From Your Readers

    Content marketing is one of the most important aspects of a successful business blog. Unlike other forms of marketing though, it’s flexible in its design and approach. If something isn’t working, you don’t need a team of programmers to fix it, just a different approach. When you start a blog, you do so with a singular focus in mind.

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  • Search Engine Market Share October 2015

    Google and Bing both experienced an increase in their search engine market share for the month of October. With Bing reaching over 12% for the very first time. Yahoo!’s market share decreased by 1.58% since September. Source: Net Market Share Yahoo & Google Together Again In New Search Deal In Yahoo!’s third quarter 2015 results report, they announced their agreement with ...

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  • 5 Forgotten Social Media Platforms

    Notification: Like it or not, social media is now, and will forever be a part of our everyday lives. While that may sound daunting to some, it’s truly fascinating to retrace its roots. Here’s what I mean by that. In a short number of years, we’ve gone from a generation of befuddled moms n’ dads, head scratching about this Facebook thing to our commonplace reality of parents p ...

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  • 5 Benefits of Instagram for Businesses

    A picture is worth a thousand words. We’ve all heard it, but what does this mean for your business? Instagram is an app that allows their users to upload and take pictures to share with their followers. Though it is typically used as a way for people to express themselves artistically, it is also a great tool for business owners.

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  • This Week in Internet Marketing 2015 11 10

    This Week in Internet Marketing, we’ve gathered some of the best articles and stories from the web. We’re looking at how you can compete with big brands in PPC, the psychology behind high converting sites, and the power of YouTube. We’ll also be looking at some horrible home page mistakes and ways to get more comments for your blogs.

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  • The Guide to Building a Website [Part 1] – Meetings and Nurturing the Relationship

    You’ve gotten a lead and the client has agreed to develop a new website for their business. Great! Well, where do you go from here? One of the most common mistakes I see is that many people tend to dive headfirst into design. Should we use blue for the background? Implement a side navigation? What types of visuals should we use? Oh, and we need content too.

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  • This Week in Internet Marketing 2015 11 17

    This Week in Internet Marketing, we’ve gathered some of the best stories and articles around the web. In our latest marketing round-up, we’ll be looking at landing page design tips, critical elements of a website’s homepage, and tips to encourage clicks. We’ll also be looking at how marketing and psychology influences our decision and examples of video content that can drive mo ...

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  • Does SMS Marketing Still Matter?

    Many consider SMS marketing as a relic of the past. In fact, many people consider SMS marketing as a form of spam that accomplishes few results for the amount of required effort. Still, despite its reputation for being a marketing tactic of the past, businesses continue to use SMS marketing as a marketing strategy for their business.

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  • How to Use PPC to Promote Your Website’s Content

    Content cannot promote itself on its own, its need some tactics to boost its rate of success. Promoting content can be quite time-consuming, but it is essential none the less if you want to achieve success and get people talking. Generally, businesses will use social media to promote content and spread the word. But, another way to generate traffic to your content is through Pay per Click.

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  • 7 New YouTube Features and How Marketers Can Leverage Them

    A compelling video is one of the best marketing tools to have in your bag of goodies. Not only does it add a whole new dimension to the marketing mix but it makes your product stories, features, or company history more interesting. When executed properly, it can even improve your sales. According to an infographic published by the good folks at MultiVisionDigital, “consumers ...

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  • This Week in Internet Marketing 2015 11 24

    This Week in Internet Marketing we’ve gathered some of the best stories from the web. We’re looking at how visuals can improve your content, email marketing tips, and ways to personalize your PPC strategy. We’ll also be looking at how you can improve the user experience on your website and ways to boost your social media presence.

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  • 6 Killer Content Marketing Examples eCommerce Brands can Leverage

    These days, almost everyone is talking about “content marketing.” There are brands using killer content strategies to break the Internet. And then, there are some who are yet to reach there; brands that have just embarked on their journey and are looking for examples and inspirations to create a solid content marketing strategy.

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  • Google Now Showing Clickable Links In Meta Descriptions

    In doing some research for a client, I came across the MOST INTERESTING META DESCRIPTION I’VE EVER SEEN! What made it so interesting? Well, it had a super useful link in it! Check out the meta description for the first organic result below, where it says “Jump to…” Still don’t see it? A link in a meta description! How cool is that?!?! Or should I say, “HOW COOL IS THAT, SEO NERDS?!?!” You.

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  • How to Manage Your Company’s Brand Online

    The Internet today is accessible to anyone, which means any action reflecting your brand can quickly be shared on the Internet and passed to millions of people. With more than 3 billion using the Internet at all times, it’s crucial for you to protect your brand and properly manage your online reputation and customer experience.

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  • TechWyse Participates in YorkU’s Marketing Career Conversations

    Here at TechWyse, we’re all about giving back to the community and sharing valuable insights. Recently, York University invited professionals in the marketing sector to talk about their personal career stories and advice for future graduates. For students or recent graduates, your career paths may not always be the way you have planned it.

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  • Top 4 KPI’s to Track in AdWords

    Last year was the first year that online advertising revenue surpassed the revenue generated through traditional media. As it continues to become much harder to snatch up one of the few organic positions left in any given SERP, companies are being forced to push more and more of their advertising budgets towards Google AdWords.

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  • 10 Twitter Tools Content Marketers Need to Use in 2016

    The best thing you can ever do after designing a marvelous website is giving people reasons to visit your website again and again. However, this is no easy game. You may think that you have everything figured out. You’ve got a great team of writers to create content for your site and they’re the best when it comes to creating content that: resonates with the audience enga ...

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